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Gold Series 2009 is the second set in the TCG Gold Series series, after the original Gold Series. It is followed by Gold Series 3. Desirable reprints in this set include "Dark Armed Dragon", "Des Volstgalph", and a previous Championship-only prize card, "Gold Sarcophagus".


25 cards per pack, 5 packs per box, 10 boxes per case. Each pack contains 25 cards with 3 Gold Rare cards in each pack.

The set includes 50 cards. This is comprised of:



Card numberNameRarityCategory
GLD2-EN001"Sangan"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-EN002"Des Volstgalph"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-EN003"Lekunga"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN004"Lord Poison"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN005"Rigorous Reaver"CommonFlip monster
GLD2-EN006"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN007"Mobius the Frost Monarch"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN008"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN009"Granmarg the Rock Monarch"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN010"Treeborn Frog"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN011"Phantom Beast Cross-Wing"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN012"Phantom Beast Wild-Horn"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN013"Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN014"Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN015"Winged Rhynos"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN016"Snipe Hunter"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN017"The Six Samurai - Yaichi"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN018"The Six Samurai - Kamon"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN019"The Six Samurai - Yariza"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN020"The Six Samurai - Nisashi"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN021"The Six Samurai - Zanji"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN022"The Six Samurai - Irou"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN023"Volcanic Rocket"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-EN024"Volcanic Shell"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-EN025"Elemental HERO Captain Gold"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-EN026"Raiza the Storm Monarch"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-EN027"Necro Gardna"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-EN028"Elemental HERO Neos Alius"CommonGemini monster
GLD2-EN029"Test Tiger"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-EN030"Royal Firestorm Guards"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-EN031"Dark Armed Dragon"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-EN032"Prime Material Dragon"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-EN033"Caius the Shadow Monarch"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-EN034"Exile of the Wicked"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-EN035"Warrior Elimination"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-EN036"Giant Trunade"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-EN037"Mind Control"Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GLD2-EN038"Skyscraper"CommonField Spell Card
GLD2-EN039"Future Fusion"Gold RareContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-EN040"Gold Sarcophagus"Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GLD2-EN041"Shien's Castle of Mist"CommonField Spell Card
GLD2-EN042"Six Samurai United"CommonContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-EN043"Veil of Darkness"Gold RareContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-EN044"Solemn Judgment"Gold RareCounter Trap Card
GLD2-EN045"Bottomless Trap Hole"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GLD2-EN046"Compulsory Evacuation Device"CommonNormal Trap Card
GLD2-EN047"Begone, Knave!"CommonContinuous Trap Card
GLD2-EN048"Phoenix Wing Wind Blast"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GLD2-EN049"Return of the Six Samurai"CommonNormal Trap Card
GLD2-EN050"Double-Edged Sword Technique"CommonNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
GLD2-FR001"Sangan""Sangan"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-FR002"Des Volstgalph""Des Volstgaph"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-FR003"Lekunga""Lekunga"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR004"Lord Poison""Seigneur Poison"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR005"Rigorous Reaver""Pillard Rigoureux"CommonFlip monster
GLD2-FR006"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg, Le Monarque du Tonnerre"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR007"Mobius the Frost Monarch""Mobius le Monarque de Glace"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR008"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch""Thestalos, le Monarque de la Tempête de Feu"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR009"Granmarg the Rock Monarch""Grandmarg le Monarque des Roches"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR010"Treeborn Frog""Grenouille d'Arbre"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR011"Phantom Beast Cross-Wing""Bête Fantôme Ailes-Croisées"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR012"Phantom Beast Wild-Horn""Bête Fantôme Corne-Sauvage"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR013"Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus""Bête Fantôme Pégase-Tonnerre"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR014"Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard""Bête Fantôme Lézard-Rocher"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR015"Winged Rhynos""Rhyno Ailé"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR016"Snipe Hunter""Chasseur de Précision"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR017"The Six Samurai - Yaichi""Les Six Samouraïs - Yaichi"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR018"The Six Samurai - Kamon""Les Six Samouraïs - Kamon"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR019"The