Gladiator Beast Andabata
剣闘獣 (グラディアルビースト) アンダバタエ
English Gladiator Beast Andabata
French Andabata, Bête Gladiateur
German Gladiatorungeheuer Andabata
Italian Gladiatore Bestia Andabata
Korean 검투수 안다바타에
Portuguese Besta Gladiadora Andabata
Spanish Bestia Gladiador Andabata
Japanese (kana) グラディアルビーストアンダバタエ
Japanese (base) 剣闘獣アンダバタエ
Japanese (rōmaji) Guradiaru Bīsuto Andabatae
Japanese (translated) Gladial Beast Andabatae
Card type Monster
Attribute DARK
Types Beast-Warrior / Fusion / Effect
Level 8 CG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svgCG Star.svg
ATK / DEF 1000 / 2800
Passcode 03779662
Materials "Gladiator Beast Augustus" + 2 "Gladiator Beast" monsters
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1,000 +
Returns Fusion Materials for Contact Fusion to Deck +, Activates upon Special Summon +  and Returns itself from field to Extra Deck for cost +
GladiatorBeastAndabata-BLLR-EN-UR-1E.png +
Official +
2,800 +
Summoning condition +  and Trigger Effect +
Gladiator Beast Andabata +
Gladiator Beast Andabata +
"Auguste, Bête Gladiateur" + 2 monstres "B"Auguste, Bête Gladiateur" + 2 monstres "Bête Gladiateur"<br/>Doit d'abord être Invoquée Spécialement (depuis votre Extra Deck) en mélangeant les cartes ci-dessus que vous contrôlez dans le Deck. (N'utilisez pas "Polymérisation".) Si elle est Invoquée de cette façon : vous pouvez Invoquer Spécialement 1 Monstre Fusion "Bête Gladiateur" de max. Niveau 7 depuis votre Extra Deck, en ignorant ses conditions d'Invocation. À la fin de la Battle Phase, si cette carte a combattu : vous pouvez la renvoyer à l'Extra Deck ; Invoquez Spécialement 2 monstres "Bête Gladiateur" depuis votre Deck.stres "Bête Gladiateur" depuis votre Deck. +
Andabata, Bête Gladiateur +
„Gladiatorungeheuer Augustus“ + 2 „Gladiat„Gladiatorungeheuer Augustus“ + 2 „Gladiatorungeheuer“-Monster<br/>Muss erst als Spezialbeschwörung (von deinem Extra Deck) beschworen werden, indem du die oben aufgeführten Karten, die du kontrollierst, ins Deck mischst. („Polymerisation“ wird nicht verwendet.) Falls diese Karte auf diese Art beschworen wird: Du kannst 1 „Gladiatorungeheuer“-Fusionsmonster der Stufe 7 oder niedriger als Spezialbeschwörung von deinem Extra Deck beschwören, ungeachtet seiner Beschwörungsbedingungen. Am Ende der Battle Phase, falls diese Karte gekämpft hat: Du kannst sie ins Extra Deck zurücklegen; beschwöre 2 „Gladiatorungeheuer“-Monster als Spezialbeschwörung von deinem als Spezialbeschwörung von deinem Deck. +
Gladiatorungeheuer Andabata +
"Gladiatore Bestia Augustus" + 2 mostri "G"Gladiatore Bestia Augustus" + 2 mostri "Gladiatore Bestia"<br>Deve prima essere Evocato Specialmente (dal tuo Extra Deck) mischiando le carte sopra indicate che controlli nel Deck. (Non utilizzi "Polimerizzazione".) Se viene Evocato in questo modo: puoi Evocare Specialmente 1 Mostro Fusione "Gladiatore Bestia" di Livello 7 o inferiore dal tuo Extra Deck, ignorando le sue condizioni di Evocazione. Alla fine della Battle Phase, se questa carta ha combattuto: puoi farla ritornare nell'Extra Deck; Evoca Specialmente 2 mostri "Gladiatore Bestia" dal tuo Deck.2 mostri "Gladiatore Bestia" dal tuo Deck. +
Gladiatore Bestia Andabata +
グラディアルビーストアンダバタエ +
自分フィールドの上記カードをデッキに戻した場合のみ、EXデッキから特殊召喚できる(「融合」は必要としない)。①:このカードが上記の方法で特殊召喚に成功した場合に発動できる。EXデッキからレベル7以下の「剣闘獣」融合モンスター1体を召喚条件を無視して特殊召喚する。②:このカードが戦闘を行ったバトルフェイズ終了時にこのカードを持ち主のEXデッキに戻して発動できる。デッキから「剣闘獣」モンスター2体を特殊召喚する。 +
剣闘獣アンダバタエ +
"검투수 아우구스톨" + "검투수" 몬스터 x 2
자신 필드의 상기"검투수 아우구스톨" + "검투수" 몬스터 x 2 <br/>자신 필드의 상기 카드를 덱으로 되돌렸을 경우에만, 엑스트라 덱에서 특수 소환할 수 있다("융합"은 필요로 하지 않는다). ① : 이 카드가 상기의 방법으로 특수 소환에 성공했을 경우에 발동할 수 있다. 엑스트라 덱에서 레벨 7 이하의 "검투수" 융합 몬스터 1장을 소환 조건을 무시하고 특수 소환한다. ② : 이 카드가 전투를 실행한 배틀 페이즈 종료시에 이 카드를 주인의 엑스트라 덱으로 되돌리고 발동할 수 있다. 덱에서 "검투수" 몬스터 2장을 특수 소환한다. 되돌리고 발동할 수 있다. 덱에서 "검투수" 몬스터 2장을 특수 소환한다. +
검투수 안다바타에 +
"Gladiator Beast Augustus"Gladiator Beast Augustus" + 2 "Gladiator Beast" monsters<br />Must first be Special Summoned (from your Extra Deck) by shuffling the above cards you control into the Deck. (You do not use "Polymerization".) If Summoned this way: You can Special Summon 1 Level 7 or lower "Gladiator Beast" Fusion Monster from your Extra Deck, ignoring its Summoning conditions. At the end of the Battle Phase, if this card battled: You can return it to the Extra Deck; Special Summon 2 "Gladiator Beast" monsters from your Deck.Deck. +
