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Gong Strong, known as Noboru Gongenzaka ( (ごん) (げん) (ざか) (のぼる) Gongenzaka Noboru) in the Japanese version, is one of the main characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime. He is an old friend of Yuya Sakaki. He Duels using the "Non-Action" or "Heavystrong" style, known as "Steadfast" in the Japanese version, which means that even if he competes in an Action Duel, he refuses to search for Action Cards, standing firmly in the same spot. He is one of the Lancers.



Full body view of Gong.

Though a teenager, Gong has a huge frame, easily equivalent in height to some adults. While he has a fairly round face, he is stockily built and rather muscular. Gong has black hair styled into a large pompadour, restrained by a red band (possibly his sash from his youth), and his nose is somewhat redder than the rest of his face. There is a constant blush on his cheeks. Gong appears to wear a Paradise Prep School jacket (albeit one that is more of a vest) over a buttoned white coat that has golden trim, as well as white pants. Gong wears a white sash crossed over his back, tied at the left shoulder. He briefly replaced it with a black one that was given to him by his father during his Duel with Grizzlepike Jones, but wore his white one again after Yuya retrieved it for him and the black one was torn. Gong wears heavy sandals rather than shoes.

In his youth, Gong had shorter hair, wore a less elaborate coat under another short-sleeved one, as well as a red sash, and did not have a band.


Gong is generally proud with a gruff kind of voice. He can be easily angered, but despite this he generally speaks politely as well as caring and protective of others he is close to. In accordance with his speech pattern of referring to himself as "the man, Gongenzaka" in the Japanese version, he often makes statements regarding himself and his fellows as "men".

Gong is extremely loyal to his friends, encouraging the You Show Duel School students to believe in Yuya when Yuya was accused of Yuto's crime and reacting with shock when Zuzu revealed that she'd doubted Yuya. Despite his pride, Gong is not above requesting aid nor congratulating his opponents, and has demonstrated a willingness to sacrifice himself in order to allow a team victory. When the Lancers were split in the Synchro Dimension, he was more focused on finding the others than on their mission of finding strong allies.

After his draw with Kit Blade, Gong's outlook on his own strength changed. He claimed that his pity for Yuya due to the bullying Yuya suffered after his father's disappearance made him weaker, and that Yuya's for him if Gong couldn't make it into the Arc League Championship was disrespectful.

He isn't particularly interested in entertaining audiences, as shown by his frequent irritation at Dennis' antics and reluctance to accept Lucas Swank's invitation to participate in Turbo Duels or be a commentator, although this is mostly attributed to his visible disgust at the arena, as he found it outrageous that Duels were used for illegal bets and the sheer amount of people that were motivated by greed, further showing his honor and discipline. However, when he was genuinely cheered by spectators on his Duel against Dennis, he responded accordingly and Dueled to his best. During that Duel he complained about Dennis making himself look cool by humiliating him, which he considered an insult to his pride. Gong is very serious and loyal to his Dueling style, having been trained to use it since childhood. During his Action Duel against Kit, he refused to move from his spot to look for Action Cards and even let Kit obtain one that Gong could have easily grabbed. However, in order to protect Yuya from being defeated by the Battle Beast, Gong was ready to sacrifice himself, even grabbing Action Card.

He is also shown to have little tolerance for injustice, as he went as far as bribing a guard with two of his cards in order to ensure that two fellow inmates could eat properly after having their food dirtied, although he himself felt dirty for doing so, and refused to give cards to the prison's top inmate when he requested, showing Gong values his Deck deeply.


As a result of his "Heavystrong" training and muscular body, Gong is a very physically strong individual. He can endure attacks from Real Solid Vision monsters often without losing his balance, can stand still while holding very heavy boulders, do karate chops strong enough to destroy a Real Solid vision spike, and when he draws in his Draw Phase, he does with so much strength that he releases a strong force of wind. He is strong enough to punch a hole into a wall of concrete without injury.


Gong often refers to himself in the third person, by his last name, but does not use his name as an honorific like Aura Sentia does. Furthermore, he refers to himself as "this man, Gongenzaka" (この男権現坂, Kono otoko Gongenzaka). He also has a habit of saying "Unforgivable", and has very polished speech. In the dub, his voice resembles that of Elvis Presley, and he retains the habit of referring to himself in the third person, though he simply refers to himself as "Gong".


Gong's Japanese given name, Noboru (のぼる) , means "to ascend", while Gongen (ごん) (げん) came from the manifestation of a buddha in the form of an indigenous kami [5]. Zaka (ざか) means "hill". "Gong", is mostly likely a shortened version of his Japanese name. It also may refer to gongs. His dub last name "Strong" is in reference to his large, muscular body, or his assertive personality.



A young Gong.

Gong and his friend Yuya Sakaki were in a park one day, discussing Gong's tendency to not use Action Cards. Gong replied that there was always a chance that the card couldn't help him out, though Yuya protested that it was more exciting. Gong replied that he would believe in his Deck rather than in Action Cards.[6] After the disappearance of Yusho Sakaki and Yuya's subsequent bullying, Gong supported Yuya, protecting him from bullies, even though on one occasion, the bully was a senior member of his own Dojo. The two of them Dueled several times throughout the years, but they never once had a serious Duel. Gong also often arranged for Yuya to Duel against members of his Dojo.[7]

Pre-Arc League Championship

Gong Dueling Yuya.

Gong and Yuya Sakaki were engaged in a Duel at You Show Duel School to recruit future students. As Gong called out to Yuya to Duel in a one-on-one match, he boldly made a stage performance. Gong irritably yelled at Yuya to play seriously, but before their Duel could progress any further, the Solid Vision system was damaged, ending the Duel with no conclusion. He scolded Yuya after the Duel, pointing out that those watching the Duel didn't laugh with Yuya, but at him, reminding Yuya about how his father made audiences smile with his Dueling. When Nico Smiley arrived, offering to replace the school's Solid Vision system if Yuya Dueled The Sledgehammer, Gong stated that what was important about the situation were Yuya's feelings, noticing then that Yuya had disappeared. They later arrived at the Duel, witnessing Yuya's entrance and his immediate running off on his "Performapal Hip Hippo," something that Gong disapproved of, along with his dodging of Sledgehammer's attacks. Yuya's mother, Yoko Sakaki assured Gong that this was Yuya's way of fighting. He was quite surprised when Yuya performed a Pendulum Summon[8] and even more when the monsters he'd Summoned were enough to defeat Sledgehammer.[9]

Gong training with Yuya.

