Going Home: Memories Long Past and a Hand of Hope

WC11 Chapter 5

English name

~Going Home~ Memories Long Past and a Hand of Hope

Japanese name


Video game

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus



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"~Going Home~ Memories Long Past and a Hand of Hope" is the fifth chapter in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's World Championship 2011: Over the Nexus.


At Crash Town, the player finds West and Nico at their hideout. They mention that their father, Sergio, is working under Malcolm, and he hasn't returned home lately. West mentioned he met Kalin not long ago in Crash Town, but has never seen him since then. The player decides to pay Malcolm a visit to ask about the kids' father.

At Malcolm's house, the player duels with Seluga in order to meet Malcolm. Malcolm is impressed with the player's skills and duels the player. After winning, Malcolm suggests that the player duel under him, and that he will give information about Sergio under the condition that the player wins the next duel against Ramon. The next day, the player duels against Kalin, who is working under Ramon.

After defeating Kalin, Yusei rushes out from the flower shop, telling that the result of the duel is irrelevant, and that they should make escaping their top priority. He has requested help from Barbara, but she soon reveals that she is in fact working with Malcolm, and has no intention of helping them. Upon hearing that Lawton is returning to town to assist Malcolm as well, Ramon retreats.

Yusei, Kalin, and the player are captured and sent to work in the mine. While there, they meet Sergio. Yusei finds a path that leads outside, and the group decides to escape from the mine. While escaping, Sergio saves Kalin from a rockslide, and falls into the abyss of the mines. The trio meets Toru and Misaki outside the mine, who informs them that the town is in chaos due to the war between Malcolm and Ramon.

The trio returns to town and encounter Malcolm's henchmen. Yusei decides to duel him, while the player and Kalin look for West and Nico. However, they encounter Ramon. The player duels with Ramon while Kalin looks for the kids. After the duel, the player meets up with Kalin, who just defeated Malcolm in a duel. Malcolm leaves, but they meet Lawton, who plans to take control of the town. Kalin and the player team up against Lawton in a duel, with the condition that Lawton begins with 10 cards in his hand.

After defeating him, Lawton gloats that regardless of the outcome of the duel, he still has a large portion of the town's population under his control, and attempts to rally his lackeys. However, they fail to respond, as Crow and Jack have also arrived and defeated them all. Lawton tries to escape, but is stopped by Toru and Misaki, and is soon arrested. Peace is restored to the town, which has now been renamed Satisfaction Town. Kalin also decides to stay behind to look after the kids in Sergio's place.