Six Samurai - Yariza""Les Six Samouraïs - Yariza"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR020"The Six Samurai - Nisashi""Les Six Samouraïs - Nisashi"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR021"The Six Samurai - Zanji""Les Six Samouraïs - Zanji"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR022"The Six Samurai - Irou""Les Six Samouraïs - Irou"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR023"Volcanic Rocket""Fusée Volcanique"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-FR024"Volcanic Shell""Obus Volcanique"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-FR025"Elemental HERO Captain Gold""Capitaine Doré, HÉROS Élémentaire"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-FR026"Raiza the Storm Monarch""Raiza, le Monarque de la Tempête"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-FR027"Necro Gardna""Protecteur Mortuaire"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-FR028"Elemental HERO Neos Alius""Nouveau Néos, HÉROS Élémentaire"CommonGemini monster
GLD2-FR029"Test Tiger""Tigre de Laboratoire"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-FR030"Royal Firestorm Guards""Gardes Royaux Tempête de Feu"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-FR031"Dark Armed Dragon""Dragon Armé des Ténèbres"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-FR032"Prime Material Dragon""Dragon Materia"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-FR033"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius, le Monarque des Ombres"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-FR034"Exile of the Wicked""L’Exile de l’Être Malfaisant"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-FR035"Warrior Elimination""Élimination Guerrière"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-FR036"Giant Trunade""Tornade Géante"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-FR037"Mind Control""Contrôle Mental"Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GLD2-FR038"Skyscraper""Gratte-Ciel"CommonField Spell Card
GLD2-FR039"Future Fusion""Fusion du Futur"Gold RareContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-FR040"Gold Sarcophagus""Sarcophage Doré"Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GLD2-FR041"Shien's Castle of Mist""Château de Brume de Shien"CommonField Spell Card
GLD2-FR042"Six Samurai United""Union des Six Samouraïs"CommonContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-FR043"Veil of Darkness""Voile des Ténèbres"Gold RareContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-FR044"Solemn Judgment""Jugement Solennel"Gold RareCounter Trap Card
GLD2-FR045"Bottomless Trap Hole""Trappe sans fond"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GLD2-FR046"Compulsory Evacuation Device""Dispositif d'Évacuation Obligatoire"CommonNormal Trap Card
GLD2-FR047"Begone, Knave!""Hors d'Ici, Fripons !"CommonContinuous Trap Card
GLD2-FR048"Phoenix Wing Wind Blast""Un Souffle d'Aile de Phœnix"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GLD2-FR049"Return of the Six Samurai""Le Retour des Six Samouraïs"CommonNormal Trap Card
GLD2-FR050"Double-Edged Sword Technique""Technique de la Double Lame"CommonNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
GLD2-DE001"Sangan""Sangan"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-DE002"Des Volstgalph""Des Volstgalph"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-DE003"Lekunga""Lekunga"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE004"Lord Poison""Herrscher des Gifts"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE005"Rigorous Reaver""Erbarmungsloser Plünderer"CommonFlip monster
GLD2-DE006"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg, Monarch des Donners"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE007"Mobius the Frost Monarch""Möbius der Frostmonarch"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE008"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch""Thestalos, der Feuersturmmonarch"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE009"Granmarg the Rock Monarch""Grandmarg der Erdmonarch"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE010"Treeborn Frog""Baumfrosch"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE011"Phantom Beast Cross-Wing""Phantomungeheuer Kreuzflügel"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE012"Phantom Beast Wild-Horn""Phantomungeheuer Wildhorn"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE013"Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus""Phantomungeheuer Donnerpegasus"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE014"Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard""Phantomungeheuer Felseidechse"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE015"Winged Rhynos""Geflügeltes Nashorn"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE016"Snipe Hunter""Jäger im Hinterhalt"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE017"The Six Samurai - Yaichi""Die Sechs Samurai - Yaichi"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE018"The Six Samurai - Kamon""Die Sechs Samurai - Kamon"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE019"The Six Samurai - Yariza""Die Sechs Samurai - Yariza"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE020"The Six Samurai - Nisashi""Die Sechs Samurai - Nisashi"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE021"The Six Samurai - Zanji""Die Sechs Samurai - Zanji"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE022"The Six Samurai - Irou""Die Sechs Samurai - Irou"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE023"Volcanic Rocket""Vulkanische Rakete"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-DE024"Volcanic Shell""Vulkanische Hülle"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-DE025"Elemental HERO Captain Gold""Elementar-HELD Captain Gold"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-DE026"Raiza the Storm Monarch""Raiza der Sturmmonarch"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-DE027"Necro Gardna""Todeswache"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-DE028"Elemental HERO Neos Alius""Elementar-HELD Another Neos"CommonGemini monster