Afterwards, when Yuya and Zuzu Boyle Dueled in an exhibition match of Pendulum Summoning, Gong, much to his annoyance, was regulated to operating the new Solid Vision System. Despite Yuya failing to Pendulum Summon at all, Gong, after Tate stated his belief in Yuya and his Pendulum Summoning, encouraged Yuya to master it.[9] He assisted Yuya in doing so, going through two hundred and ninety-one Duels before Yuya was finally able to Pendulum Summon successfully again, and tearfully congratulated Yuya for succeeding.[10]

Around a week later, Gong was in the middle of his morning run when he noticed three suspicious individuals lurking around the You Show Duel School. He confronted them, and was shocked to learn that Yuya had apparently attacked and hospitalized Sylvio Sawatari. Gong vehemently denied that Yuya would do such a thing during the entire confrontation, encouraging the You Show Duel students to believe in Yuya as well. When Leo Corporation Chairwoman Henrietta Akaba proposed three Duels between students of both Schools, Gong eagerly volunteered, only to be replaced by Sora Perse, who pointed out that Gong technically isn't a student of You Show Duel School, which offended Gong.[11]

Gong and Kit's Duel ends in a DRAW.

Gong watched Yuya and Zuzu's Duels with the LID students.[12][13] When Zuzu lost, he tried to motivate Sora to win the third round. However, Sora had Gong take his place in the last Duel. Gong squared off against Kit Blade, LID's Synchro Course representative, who immediately performed two Synchro Summons on his first turn, Summoning "X-Saber Souza" and "XX-Saber Gottoms".[13] He destroyed Gong's "Superheavy Samurai Kabuto" and reduced him to 1500 Life Points. Gong brought out his ace monster, "Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei", on his next turn and destroyed "Gottoms". Kit brought out another "Gottoms" on his next turn and powered it up with an Action Card, forcing Gong to use "Superheavy Samurai Soulfire Suit" to protect his monster at the cost of lowering its DEF and taking piercing damage that reduced him to 100 Life Points. When Kit went for his second Action Card, Gong allowed him to grab it, refusing to go against his Dueling philosophy. Kit then used the effect of "Gottoms" to send the rest of the cards in Gong's hand to the Graveyard. Despite this, Gong was able to draw a monster that powered up the DEF of "Big Benkei" and allowed it to destroy "Souza," only for Kit to revive it and call out a third "Gottoms". He proceeded to attack, attempting to destroy "Benkei" via an effect, allowing Gong to reduce his monster's DEF to 0 and activate the effect of "Superheavy Samurai Soulbreaker Armor" to wipe Kit out. Kit was able to block the damage with "Saber Reflection", forcing Gong to use "Superheavy Samurai Soulbang Cannon" to end the Duel in a draw. He expressed regret to Yuya that he was unable to win the Duel, but Yuya reassured him that it was thanks to Gong that they had a draw.[6] After the events involving LID, Gong began training himself physically at his family's dojo by pulling up a boulder over the edge of a cliff[14] and standing under a waterfall. However, he didn't think that this training was enough.[15] He later went to LID to seek out Kit for assistance.[16] The two later had a practice Duel on a shore platform, but Kit had to leave partway through.[17][18]

Gong Synchro Summoning "Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo".

Gong set himself up so that he had but a single win until he could enter the Junior Arc League Championship. After that, he didn't Duel properly until he Dueled Yuya for Yuya's fourth Duel to enter the Junior Arc League Championship, putting them in even positions. Gong chose the "Sword's Cemetery" field that he'd Dueled Kit on to Duel Yuya on. He refused to let Yuya have pity for him and be distracted during their Duel, and he brought out "Benkei" on his first turn. Yuya, in response, raised the ATK of his "Performapal Silver Claw" to the point that it could defeat "Benkei", but Gong was able to protect it. On his next turn, Gong showed off the results of his training by Synchro Summoning "Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo", much to the shock of everyone watching.[7] "Susanowo" retained the effects of "Big Benkei" to attack with its DEF while in Defense Position, and it cut Yuya's Life Points in half with one stroke. Just then, Gong's father declared that Gong had lost for stealing the techniques of another Duel School. Gong explained that he'd requested instruction from Kit, despite the pain he'd been put through. He continued to drive Yuya back, even using the effect of "Susanowo" to access the Spell Cards in Yuya's Graveyard, until Yuya was able to make a comeback with his recently-acquired Fusion Monster, "Rune-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", something that Gong had no knowledge of. Even so, Gong's defense managed to withstand all of the attacks of "Rune-Eyes" and allowed him to set himself up for a win on the next turn. But, trusting in his skills, Yuya was able to find an Action Card to activate his "Danger Draw" Trap Card, gambling that he'd be able to draw a card to win. He was able to bring out another new Fusion Monster, "Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon", and its effect allowed it to deal the winning damage after destroying "Susanowo". Gong reassured Yuya afterwards that he still had a chance to enter the Junior Youth Championship, and admitted that he was glad that he had been able to push Yuya as far as he did. The two shook hands, though Gong got emotional afterwards and tearfully embraced his friend.[19]

Arc League Championship

Successfully qualifying just before the deadline, Gong arrived at the tournament venue to find Yuya butting heads with Grizzlepike again. Gong held Grizzlepike back, and Grizzlepike walked off, promising to crush Gong. Entering separately from his friends (due to being part of Strong Dojo), Gong learned that Grizzlepike would be his first opponent.[20]

Gong clashes with "Shaman Battleguard".

Gong and Grizzlepike faced each other as the first match of the second day. Before the match, Gong meditated and vowed to defeat Grizzlepike Jones. His father agreed, giving Gong a black sash to wear before the match. Gong showed his back to Grizzlepike in a show of dislike (and to show off his new sash) before the match. Grizzlepike revealed that he'd placed Yuya in danger, causing Gong to panic and desire to finish the match quickly. He attempted to bring out "Susanowo" early, but Grizzlepike took control of Gong's Tuner monster. Grizzlepike commented that Yuya and Gong's monster had both betrayed him, causing Gong to panic further until Zuzu told him that Yuya was fine and his father reminded him that a Steadfast spirit was more necessary now than ever. Believing that Yuya would return, Gong faced Grizzlepike's next attack proudly, at the cost of taking 3500 damage and being pushed to the edge of a cliff from the attack of his own "Big Benkei", which Grizzlepike had stolen with his "Shaman Battleguard". Gong was able to survive with the effect of his "Superheavy Samurai Gigagloves" and reduce the ATK of "Shaman Battleguard" to 0, physically karate-chopping through the spike on the monster's hand himself. Yuya arrived and threw Gong his old sash, which Gong donned to replace the torn black one. He brought out "Susanowo" on his next turn and boosted its DEF to the point that it could wipe Grizzlepike out in one attack, as he'd promised to do earlier. Yuya congratulated Gong afterwards, apologizing for being late.[21] Gong watched the subsequent Duels of the day; including Yuya's Duel against Sylvio Sawatari, where he noted that Yuya was still going strong despite being pushed into a corner,[22] and Sora's Duel against Shay. Having not been privy to any of the events regarding Shay, he had no idea what Shay referred to when he described a battlefield.[23]

After Shay's victory and Sora's subsequent hospitalization, Gong was informed of the events that had occurred involving Shay and Yuto, who he learned had been the man who had attacked Sylvio. He was shocked that Zuzu hadn't mentioned the subject before, but ended up confused as to what was happening given the conflicting info provided by Zuzu and Yuya's experiences with Shay and Julia Krystal's claim that Shay had always been an LID student. They heard a commotion in the hospital and realized that Sora had escaped. The trio split up to look for him, with Gong heading for the harbor.[24]

Gong in the Battle Royal.

