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"Granel" (グランエル Guraneru) is an archetype used by by Jakob in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's. It is the largest and strongest of the three Infinity monsters, with an attack which would total 3000 when all of its basic parts are combined; however, unlike "Skiel" and "Wisel", the main body's attack power is equal to the user's LP. Its a golden golem-like giant that has one single red eye. Its individual parts (particularly its "Top", "Attack" and "Guard" pieces) seem to resemble aquatic fauna such as a fish and a clam, mirroring how the "Wisel" and "Skiel" parts resemble ground-based and flying animals respectively.

Body parts

The parts of "Wisel" and "Skiel", "Granel" is comprised of a center, "Top", "Guard", "Carrier" and "Attack". By the same token, it's able to be Special Summoned via a "Core" monster ("Grand Core"). Like the other "Infinity" monsters, "Granel" is made up of 5 different cards. However, unlike "Wisel" and "Skiel", all of Granel's "Top", "Guard", "Carrier" and "Attack" base parts (not including its upgraded parts like "Granel Attack 3") have additional special abilities in addition to their "Destroy this card if you do not control an "Infinity" monster" effect. A real life version of these cards (excluding "Meklord Emperor Granel ∞") have been released in a Starter Pack, along with "Wisel" and "Skiel".


Monster Form
Grand Core "Core" card for Grannel
Granel Attack Left arm
Granel Attack 3 Upgraded left arm
Granel Carrier Treads
Granel Guard Right arm
Granel Guard 3 Upgraded right arm
Granel Top Head
Granel Top 5 Further upgraded head
Meklord Army of Granel Downgraded version of Granel Infinity
Meklord Emperor Granel Body