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"Grepher" (グレファー Gurefā) is a series of cards that revolve around the "Warrior Dai Grepher" card and the variation of transformations he suffers. Much like the Gigo series, this series tells the story of "Warrior Dai Grepher" and the journey that lead him to multiple paths.

As his own Lore says, he is a Dragon manipulator, capable of fusing with them ("Ryu Senshi") or fighting them (along "Dragon Manipulator", as seen in "Cry Havoc!").

In his lifetime as "Warrior Dai Grepher", he has met a lot of other known monsters, probably the most memorable one being "Warrior Lady of the Wasteland", with whom he had a rivalry, which lead to her transformation into "D.D. Warrior Lady" and one that would transform him into "Dark Lucius".

Other notable monster that appear alongside or against him are: "Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes", "Spirit Ryu", "Goblin Attack Force" and "The Hunter with 7 Weapons".

In the artwork of "The Paths of Destiny", "Warrior Dai Grepher" has to choose between a DARK and a LIGHT path; he first chose the DARK path, then, in the events of "Painful Return", a choice of becoming "Dark Lucius" (as seen in "Falling Down") or "Dark Grepher" (as seen in "Darklight"), while in the LIGHT path, he would transform into "Lightray Grepher" or "Knight Day Grepher".

Some cards, like "Rivals Unite" and "Different Dimension Encounter", shows the encounters of the differents forms of Grepher.