Two days later, Gong was delighted to see that Yuya had recovered from his coma, and hugged him. He watched Kit Duel against Iggy Arlo, and was shocked when Iggy defeated Kit using brutal physical assault.[25] His next Duel was against Trick Tagart, a Duel that he won blindfolded. He then watched Yuya's Duel against Iggy, and was stunned again when Yuya used "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon" to defeat him.[26] Gong went off by himself when the Battle Royal started, punching through the ice to uncover a Pendulum Card necessary to advance. He was lured by Olga further into the Iceberg Area and she explained that she was a Synchro user and challenged him to a Duel. They were about halfway through their contest when Zuzu accidentally fell on Olga, having topped over a nearby cliff. When Zuzu's opponent, Halil, arrived, Zuzu and Halil automatically joined the Duel according to the Battle Royal rules, with Zuzu paired with Gong.[27] Gong saved Zuzu from a Duel ending attack at the cost of most of his Life Points and then brought out "Superheavy Samurai Ogre Shutendoji" to destroy his opponent's Spell and Trap Cards, which gave Zuzu one of her Pendulum Cards back. His attack on Halil's "Fire Jinn the Blazing Genie of the Lamp" backfired, causing him to be knocked out of the Duel, but he still collected a Pendulum Card as his winnings when Zuzu was able to defeat both Halil and Olga in a single turn.[28]

The two parted ways, Gong heading to the Jungle Field where he found Trout lazily watching Reed Pepper Dueling Halil and Olga. He bet a Pendulum Card to Duel Trout, but the pragmatic fisherman refused to Duel Gong unless he had five Pendulum Cards. Gong was furious at Trout's cowardice and left for the Ancient Ruins area, where he ran into Aura Sentia, who had come to watch Yuya in person. They both saw Yuya Dueling three mysterious Duelists with "Dark Rebellion Xyz Dragon", in the same berserk state that he'd been in when he Dueled Iggy .[29] Gong held Aura back from going to Yuya, wondering if that was really him, but when he saw Yuya going to where Shay was Dueling, Gong took action, saving Yuya from a collapsing pillar and restraining him as he began to thrash around. He ordered Aura to go and get help, and Aura enlisted Reed and Trout's assistance in moving and restraining Yuya. Gong was shocked to hear that there was apparently another soul within Yuya and a darkness overpowering them both. Yuya eventually calmed down, and when he woke up, Gong explained to him what had happened.[30]

Gong later heard Yuya's vow to keep true to his ideals, and he smiled at the thought. He later thanked Reed during breakfast for helping Yuya recover, though this prompted a jealous Aura to run away. Gong and Yuya later split up from Trout and Reed, deciding to account for all of the Duelists in the Battle Royal due to the invasion and their inability to use their Duel Disk's communication functions. They ran into Dennis McField, informing him of the invasion and Dennis told them that Zuzu, who he'd beaten in a Duel, had said that she was going to the Iceberg Area, though they didn't find her there.[31] Parting ways with Dennis, they went to the Ancient Ruins area where Shay had been Dueling, but there was no one there either. Finally, they found Sora Dueling Sun Shadow in the Volcano Area, and they voiced their anger at his methods, but Sora ignored him. The duo then saw whom they believed to be Zuzu Dueling members of the Obelisk Force, and they witnessed the sealing of Sun Shadow, Reed, and Trout into cards. Gong left Yuya with Sora and he went to assist "Zuzu."[32] Taking the 2000 LP penalty, Gong Pendulum Summoned monsters whose effects he used to add Sylvio's Pendulum Monsters to Shay's hand, allowing Shay to win the Duel. He and the others later witnessed the inconclusive end of Yuya's Duel with Sora, and the arrival of Declan Akaba afterwards, and Celina revealed to them that she wasn't Zuzu.[33]

Friendship Cup

Declan revealed to the assembled Duelists, who he appointed as Lancers, that he had known that the Obelisk Force would invade and that he had them intercept them. Gong learned that Zuzu had acted as a decoy for Celina, and that the Obelisk Force had been pursuing her. Yuya then challenged Declan to a Duel, and Gong explained to Aura and Dennis about Declan's strategy and his previous Duel with Yuya. He was excited when Yuya Fusion Summoned "Beast-Eyes Pendulum Dragon".[34]

After the Duel concluded, Gong and the rest of the Lancers returned to the stadium where Declan and Henrietta cancelled the Arc League Championship to reveal the Lancers' existence to the world. After that his father requested the two of them have a serious match to test his resolve, resulting in several facial injuries[35] The next day, Gong and Yuya went to LID to meet with the Lancers. On the way, Yuya inquired him about his wounded face. Once they arrived, Declan announced his plan to go to the Synchro Dimension to seek allies, and that their Duel Disks were upgraded to let them travel across dimensions.[36]

Upon arriving in the Synchro Dimension, the Lancers were split, and Gong ended up with Dennis. Gong wanted to look for Yuya, but Dennis was more focused on entertaining the people of the City, much to his displeasure. Dennis suggested that they have a "Hero vs. Villain" Duel with Gong as the villain. Gong reluctantly accepted. Out of annoyance that Dennis wasn't taking his job as a Lancer seriously and that Dennis lit him on fire with "Hot Surprise", Gong demanded to be the Hero.[37] Gong quickly Summoned "Shutendoji" and equipped it "Superheavy Samurai Soulhorns" and "Superheavy Samurai Soulclaw" to strengthen it. He brought Dennis to 100 LP, but he countered with a combination of "Performage Trapeze Magician" and "Performage Mirror Conductor" to weaken Gong's monsters and reduce his LP to 600. Gong Summoned "Susanowo" to get rid of "Mirror Conductor" and use Dennis' "Performage Hurricane" against him. "Susanowo" destroyed "Trapeze Magician," winning Gong the Duel. Afterwards, he and Dennis were approached by Lucas Swank, who asked if they wanted to meet some strong Duelists.[37]

Lucas took them to an alley, and Gong refused to go any further, wanting to search for Yuya, until Dennis pointed out that they were fulfilling their mission as Lancers and Lucas dragged them into the elevator. Upon arriving in New Domino's Underground Dueling Arena, they were shocked to see Shay Dueling Hunter Pace. Shay later explained that he'd arrived alone and had joined the arena to look for strong Duelists, much to Gong's anger since Gong believed that he should have looked for the other Lancers first. Gong tried to keep the tension down between Shay and Dennis and explained to Lucas about the dimensions, but Dennis convinced him to keep it a secret. Learning about Turbo Duels, Dennis was set up to Duel Shay, the plan being that they enter the Friendship Cup to meet many strong Duelists and Duel the Duel King, Jack Atlas. Gong was still displeased about the arrangements, namely the greed and gambling of the spectators, but he watched the Turbo Duel with Lucas.[38] When Sector Security arrived and interrupted the Turbo Duel, Gong tried to escape with Lucas, but was cut off by a materialized "Gate Blocker" and arrested.[39]

