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3,000 +
00003000 +
GoukiTheGiantOgre-JP-Anime-VR.png +
00000??? +
Continuous Effect +  and Trigger Effect +
Gouki The Giant Ogre +
Gouki The Giant Ogre +
GoukiTheGiantOgre-JP-Anime-VR.png +
ごうき ザ・ジャイアント・オーガ +
剛鬼 ザ・ジャイアント・オーガ +
Left +, Bottom-Left +, Right +  and Bottom-Right +
Cannot be destroyed by battleCannot be destroyed by battle. Unaffected by the effects of other monsters with an ATK equal to or lower than this card's ATK. Once per turn, if this card's ATK changes: You can make this card gain 1000 ATK until the end of this turn.|turn.| +
Anime +
GoukiTheGiantOgre-JP-Anime-VR-NC.png +
Gouki The Giant Ogre (anime) +
Card page +
Gōki Za Jaianto Ōga +
(ごう) () ザ・ジャイアント・オーガ +
(ごう) () ザ・ジャイアント・オーガ +
Strong Oni - The Giant Ogre +