This is a list of glitches in the video game Yu-Gi-Oh! GX Tag Force 2.

  • Sartorius' sister Sarina is rendered as Sartorius, although when her duelist bio is read she is correctly named.
  • In Axel Brodie's bio, he is also sometimes named Austin, his original first name.
  • When you duel with Axel Brodie, and the strongest monster on your side of the field automatically negates effects that target it, such as "Silent Swordsman LV3" or an Attack Position "Cyber Phoenix", Axel will try to destroy it with "Blaze Accelerator", or "Tri-Blaze Accelerator". Because the discarding is part of the effect of "(Tri-)Blaze Accelerator", there is no cost to activating the card's effect, and the game will loop forever.
  • When Jesse Anderson summons a Crystal Beast he refers to them as Gem Beasts (their Japanese name). Also when summoning monsters both he and Aster Phoenix will occasionally have "C'mon" listed in their text box a mannerism their original but not dub counterparts do while dueling.
  • Felgrand Dragon's card image calls it Fele-Grant Dragon. The information heading however, is correct.
  • Darkblaze Dragon's card image calls it Dark Blaze Dragon. The information heading however, is correct.
  • When losing a duel, Thelonious Viper calls out to his adoptive son Pierce, he refers to him as Rick (his original name).
  • Sometimes, Bonaparte will use the phrase "We made a major pourquoi." "Pourquoi" is French for "why", so the phrase makes no sense. The correct phrase, and the one he uses in the dub, is "We made a major faux pas (mistake)."
  • Malevolent Catastrophe may be on the card description but on the image of the card it is "Calamity Of The Wicked".
  • While dueling White Alexis outside of the story event where she initially appears, when she Summons a monster she'll occasionally say "Here comes my cyber girl!", whereas her White Prima deck doesn't contain any monsters with Cyber in their name. Also her speech during duels outside of Story Mode seems to revert to that of the normal Alexis.
  • When looking at a character that is different than the original (Example: Dark Zane) Their biography will be the same as their normal counterparts.
  • When looking at Axel Brodie's profile, it refers to him as Austin, his original Japanese name, once.
  • When you receive the card, "Dark Bribe", it is referred as "Dark Temple's Bribe."
  • "Herald of Creation" is written on the card description whilst "Prophet of the Creator" is written on the card.
  • When Tag Dueling with, or against Zane Truesdale he will activate Future Fusion to summon Chimeratech Overdragon, but the dragon's effect sends all cards on your side of the field to the graveyard, including Future Fusion, the effect of which will destroy the Chimeratech Overdragon thus summoned. This appears to something overlooked by the CPU. However, if Zane draws Overload Fusion while Future Fusion is in play, he will play Overload Fusion immediately.
  • During the fifth heart event with Tyranno, after you win the duel, in the conversation, Tyranno will refer to Andrea as Usami, her Japanese name.
  • When you go to your PDA and select "End Game", a warning sign pops up saying that all your recipes and unsaved material will be lost if not saved, and also says that saving can be done via the map. Saving via the map is only true in the first Tag Force, but not in the second one. (You save via your PDA)
  • In the third heart event, when you duel The Gambler, when he loses, he will state that he has lost his luck ever since he lost the red scarf. However, it shows the red scarf in his shirt pocket, with him touching it.
  • In Jesse's seventh heart event, he will refer to Survival Duels as Dis Duels (The Japanese version).
  • If your opponent has one Spear Cretin and another in their Graveyard while you have an Ultimate Tyranno, you will be forced to keep attacking the Spear Cretin which the opponent will repeatedly revive thus making you stuck in an infinite loop. Unless you have a set card/quick-play to destroy Ultimate Tyranno or Spear Cretin then you have to reset your game to end the duel.
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