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* Special Summons itself from your Graveyard
* Special Summons itself from your Graveyard
* Special Summon-only monster
* Special Summon-only monster
| banished = Banishes from your Graveyard
| banished = Banishes from Graveyard for cost
| action = Activates from your Graveyard
| misc =
| misc =
* Cover Card
* Cover card
* Limited activations
* Limited activations
| database_id = 12836
| database_id = 12836

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Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon
English Greedy Venom Fusion Dragon
French Dragon Fusion Venin Avide
German Giergift-Fusionsdrache
Italian Drago Fusione Veleno Avido
Korean 그리디 베놈 퓨전 드래곤
Portuguese Dragão Fusão de Peçonha Voraz
Spanish Dragón de Fusión Codicioso Venenoso
Japanese グリーディー・ヴェノム・フュージョン・ドラゴン
Japanese (rōmaji) Gurīdī Venomu Fyūjon Doragon
Card type Monster
Attribute DARK DARK.svg
Types Dragon / Fusion / Effect
Level 10 CG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG StarCG Star
ATK / DEF 3300 / 2500
Passcode 51570882
Materials 1 "Predaplant" monster + 1 DARK monster whose original Level is 8 or higher
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