GLD2-DE029"Test Tiger""Versuchstiger"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-DE030"Royal Firestorm Guards""Königliche Feuersturmwache"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-DE031"Dark Armed Dragon""Finsterer bewaffneter Drache"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-DE032"Prime Material Dragon""Urmaterialdrache"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-DE033"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius der Schattenmonarch"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-DE034"Exile of the Wicked""Exil des Bösen"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-DE035"Warrior Elimination""Krieger-Eliminierung"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-DE036"Giant Trunade""Riesen-Trunade"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-DE037"Mind Control""Gedankenkontrolle"Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GLD2-DE038"Skyscraper""Wolkenkratzer"CommonField Spell Card
GLD2-DE039"Future Fusion""Zukunftsfusion"Gold RareContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-DE040"Gold Sarcophagus""Gold-Sarkophag"Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GLD2-DE041"Shien's Castle of Mist""Shiens Schloss des Nebels"CommonField Spell Card
GLD2-DE042"Six Samurai United""Sechs Samurai vereint"CommonContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-DE043"Veil of Darkness""Schleier der Finsternis"Gold RareContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-DE044"Solemn Judgment""Feierliches Urteil"Gold RareCounter Trap Card
GLD2-DE045"Bottomless Trap Hole""Bodenlose Fallgrube"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GLD2-DE046"Compulsory Evacuation Device""Zwangsevakuierungsgerät"CommonNormal Trap Card
GLD2-DE047"Begone, Knave!""Hinfort, Schurke!"CommonContinuous Trap Card
GLD2-DE048"Phoenix Wing Wind Blast""Windsturm der Phönixflügel"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GLD2-DE049"Return of the Six Samurai""Rückkehr der sechs Samurai!"CommonNormal Trap Card
GLD2-DE050"Double-Edged Sword Technique""Technik des zweischneidigen Schwerts"CommonNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
GLD2-IT001"Sangan""Sangan"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-IT002"Des Volstgalph""Volstgalph Des"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-IT003"Lekunga""Lekunga"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT004"Lord Poison""Signore del Veleno"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT005"Rigorous Reaver""Predatore Inflessibile"CommonFlip monster
GLD2-IT006"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg il Monarca del Tuono"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT007"Mobius the Frost Monarch""Mobius il Monarca Glaciale"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT008"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch""Thestalos il Monarca della Tempesta di Fuoco"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT009"Granmarg the Rock Monarch""Grandmarg Monarca della Terra"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT010"Treeborn Frog""RANA degli Alberi"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT011"Phantom Beast Cross-Wing""Bestia Fantasma Ali-Incrociate"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT012"Phantom Beast Wild-Horn""Bestia Fantasma Corno-Selvaggio"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT013"Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus""Bestia Fantasma Pegaso-Tuono"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT014"Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard""Bestia Fantasma Lucerto-Roccia"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT015"Winged Rhynos""Rino-Alato"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT016"Snipe Hunter""Cacciatore Cecchino"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT017"The Six Samurai - Yaichi""I Sei Samurai - Yaichi"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT018"The Six Samurai - Kamon""I Sei Samurai - Kamon"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT019"The Six Samurai - Yariza""I Sei Samurai - Yariza"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT020"The Six Samurai - Nisashi""I Sei Samurai - Nisashi"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT021"The Six Samurai - Zanji""I Sei Samurai - Zanji"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT022"The Six Samurai - Irou""I Sei Samurai - Irou"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT023"Volcanic Rocket""Razzo Vulcanico"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-IT024"Volcanic Shell""Guscio Vulcanico"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-IT025"Elemental HERO Captain Gold""Capitano Gold EROE Elementale"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-IT026"Raiza the Storm Monarch""Raiza il Monarca della Tempesta"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-IT027"Necro Gardna""Sentinella Necro"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-IT028"Elemental HERO Neos Alius""Nuovo Neos EROE Elementale"CommonGemini monster
GLD2-IT029"Test Tiger""Tigre da Laboratorio"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-IT030"Royal Firestorm Guards""Guardie Regali della Tempesta di Fuoco"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-IT031"Dark Armed Dragon""Drago Armato Oscuro"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-IT032"Prime Material Dragon""Drago di Alta Qualità"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-IT033"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius il Monarca dell'Ombra"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-IT034"Exile of the Wicked""Esilio degli Spiriti"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-IT035"Warrior Elimination""Eliminazione del Guerriero"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-IT036"Giant Trunade""Ritorno Totale"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-IT037"Mind Control""Controlla Mente"Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GLD2-IT038"Skyscraper""Grattacielo"CommonField Spell Card