Gong was sent to the Facility with Dennis and Shay, but Shay was put in solitary for fighting on the first day that they spent there. He later witnessed the bullying of two new prisoners, who were unable to pay card bribes since their Decks had been stolen before they were arrested, and angrily intimidated and bribed the blonde Security guard into keeping the two safe. The two prisoners developed immense respect for Gong as a result. Yuya and Sylvio, along with two Commons, Crow and Shinji were placed in their cell, having been arrested the day after Gong was. Gong told the two prisoners that he'd saved to stop acting unseemly before tearfully embracing Yuya, having never thought that he'd see his friend again. He introduced everyone to one another, but had to admit to them that he wasn't the "boss" of the prisoners. Later, after Yuya, Sylvio, Crow and Shinji were bullied in the cafeteria, Gong urged them not to fight, as they would only be sent to solitary and reassured them that they would share their food. Gong later explained to the group that they could use their cards as bribes in order to receive better treatment, and revealed that he had done so for his fellow prisoners. The blonde Security guard then took them to Chojiro Tokumatsu, the "boss" of the prisoners, who demanded that they hand over their cards to ensure their comfort. Gong refused to hand over his cards for such a purpose and watched Yuya and Tokumatsu's Duel, reassuring the two prisoners that it would be okay.[40]

After Yuya's victory, Chojiro held an Entertainment Duel Tournament between himself, Yuya and Sylvio. Gong took notice of both Yuya's despondent mood and Crow's secrecy, and he asked Crow about the events. Learning that Crow, Shinji, and recent arrival Damon intended to break out of prison, he was apparently able to convince them to work with the Lancers in doing so and alerted Yuya to Crow's decision. Gong then went to break Shay out of his cell, but Shay had already escaped and they briefly clashed in the corridor. Gong used his sandals to knock out a recovering guard and followed Shay to find their Duel Disks.[41] He attempted to intervene during Yuya and Silvio's Duel with the Stomptroopers, but the effects of their "Goyo King" prevented Gong's attack lock with "Superheavy Samurai Magnet" and he was forced to end his turn. Shay joined the Duel and defeated the Stomptroopers with "Raidraptor - Rise Falcon". They met up with Celina, Dennis, Shinji, Crow and Damon, and prepared to swim away from the Facility, but Tony Simmons, Damon's friend and their contact, had been captured by Jean-Michel Roget, who had Sector Security recapture the group. The High Council then intervened, ordering the group to be brought to them. Once there, Yuya revealed their intents and origins to the Council, backed up by Declan, who had already met with the Council. The Council had the group enter the Friendship Cup to prove their skills and intentions.[42]

Gong's first opponent was Crow. He was quickly confused by the Turbo Duel and Duel Runner's constant movement which almost caused him to crash, but knowing his mission, he resolved to not let it affect his steadfast spirit. As soon as the Duel began, Gong noticed Crow was distracted about something, which he considered disrespectful. Crow's rapid Synchro Summons managed to destroy Gong's monsters and put him in a pinch. At that moment, an Action Card appeared, but Gong ignored it and took a 2600 ATK direct attack from "Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Sudden Shower". On his next turn, Gong revealed his new Pendulum Monsters and performed a Pendulum-Synchro Summon, much to Yuya's surprise and the audience's excitement. Using his "Superheavy Samurai Beast Kyubi", Gong made a comeback and seemingly won the Duel, but knowing that Crow was being affected by something, he instead encouraged him to Duel more seriously, which gave Crow enough time to get an Action Card, "Evasion", and survive the turn with it. Crow then proceeded to defeat Gong, but Gong took the loss honorably and congratulated him before leaving.[43]

Gong was taken to the Underground Labor Facility and put to work. Moon Shadow and Chojiro also joined them, and when Lucas and his cronies tormented the most recent arrival, Officer 227, Gong ordered them to stop and demanded to know about Lucas' occupation, given that he had described himself as a promoter. Lucas explained that he searched for strong Duelists in the Underground Arena and Labor Facility and sent them to Jean-Michel Roget, including current Friendship Cup entrant Sergey Volkov. Lucas explained Sergey's history and rumors that Roget was from a different dimension.[44]

Friendship Cup Finals

While underground Gong told Zuzu, Tarren, Amanda, and Frank not to do anything on their own.[45] Gong was doing cleanup work with Sylvio until Crow came down and found out Duel Academy invaded New Domino. Gong, Sylvio, and Shay then got their Duel Disks from Moon Shadow, who also informed that Riley was Dueling alone to protect Celina. Sylvio and Shay decide to go help while Gong stayed to protect Zuzu from Sector Security. Gong looked for Zuzu but couldn't find her, so he and Crow split up while Chojiro checked the control room. Gong found Zuzu, who tells Gong that her bracelet was shining and something must have happen to Yuya. He told her Duel Academy finally invaded the Synchro Dimension and Yuya might be Dueling them. Before they could do anything they were separated from each other by the rioting inmates.[46]

When Gong, Sylvio, and Chojiro reunited with Yuya, Moon Shadow, Sora, and Riley, they found out Zuzu and Celina were captured by Sergey and Barrett, respectively. They also learned that Roget was a defector of Duel Academy who planned to use Zuzu as a bargaining chip to protect New Domino and his plans to turn the Synchro Dimension into his own kingdom. Gong also defended Sora when Sylvio suspected him as a enemy when he was going to rescue Zuzu. Gong was surprised when Friendship Cup still continuing during the chaos. Gong and Chojiro ended up giving in to Yuya, and Gong supported Yuya's body as they began their journey to follow Sora and Moon Shadow. During Jack's and Sergey's Duel, the duo was surprised to see Sergey transform into a Dueling machine.[47] While still on the move, Yuya and Gong notices how Sergey pushes Jack into a corner but continues to hold his own. After watching Jack saved Sergey from falling off the Duel lane, Gong became moved by Jack's action.[48]

After Sergey and Jack's Duel, the Commons continued to riot. During this time, Roget announced martial law throughout New Domino City. In the middle of the speech, Zuzu knocked him to the ground and told Yuya how she truly felt about the situation at hand. After hearing Zuzu's words, Yuya intended to go save her, but Gong stopped him and told him to leave the job to Sora and Moon Shadow. Sam appeared to tell Jack's message to Yuya and come to the Duel Palace but Gong tries to tell Yuya that's not important right now. But, Yuya remembered Zuzu's words and started to head towards the Duel Palace. Though the rioting Commons were in their way, they eventually reunited with Frank, Amanda, and Tarren and led then to the entry of the Duel Palace, where a group of Commons were rioting trying to get in, with Security holding them back. After hearing Yuya was trying to enter the Duel Palace, the Commons turned against Yuya under the belief he was with the Topsiders. At this time, Gong promised Yuya to put his life on the line in order to get Yuya to the palace. Just then Shay, Chojiro, Sylvio, Declan, and Riley appeared while riding Shay's "Raidraptors". They jumped on and rode with them to the Duel Palace, where Yuya told New Domino that he would Duel Jack and make them smile with their Duel.[49]

