The Graveyard (墓地 (ぼち) Bochi), sometimes translated as Cemetery, is the name for the card discard pile. Specific card(s) in the Graveyard can be recovered by using cards such as "Monster Reborn", "Magician of Faith" or other such cards with applicable effect(s).

The contents of either player's Graveyards are public knowledge, unless a card like "Question" is used. When a player looks through their opponent's Graveyard, they may neither shuffle its contents, nor re-arrange the order in which the cards were placed there. In the video games, when a card is activated in the Graveyard, or selected for a Card effect, it immediately goes to the top of the Graveyard; this only exists for the purposes of clarification within those video games, and this game mechanic is not used in either the OCG or TCG.


In the anime, cards that return from the Graveyard are sometimes depicted as coming out of a portal.

Cards that interact with your Graveyard

The following are cards that target, or otherwise make use of card(s) in your Graveyard, or interfere/modify the mechanics of how your Graveyard works. Cards that merely send to the Graveyard without an additional effects do not qualify for this list.

Cards that activate in your Graveyard

The following are cards that have a specific effect that activates in your Graveyard.

Cards that interact with your opponent's Graveyard

Cards that can interact with either Graveyard

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