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| ygo_sets =
| ygo_sets =
'''[[Pack 46 (YGOO-BP)|Pack 46]]'''
'''[[Pack 46 (YGOO-BP)|Pack 46]]'''
| action1 = Returns from your hand to your Deck
| archseries = Gladiator Beast
| action2 = You draw cards
| supports_archetypes = Gladiator Beast
| archetype1 = Gladiator Beast
| action =
| archsupport1 = Gladiator Beast
* Returns from your hand to your Deck
* You draw cards
| database_id = 7311
| database_id = 7311

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Gladiator Beast's Respite
(きゅう) (そく) する剣闘獣 (グラディアルビースト)
English Gladiator Beast's Respite
French Le Repos des Bêtes Gladiateurs
German Atempause des Gladiatorungeheuers
Italian Tregua del Gladiatore Bestia
Korean 휴식하는 검투수
Spanish Descanso de las Bestias Gladiador
Japanese (kana) きゅうそくするグラディアルビースト
Japanese (base) 休息する剣闘獣
Japanese (rōmaji) Kyūsokusuru Guradiaru Bīsuto
Japanese (translated) Resting Gladial Beast
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