Gong helped the Lancers and Chojiro in fending off Sector Security when they stormed the Duel Palace, defeating a Jutte Lord with "Susanowo".[50] During the Duel after Yuya managed to withstand the attack of Jack's "Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend", Frank, Tarren, and Amanda were worried but Gong replies that Yuya hasn't lost yet. He later went out with the Lancers to quell the Commons' riots. He and Sylvio block off a mob of Commons from Sector Security with "Big Benkei", "Trumpeter", "Abyss Actor - Funky Comedian", "Abyss Actor - Pretty Heroine" and "Abyss Actor - Sassy Rookie".[51] They succeeded in stopping the riots as everyone was getting wrapped into the Duel and Gong was crying when Yuya won. The Council broadcasted via holograms their confession of the true purpose of tournament, resigned and disbanded, and dissolved the Tops and Commons system. Everyone widely clapped and agreed, and celebrations continued. Gong also watched Sora's broadcast and was surprised when Roget took Zuzu.[52]

He and Sylvio arrived at the ruins of Roget's office and they wondered whether Sora had been buried in the rubble, but Shay arrived and reassured them that Sora would not let that stop them. They found Yuya, Crow and Jack with Riley and Moon Shadow outside a room where Declan was Dueling Roget. Sora managed to let the Lancers in, where they learned that Roget was using holographic clones to repeatedly Duel Declan. When Declan managed to thwart Roget's loop of Duels, Roget revealed that the Professor, the leader of Duel Academy, was none other than Leo Akaba, Declan's father and the founder of LID and the Leo Corporation. Declan managed to throw off the accusations against him and Roget retreated. Sylvio witnessed Yuya and Zuzu's reunion and Roget's attempts to kill them all by dropping New Domino into the void between dimensions. After Roget and Zuzu were both sucked away, Gong, Sylvio, and Shay came to Yuya's aid when he was beginning to get sucked in too. But, their efforts were in vain and all four Lancers were sucked into the portal. They came to in a ruined city and Shay informed them that they were in fact in his home: Heartland City in the Xyz Dimension.[53]

Heartland City

Shay split up with his fellow Lancers, leaving them to wander around the destroyed city. Gong admonished Sylvio for hallucinating from starving. When they found a woman, she ran away from them and dropped her supplies, afraid of the Duel Disks equipped to the Lancers. They decided to return the supplies to her and witnessed a man being sealed into a card by three Duel Academy students. They finally found the woman, who was still afraid of them, so they unequipped their Duel Disks and helped her. Gong argued with Sylvio about eating the food until Gong's growling stomach and the generosity of the woman's sons allowed them to have some. The woman also explained that the Resistance had been wiped out for some time by Duel Academy. After the question, three Duel Academy Duelists appeared. Yuya, Gong and Sylvio defeated them all using Yuya's "Smile World" and a Pendulum Summon. The three Duel Academy Duelists ran away, only to run into Kite Tenjo, who sealed them into cards and challenged them to a Duel.[54]

After Sylvio accepted his challenge, Gong joined as well in order to prove that they are allies. But, Kite concluded that they are invaders after seeing them use unknown techniques. Even through he and Sylvio tried to prevent Kite from Summoning his dragon, Kite Xyz Summoned "Galaxy-Eyes Cipher Dragon" and defeat them both.[55] Right after being defeated, Gong and Sylvio watched Yuya Dueled Kite, who was able to counter some of Yuya's tactics from learning through his first Duel. Even when Yuya Xyz Summoned "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon", Gong was surprised at Kite being able to destroy it. When Yuya Xyz Summoned "Dark Rebellion xyz Dragon", Shay, and two other Resistance members interrupted the Duel and cleared up the misunderstanding as Shay revealed that Yuya, Sylvio and Gong were his comrades. While Kite was still in doubt, Shay assured Kite that Yuya wanted to stop Duel Academy as much as they did, asking him to trust Yuya like he did. Upon hearing Yuya's last name and the female Resistance member's plea to return, Kite refused before taking his leave of them.[56]

Gong went to the Resistance's new hideout where he scolded Sylvio for being rude to Allen. He was present when Allen began mistaking Yuya for Yuto, and explained to Sylvio, who apparently forgot about Yuto, that he was someone Zuzu ran into a few times before and looks just like Yuya. He heard Shay explaining what happened at Standard to Allen and Saya, as well as his initial mistrust of Yuya before he eventually understood Yuto's decision to give Yuya "Dark Rebellion". Gong made a grave face once he found out how Duel Academy launched a second massive attack that wiped out most of the civilians and the Resistance members. He, along with Yuya and Sylvio, were surprised and shocked to hear of Yusho's visit to the dimension as well as the fact that Yusho was well-known in Heartland.[57]

When Shay and Kite were about to Duel, Gong and Sylvio arrived to stop them but to no futile. While they noted how "Rise Falcon" won't stand a chance against "Galaxy-Eyes" even if Raptor's Intercept Formation. Gong and Sylvio were surprised on how Kite was able to counter Shay's "Blaze Falcon" Effect with "Cipher Bit" and turn it into a Overlay Unit. When Shay started using action cards to overcome "Galaxy-Eyes", Gong and Sylvio started to chat the effects of each card he use. They started to get as Shay needed one more attack to defeat Kite and were surprised when Yuya revealed that Yuto is residing inside of him. After Kite defeated Shay and was about to seal him in a card, Saya begged not to before revealing that she was scene of Lulu's kidnapping by Yuri, shocking Gong. Kite reluctantly complied before leaving again.[58]

Gong and Sylvio find an injured Allen and Saya.

When Saya ran off to go find Kite, Gong returned to the hideout and asked Sylvio did he find her to no avail. Shay arrived and decided to split the Lancers into two groups to find Saya. While searching through Heartland, Gong and Sylvio heard something and ran to it. They arrived to see Allen and Saya on the ground defeated. Gong checked on them while Sylvio confronted the female Duelists. They then prepare to Duel against the female Duelists.[59] However, Gong and Sylvio are defeated as well and found by Yuya and Shay. When Yuya asked him what happened, Gong said Amazoness, catching Shay's attention. When the Tyler sisters LP were raised to 10,100, Gong noted how high it was. He was happy when Yuya and Shay were able to defeat the Tyler sisters.[60]

After Allen accepted Yuya as a comrade, the Obelisk Force arrived to challenge them. Gong and Sylvio wanted to join but had to stay out cause of their injuries. During the Duel, Gong was worried when Shay was taken out of the Duel when falling debris hit him from "Chaos Ancient Gear Giant" shockwave.[61] When Aster's squad started to surround them, Kite defeated them, allowing everyone to escape while Yuya Dueled Aster.[62]

The Lancers and Kite going to the Fusion Dimension.