GLD2-IT039"Future Fusion""Fusione Futura"Gold RareContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-IT040"Gold Sarcophagus""Sarcofago d'Oro"Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GLD2-IT041"Shien's Castle of Mist""Il Castello di Nebbia di Shien"CommonField Spell Card
GLD2-IT042"Six Samurai United""I Sei Samurai Uniti"CommonContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-IT043"Veil of Darkness""Velo dell'Oscurità"Gold RareContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-IT044"Solemn Judgment""Giudizio Solenne"Gold RareCounter Trap Card
GLD2-IT045"Bottomless Trap Hole""Buco Trappola Senza Fine"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GLD2-IT046"Compulsory Evacuation Device""Dispositivo di Salvataggio Obbligatorio"CommonNormal Trap Card
GLD2-IT047"Begone, Knave!""Vattene Ladruncolo!"CommonContinuous Trap Card
GLD2-IT048"Phoenix Wing Wind Blast""Esplosione di Ali della Fenice"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GLD2-IT049"Return of the Six Samurai""Il Ritorno dei Sei Samurai!"CommonNormal Trap Card
GLD2-IT050"Double-Edged Sword Technique""Tecnica della Spada Bilama"CommonNormal Trap Card

Card numberEnglish nameSpanish nameRarityCategory
GLD2-SP001"Sangan""Sangan"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-SP002"Des Volstgalph""Des Volstgalph"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-SP003"Lekunga""Lekunga"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP004"Lord Poison""Lord Veneno"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP005"Rigorous Reaver""Rigras Leever"CommonFlip monster
GLD2-SP006"Zaborg the Thunder Monarch""Zaborg el Monarca del Trueno"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP007"Mobius the Frost Monarch""Mobius, el Monarca de la Escarcha"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP008"Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch""Thestalos el Monarca de la Tormenta de Fuego"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP009"Granmarg the Rock Monarch""Granmarg el Monarca de Roca"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP010"Treeborn Frog""RANA Arbórea"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP011"Phantom Beast Cross-Wing""Bestia Fantasma Cross-Wing"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP012"Phantom Beast Wild-Horn""Bestia Fantasma Wild-Horn"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP013"Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus""Bestia Fantasma Thunder-Pegasus"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP014"Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard""Bestia Fantasma Rock-Lizard"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP015"Winged Rhynos""Rinoceronte Alado"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP016"Snipe Hunter""Cazador Escondido"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP017"The Six Samurai - Yaichi""Los Seis Samuráis - Yaichi"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP018"The Six Samurai - Kamon""Los Seis Samuráis - Kamon"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP019"The Six Samurai - Yariza""Los Seis Samuráis - Yariza"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP020"The Six Samurai - Nisashi""Los Seis Samuráis - Nisashi"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP021"The Six Samurai - Zanji""Los Seis Samuráis - Zanji"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP022"The Six Samurai - Irou""Los Seis Samuráis - Irou"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP023"Volcanic Rocket""Misil Volcánico"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-SP024"Volcanic Shell""Cartucho Volcánico"CommonEffect Monster
GLD2-SP025"Elemental HERO Captain Gold""HÉROE Elemental Capitán Gold"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-SP026"Raiza the Storm Monarch""Raiza el Monarca de las Tormentas"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-SP027"Necro Gardna""Necro Gardna"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-SP028"Elemental HERO Neos Alius""HÉROE Elemental Otro Neos"CommonGemini monster
GLD2-SP029"Test Tiger""Tigre de Prueba"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-SP030"Royal Firestorm Guards""Guardias de la Tormenta de Fuego Real"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-SP031"Dark Armed Dragon""Dragón Armado Oscuro"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-SP032"Prime Material Dragon""Dragón de Material de Primera"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-SP033"Caius the Shadow Monarch""Caius el Monarca de las Sombras"Gold RareEffect Monster
GLD2-SP034"Exile of the Wicked""Exilio del perverso"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-SP035"Warrior Elimination""Eliminación de Guerreros"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-SP036"Giant Trunade""Tornado Gigante"CommonNormal Spell Card
GLD2-SP037"Mind Control""Control de la Mente"Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GLD2-SP038"Skyscraper""Rascacielos"CommonField Spell Card
GLD2-SP039"Future Fusion""Fusión Futura"Gold RareContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-SP040"Gold Sarcophagus""Cofre de Oro Sellado"Gold RareNormal Spell Card
GLD2-SP041"Shien's Castle of Mist""El Castillo de Niebla de Shien"CommonField Spell Card
GLD2-SP042"Six Samurai United""Los Seis Samuráis Unidos"CommonContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-SP043"Veil of Darkness""Velo de Oscuridad"Gold RareContinuous Spell Card
GLD2-SP044"Solemn Judgment""Juicio Solemne"Gold RareCounter Trap Card
GLD2-SP045"Bottomless Trap Hole""Agujero Trampa Sin Fondo"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GLD2-SP046"Compulsory Evacuation Device""Artilugio de Evacuación Compulsiva"CommonNormal Trap Card
GLD2-SP047"Begone, Knave!""¡Atrás, Bribón!"CommonContinuous Trap Card
GLD2-SP048"Phoenix Wing Wind Blast""Golpe de Viento de Ala de Fénix"Gold RareNormal Trap Card
GLD2-SP049"Return of the Six Samurai""El Regreso de los Seis Samuráis!"CommonNormal Trap Card
GLD2-SP050"Double-Edged Sword Technique""Técnica de la Espada de Doble Filo"CommonNormal Trap Card

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