"Gladiator Beast Augustus" + 2 "Gladiator Beast" monsters +
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Gladiator Beast Andabata +
Card page +
03779662 +
Guradiaru Bīsuto Andabatae +
"Besta Gladiadora Augustus" + 2 monstros ""Besta Gladiadora Augustus" + 2 monstros "Besta Gladiadora"<br/>Primeiro deve ser Invocado por Invocação-Especial (do seu Deck Adicional) ao embaralhar os cards acima que você controla no Deck. (Você não usa "Polimerização".) Se Invocado desta forma: você pode Invocar por Invocação-Especial 1 Monstro de Fusão "Besta Gladiadora" de Nível 7 ou menos do seu Deck Adicional, ignorando suas condições de Invocação. No final da Fase de Batalha, se este card batalhar: você pode devolvê-lo ao Deck Adicional; Invoque por Invocação-Especial 2 monstros "Besta Gladiadora" do seu Deck.2 monstros "Besta Gladiadora" do seu Deck. +
Besta Gladiadora Andabata +
Guradiaru Bīsuto Andabatae +
剣闘獣 (グラディアルビースト) アンダバタエ +
剣闘獣 (グラディアルビースト) アンダバタエ +
--- BLLR-EN022 --- Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge --- Ultra Rare --- English --- +, --- BLLR-FR022 --- Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge --- Ultra Rare --- French --- +, --- BLLR-DE022 --- Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge --- Ultra Rare --- German --- +, --- BLLR-IT022 --- Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge --- Ultra Rare --- Italian --- +, --- BLLR-PT022 --- Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge --- Ultra Rare --- Portuguese --- +, --- BLLR-SP022 --- Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge --- Ultra Rare --- Spanish --- +, --- CP17-JP026 --- Collectors Pack 2017 --- Common --- Japanese --- +  and --- CP17-KR026 --- Collectors Pack 2017 --- Common --- Korean --- +
{ "number": "BLLR-EN022", "name": "Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge", "rarity": "Ultra Rare", "region": "English" } +, { "number": "BLLR-FR022", "name": "Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge", "rarity": "Ultra Rare", "region": "French" } +, { "number": "BLLR-DE022", "name": "Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge", "rarity": "Ultra Rare", "region": "German" } +, { "number": "BLLR-IT022", "name": "Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge", "rarity": "Ultra Rare", "region": "Italian" } +, { "number": "BLLR-PT022", "name": "Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge", "rarity": "Ultra Rare", "region": "Portuguese" } +, { "number": "BLLR-SP022", "name": "Battles of Legend: Light's Revenge", "rarity": "Ultra Rare", "region": "Spanish" } +, { "number": "CP17-JP026", "name": "Collectors Pack 2017", "rarity": "Common", "region": "Japanese" } +  and { "number": "CP17-KR026", "name": "Collectors Pack 2017", "rarity": "Common", "region": "Korean" } +
"Bestia Gladiador Augustus" + 2 monstruos "Bestia Gladiador Augustus" + 2 monstruos "Bestia Gladiador"<br/>Debe ser primero Invocada de Modo Especial (desde tu Deck Extra) barajando al Deck las cartas listadas arriba que tú controlas. (No usas "Polimerización"). Si es Invocada de esta forma: puedes Invocar de Modo Especial, desde tu Deck Extra, 1 Monstruo de Fusión "Bestia Gladiador" de Nivel 7 o menor, ignorando sus condiciones de Invocación. Al final de la Battle Phase, si esta carta batalló: puedes devolverla al Deck Extra; Invoca de Modo Especial, desde tu Deck, 2 monstruos "Bestia Gladiador".e tu Deck, 2 monstruos "Bestia Gladiador". +
Bestia Gladiador Andabata +
3 Fusion Materials +, Requires specific Effect Monsters as Fusion Materials +, Requires archetype specific Fusion Materials +, Special Summon-only monster +, Special Summons itself from your Extra Deck +, Contact Fusion +, Cannot be Fusion Summoned +, Special Summons from your Extra Deck +, Ignoring its Summoning conditions +, Special Summons from your Deck +  and Can be Special Summoned +
Gladial Beast Andabatae +
Effect +