Gong and others made it back to the hideout with Shay and watched over him while the Resistance went back for Yuya. They then learned that Duel Academy in Heartland decided to abandon Arc Project and help rebuild the Xyz Dimension to atone for what they have done. Allen expressed his concern over their decision to let them help but Gong told him that Shay won't wake up without proper medical care. When Yuto started to talk through Yuya, Sylvio wondered if was Yuya talking but Gong corrected him. He was surprised when Aster revealed that there's a way to change back the people who had been carded. However, they first must retrieve those who were carded from Duel Academy in the Fusion Dimension since all the carded people were sent there. Using the Interdimensional Travel Device in Duel Academy's base in Heartland, Gong, Yuya, Sylvio, and Kite went to Fusion Dimension and found Zuzu cornered by Duel Academy soldiers.[63] He was surprised to Iggy in the Fusion Dimension. When he spotted Dennis, Gong yelled at him for kidnapping Lulu and trying to do the same to Zuzu. They were surrounded by Duel Academy soldiers and Gong Dueled them with Sylvio to protect Zuzu. However, the Duel was left unfinished due to the soldiers being focused on Yuya and Iggy's Duel. When Iggy activated "Evil-Sealing Flash", Gong noted Yuya and Iggy would take 2000 damage. He watched Yuya fall into the pit, but relieved when he escaped and applauded with everyone else for Yuya and Iggy's Duel.[64]

Gong went to the harbor with Yuya, Zuzu, and Sylvio. However, the ship left and they tried to find a boat to catch up with it. But, when they couldn't find one, Celina appeared and told them to follow her.[65] Gong was surprised by the appearance of Captain Cutter after Sylvio criticized Cutter's pirate ship. As they set sail on Captain Cutter's ship, more Duel Academy soldiers arrived by helicopter and Zuzu was taken hostage by Celina, while Gong and Sylvio were tied up by Cutter's crewmates. They watched Yuya Duel against Cutter and Gong wondered what Cutter was planning when he Fusion Summoned "Captain Lock". Solo revealed that the effect of "Lock" would destroy itself if a monster with 1000 or more ATK was on the field, Gong had to explain to Sylvio that "Lock" itself counted. Gong encouraged Yuya to endure Cutter's assaults, but he and Sylvio were shocked when Cutter knocked Yuya off the ship. Fortunately, Crow and the other Lancers arrived and saved Yuya, while Moon Shadow freed Gong and Sylvio, allowing them to escape onto Declan's speedboat. He was worried when Cutter used "Grand Naval Battle" to shoot at their speedboat. He watched Yuya and Sora defeat Cutter and learned of the message that Shinji and Chojiro had sent them.[66] Gong wondered why the Professor wanted Zuzu, Celina, Lulu, and Rin. Once he learned that they might be connected to the Arc Project, Gong deduced that if they rescued the girls first, the Project would be stopped.[67] When Declan revealed to everyone how he went to Duel Academy three years ago and asked Yuya's father for help, Gong was surprised. He also learned that Declan found out about Revival Zero and wondered what it meant. He found that it was another part of the Professor's plan involving Celina and Yuri, and may include Yuya as well. Declan told Gong and the other Lancers to believe in their friends' strength and fight to the very end. After arriving on the island, Gong prepared to climb the mountain and charge into the Professor's lab.[68]

After climbing up the mountain, they were surrounded by Duel Academy students before utilizing their plan to spilt two groups with Yuya, Gong, Sylvio, Crow, and Moon Shadow Dueling the students while Declan's group continue to the lab. When the students retreated, they chased after them but had fallen into a trap and were captured in energy nets. They were then forced into a Survival Duel with five Duel Academy students that would only leave one man standing. Gong deduced that even if they don't card them, Duel Academy will still card the losers. When Moon Shadow went ahead to provide reconnaissance, they heard a scream and ran to the location only to find a Duel Academy student sealed into a card. They then heard something in the bushes and another student came out scared. When Sylvio and Crow ran after the student, Gong and Yuya followed them only to lose them. They heard Moon Shadow's scream and ran to his location only to see a purple light. They then found him carded and Gong thought it was impossible for him to be defeated. Gong believed that Duel Academy students would really card anyone without care, but Yuya told him there was another. They looked at Moon Shadow's last message, revealing that there was an eleventh Duelist in the forest with them and decided to find Sylvio and Crow fast.[69] Gong and Yuya found another student carded and Gong wondered who's doing it. They ran to find Sylvio and Crow fast due to the danger of staying separated.[70]

Gong leaps to grab an Action Card, thus breaking his "Heavystrong Style".

They were able to find Sylvio and Crow after Crow activated "Blackwing - Last Will", but Crow was sealed into a card right after they arrived. After learning that the Battle Beast was responsible for carding the Duel Academy students and Moon Shadow as well, Gong and Yuya challenged him to a Battle Royal Duel. Gong Pendulum-Synchro Summoned "Superheavy Samurai Ninja Shinobiashi" and attempted to bypass the Battle Beast's "Gladiator Beasts" to avoid their battle-activated effects, but he was unable to do so and the Battle Beast destroyed "Shinobiashi" and Yuya's "Odd-Eyes", causing them to take damage whenever their cards were destroyed with his "Pollice Verso". Although Gong was able to revive "Shinobiashi" in Defense Position, he lost more LP when "Shinobiashi" was destroyed again by the effect of "Gladiator Beast Gyzarus". Yuya saved Gong by attracting the attention of the Battle Beast, something that Gong knew was due to Gong's Heavystrong style preventing him from using Action Cards. Gong then broke his own Heavystrong style by activating the Action Card "Benkei Guard" in order to save Yuya, though at the cost of restricting his Deck. He was defeated by the Battle Beast and badly wounded as a result. The Battle Beast was about to seal him into a card, but Jack arrived in the arena, surprising everyone present.[71] He let Jack handle being helped by Sylvio, who thought he held out because he knew Jack was coming. Gong didn't know he was coming, but believed something might happen under pressure. When Jack asked where Crow was, Gong could only close his eyes while Sylvio revealed what happened. When Sylvio wondered why the Battle Beast's damage was so high, Gong reminded of the effect of "Pollice Verso". When Sander brought "Gladiator Beast Andabata" back with "Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor", Gong was surprised that he could freely summon other people's monsters. He and Sylvio were surprised when Sanders revealed that the Professor ordered him to eliminate Yuya. When Yuya was in lost in thought, they called out to him because of Sanders' attack. Gong told Yuya not to let their comrades sacrifice go in vain. He was surprised when Battle Beast used the effect of "Tamer Editor" to destroy itself.[72]

Gong gets help from Jack and Sylvio to stand.

