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* [[Drain Strike]]
* [[Drain Strike]]
* [[Ice Mirror]] x2
* [[Ice Mirror]] x2
* [[Pot of Avarice]] (seen in hand, not played)
* [[Greed Grado]] (seen in hand, not played)
|traps =
|traps =
* [[Call of the Haunted]]
* [[Call of the Haunted]]

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Debut (anime)

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's - Episode 027

Appears in

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's





Grady, named Dick Pitt in the original Japanese version, is a street duelist, who was temporarily posessed by the Dark Signers.



Grady as a Shadow Drone.

While listening to a group of Dark Signers preaching that the Crimson Dragon is evil, a thread of spider web drops onto Grady, allowing him to be possessed via a spider.

Grady was sent to challenge Yusei Fudo to a Duel. He appeared outside Blister's hideout, where Yusei had been hiding from the paparazzi. While everyone else inside was asleep, Yusei's Mark of the Dragon began to react to something. Looking outside, he saw Grady with a dark mark, similar to the Mark of the Dragon, glowing on Grady's arm. Thinking he might be a Signer, Yusei ran after him in search of answers.

Grady led Yusei to a car park, where he imposed a Shadow Duel. Hoping he could get answers by dueling him Yusei accepted. Grady suprised Yusei by performing a Dark Synchro Summon. Despite severly lowering Yusei's Life Points, Yusei managed to defeat him.

After the Duel, Grady had no recollection of the time he spent as a Shadow Drone. The spider left his body and his Deck began to glow, returning it to his original deck, without the Dark Synchro and Dark Tuner monsters.

The reporter Carly Carmine, who witnesed the Duel, tried to interview him (in the original, she recognized him as Dick Pitt). Although Grady had no memory, he managed to remember the thread of web being the last thing he saw before these events.

Sector Security appeared to assess the damage caused by the Shadow Duel. Yusei escaped before the Securities saw him, but Grady held Carly back, not wanting to face the Securities alone. He and Carly were both held for questioning after the Duel.


Grady uses a Deck containing many Warrior-Type monsters, but while he was possessed and bore the Spider birthmark, his Deck was replaced with an ice-themed Deck, which focused on the Dark Synchro Monster, "Frozen Fitzgerald".

Shadow Drone Deck

Warrior Deck

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