Gong wondered why Battle Beast would attack his own allies. He was surprised when Yuya revealed that Battle Beast doesn't really want to fight. He wondered how Yuya and Battle Beast were similar and learned that Battle Beast's violent nature is similar to a threaten animal. When the students wanted their instructor sealed into a card, Gong was surprised by Duel Academy's teachings. He was worried when Yuya was about to be defeated by the effect of "Gladiator Beast Tamer Editor". He was surprised Jack protected Yuya from the second "Fort". When Jack destroyed everything with the effect of "Tyrant Red Dragon Archfiend", Gong thought he was overdoing it even though Pendulum Monsters return to the Extra Deck. When Battle Beast brought out "Gladiator Beast Great Fortress", Gong wondered was he inside it. Gong was surprised when "Andabatae" ATK reached 4000. Gong noted that Yuya is turning a wasteland after he Special Summoned Level 1 Pendulum Monsters. When Sylvio was surprised when "Gyzarus" came back weak, Gong told him because one monster already left the fortress. When Battle Beast Special Summoned "Gladiator Beast Augustus", Gong was happy its the last monster and that Yuya still has "Pararhino" to win. But, he was surprised that Battle Beast still had a monster. He and Sylvio wondered what Yuya did when he activated the effect of "Guard Dance". When Sanders thought Yuya will lose, Gong told him that Great Fortress' effect only affect monsters going to the graveyard except for Pendulum Monsters which go to the Extra Deck. When Yuya mentioned the people Battle Beast carded, Gong looked at him while holding the three cards. He told Yuya to go save Zuzu and Celina as Jack and Sylvio helped him.[73]

Duel Academy

Gong and Sylvio arrived in the City and found a hurt Sora and Aster. They checked on them and learned that Yuya became the Supreme King Z-ARC, including how they were trying to regain Yuya's heart through Dueling. Gong left Sylvio to watch over Sora and Aster to join the Duel until Jack arrived, telling him to wait. They then both joined the Duel, receiving intrusion penalties and watched Z-ARC defeat Shay and Kite. Gong caught Shay and Kite from crashing into the ground and received Yuya's pendant from Shay, promising to return Yuya to normal. He told Jack how everyone was trying to regain Yuya's heart and told Yuya they will rescue him. He and Jack then declared to Z-ARC that they were his opponents now.[74]

Gong defeated by Z-ARC.

Gong watched how Z-ARC Synchro Summoned "Supreme King Servant Dragon Clear Wing" during Jack's turn without a tuner. He told Kite that "Scarlight Red Dragon Archfiend" is Jack's soul and would never be destroyed with him. He then proclaimed that he'll open the road for Jack and Synchro Summoned "Superheavy Samurai Swordsmith". He told Yuya to remember his Heavystrong Dueling and used the effect of "Swordsmith" to Special Summon "Blue Brawler", "Swordsman", and "Big Benkei". He told Yuya that his monsters are the brave people fighting against him and how they inherited the Dueling styles from their fathers. He also told him that they fought and worked hard together since they were little, even now those days were engraved into their hearts. When Z-ARC started to mumble Dueltaining and Heavystrong, Gong told Yuya to call up his Dueltaining soul and attack like before while he'll take it with his Heavystrong Dueling. He also told Z-ARC that he'll protect "Scarlight" even if he attacks it or destroy his body. He told Yuya to come with his Dueltaining and all of his monsters were destroyed by the effect of "Clear Wing" equipped with "Superheavy Samurai Ward Chief Heavystrong" to Special Summon it from his hand by tributing "Swordsman". He then used the second effect of "Heavystrong" to protect itself and "Scarlight" from destruction and end the battle. Gong was surprised when Jack used monsters in his hands to Synchro Summon and used the second effect of "Heavystrong" to prevent "Scarlight" and "Tyrant" from being destroyed. He told Jack he was counting on him to bring Yuya's heart back with his soul's dragons. However, Gong was defeated by the effect of "Clear Wing" with "Supreme Presence" and sent flying. He was checked on Sylvio and told him how Yuya was trying to come back after reacting to Dueltaining. He passed on his Duel Disk and Yuya's pendant to Sylvio and was surprised to see Crow freed from his card.[75]

When Crow Synchro Summoned "Assault Blackwing - Raikiri the Rain Shower", Gong knew Z-ARC do the same during Crow's turn. He was surprised when Crow negated the effect of "Supreme King Gate Zero" and dealt damage to Z-ARC. Gong was surprised when Z-ARC Summoned "Supreme King Servant Dragon Odd-Eyes". He was also surprised when he thought Sylvio defeated Z-ARC with "Abyss Script - Abysstainment". When Sylvio used "Abyss Entertainment" again, Gong noted that Z-ARC already used the effect of "Odd-Eyes". Gong was surprised when Leo Akaba joined the Duel.[76] When Declan managed to dealt damage to Z-ARC, Gong told him to open Yuya's heart. He wasn't surprised Declan used the Pendulum Effect of "D/D Savant Dirac" to protect himself from "Clear Wing". However, Gong was worried that the world would be destroyed due to Z-ARC turning the Duel around his way and was surprised when he thought "Z-ARC" killed Declan. When Ray used En Flowers to inflict damage to Z-ARC for every monster destroyed, Gong called it beautiful. However, he was surprised when "Z-ARC" was surprised.[77]

Following Z-ARC's defeat and the Standard Dimension being reborn into the "Pendulum Dimension", Gong lost his memories of Zuzu and the Lancers' adventures. He received a invitation from Declan for the Junior Arc League Championship and met Yuya and Sylvio at the Leo Institute of Dueling. They learned from Declan that they would Duel in a four-player Battle Royal before the championship. Upon "Quartet of Quandry" activating, Gong wondered where the fourth Duelist was and was surprised when Moon Shadow arrived. Gong told Yuya he wouldn't show any mercy and told him to come at him. He brought out "Big Benkei" and attacked "Performapal Hip Hippo, but Yuya used "Hippo Carnival" to block his attack. On his turn, Moon Shadow reminded them of the Arc League Championship, and Gong's memories started to return.[78] When Sylvio used "Abyss Improv" to increase the battle damage, Gong increased "Hippo Token's" DEF with the effect of "Superheavy Samurai Helper", causing Moon Shadow to receive the damage. He then told Yuya that he'll be the one to defeat him. He wondered what was wrong with Yuya when he kept spacing out during the Duel. Gong Pendulum Summoned "Superheavy Samurai Preservation" and Summoned "Superheavy Samurai Soulhorns", using its effects to equip it to "Big Benkei" and attack twice. When Skip arrived at the stadium and told Yuya that Zuzu was gone, Gong regained his memories of her. Realizing Yuya will break down, Gong gave up his LP to use the effect of "Superheavy Samurai Preservation" to weaken "Superstar" and defeat Sylvio. He then destroyed "Twilight Ninja Getsuga, the Shogun" and used the effect of "Preservation" to destroy his Pendulum Zone and attack again, defeating Moon Shadow.[79]

When Henrietta revealed a baby Riley, Gong was surprised learned from Declan that the Natural Energy Cards turned Riley back into a baby and lost her smile due to absorbing Z-ARC's soul to save Yuya. He also learned the reason for reenacting the Arc League Championship was to return Riley's smile and save the world through Yuya's Dueltaining. He was also surprised when Yuya mentioned Z-ARC's soul being in some part of Riley and learned that Z-ARC will resurrect and the world will be at risk again if they don't do it. When Yuya began to doubt himself, Gong told him he'll save Zuzu ad Riley instead. He destroyed Yuya's monsters and attacked him directly but Yuya dodged it. Gong then Synchro Summoned "Superheavy Samurai Steam Train King", declaring his resolve to defeat Yuya and become a pro. He attacked Yuya directly again, who tried to use "Evasion" again but Gong used "No Action" to prevent him. However, Yuya used "Performapal Signal" to banish all Spell and Trap Cards from his Graveyard to inflict 200 damage for each card. He told Yuya he could do better if he wants to become a pro and Dueltainer like his father. His "Stream Train King's" DEF was halved and prevented it from being destroyed due to "Pendulum Illusion". He then was attacked by "Odd-Eyes" and took double the damage from the effect of "Odd-Eyes". Gong attacked "Odd-Eyes" but Yuya used the effect of "Pendulum Illusion" again, halving "Stream Train King's" DEF again and caused Gong take damage. He then used the effect of "Stream Train King" to destroy "Odd-Eyes" and used its second effect again to inflict damage to Yuya. Gong and Yuya exchanged blows while traveling through "Quartet of Quandry" and bringing their LP down. After "Stream Train King" DEF was halved for the final time, Gong told Yuya to come at him with his final attack and was defeated. He told Yuya his Dueltaining goes further than this and to prove it by saving Zuzu and Riley. When Declan arrived announcing that Yuya wouldn't be promoted to Senior class yet, Gong and Yuya learned that the Battle Royal was done as a continuation for the Arc League Championship due to Duel Academy's invasion and will only permit one Duelist from the Lancers advance to the Senior class.[80]

He is later seen watching Yuya's Duel against Jack with Sylvio, Aura and You Show Duel School. Gong and Sylvio discussed how Jack countered Yuya's attack and summoned a new monster.[81] He was happy when Yuya won and surprised when Declan became next opponent. Gong wondered if Yuya was being careful when he didn't Pendulum Summon "Performapal Duck Dealer" and cheered him on when he started to. He was amazed at how Yuya and the four dragons hearts were at one. Gong was surprised when Declan summoned "D/D/D Super Doom King Purple Armageddon", "D/D/D Super Doom King Bright Armageddon", and "D/D/D Super Doom King Dark Armageddon ".[82] When Allie asked him what a portfolio was, Gong wasn't sure but figured it was the "Super Doom Kings" combo. He was worried when Yuya took huge damage from the four dragons being destroyed. Gong was surprised when Yuya used the effect of "Odd-Eyes Wing Dragon" to destroy all of Declan's monsters. He then wondered why Yuya attacked "Darkness Armageddon" due to its ATK being higher than "Wing Dragon". Gong was happy when Yuya used the effects of "Odd-Eyes Xyz Gate" and "Wonder Chance" to give "Odd-Eyes Rebellion Dragon" additional attacks. However, he was worried when Declan survived the attacks and when Yuya only had a set card to survive. He was happy though when Yuya used a combo to set up his Pendulum Zone. When Yuya and Declan were collecting Action Cards due to the effect of "Performapal Five-Rainbow Magician", Gong and Sylvio were surprised at how Declan was stealing Yuya's shine. They were also worried when Declan was catching up to Yuya and Gong wondered who got five cards first. He was happy when Yuya won and was sent to the field by Ray to witness her revival as Zuzu and was crying when she returned.[83]


Gong and "Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo".

Gong plays a "Superheavy Samurai" Deck. Unlike most Decks with a mixture of all three card Types (Monster, Spell, and Trap), Gong's Deck is composed only of Monster Cards.[6] Furthermore, his style requires that he have no Spell or Trap Cards in his Graveyard and thus he cannot use Action Cards as they would remain in his Graveyard after each usage. Because of this, Gong utilizes several hand trap monsters that activate their effects from his hand or Graveyard. Also, he uses monsters that can be played as Spells as a substitute and bypass the five-zone limit for actual monsters on the field. For battling, Gong relies heavily on defensive tactics, allowing his opponent to strike first to counterattack or and using high DEF to protect himself. Requiring a Graveyard without Spell and Trap Cards proved to make Gong's Deck rather unfitting for Tag Duels, as sharing a Graveyard with Sylvio Sawatari was implied to have been the cause of their loss against the Tyler sisters.

For actual attacks, he relies mainly on his ace, "Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei",[6] making him stock up on DEF-boosting cards to further strengthen this monster. By being able to attack using DEF instead of ATK for damage calculation, added with his monsters' huge DEF, Gong can effectively take down strong monsters and/or deal massive damage while still defending himself with very difficult to defeat monsters. As per his "Heavystrong" Dueling style, he seems to only rely on one monster at a time while the rest power it up and/or ensure that it's never defeated.

After his DRAW against Kit Blade, he decided to incorporate Synchro Summoning into his Deck to further strengthen himself. He shows a variety of levels in his Synchro Monsters, providing him with more utility. At the same time, all of these Synchro Monsters possess the effect of attacking in Defense Position, like "Big Benkei". Through this new tactic, Gong can also now make use of Spell and Trap Cards without disrupting his normal Duel style. With "Superheavy Samurai Warlord Susanowo", he can access the Spell and Trap Effects in his opponent's Graveyard. With "Superheavy Samurai Steam Train King", Gong can use Spell and Trap and then banish them from his Graveyard, letting him further damage his opponent while restarting his normal strategy.

Gong later acquires his own Pendulum Monsters after becoming a Lancer, allowing him to Pendulum-Synchro Summon.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yuya Sakaki 1 No result
Yuya Sakaki 3 No result
Kit Blade 10-11 DRAW
Kit Blade 23-24 No result
Yuya Sakaki 25-26 Lose
Grizzlepike Jones 30 Win
Trick Tagart 39 Win
Halil and Olga 42-43 Win (with Zuzu Boyle); Eliminated
3 Obelisk Force members 49 Win (with Celina, Moon Shadow, Shay Obsidian and Sylvio Sawatari)
Dennis McField 57 Win
3 Stomptroopers 63 Win (with Shay Obsidian, Sylvio Sawatari and Yuya Sakaki)
Crow Hogan 66 Lose
Duel Chasers 96 Win (with Chojiro Tokumatsu, Declan Akaba, Riley Akaba, Shay Obsidian and Sylvio Sawatari)
3 Duel Academy Duelists 100 Win (with Sylvio Sawatari and Yuya Sakaki)
Kite Tenjo 101 Lose (with Sylvio Sawatari)
Gloria Tyler and Grace Tyler 107-108 Lose (with Sylvio Sawatari)
Duel Academy Duelists 113 No result (with Sylvio Sawatari)
Duel Academy Duelists 118 No result (with Crow Hogan, Moon Shadow, Sylvio Sawatari and Yuya Sakaki)
Battle Beast 120 Lose (with Yuya Sakaki, eliminated)
Z-ARC 138 Lose (with Jack Atlas)
Moon Shadow, Sylvio Sawatari and Yuya Sakaki 141-143 Win (Moon Shadow and Sylvio), Lose (Yuya)


  • Though Gong learned of Yuya's dimensional counterparts, he never met or saw any of them.


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  1. This card is acquired in episode 42.