Gladiator Beast's Great Fortress
  • Japanese: 剣闘獣の大砦
  • Kana: グラディアルビースト・グレート・フォートレス
  • Romaji: Guradiaru Bīsuto Gurēto Fōtoresu
  • Translated: Gladial Beast Great Fortress
Card type

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Effect type

If this card is activated: You can place all "Gladiator Beast" monsters in your Graveyard underneath this card, and if you do, negate the effects of all face-up monsters on the field. When an opponent's monster declares an attack: You can Special Summon 1 "Gladiator Beast" monster from underneath this card, but its effects are negated, then change the attack target to it and conduct damage calculation. Its ATK becomes 1000 plus the number of monsters underneath this card x 1000, during that damage calculation only. If a monster(s) is destroyed by battle or card effect and sent to the Graveyard, its owner takes 500 damage for each monster destroyed and sent to the Graveyard. At the end of the Battle Phase: Place all "Gladiator Beast" monsters you control that were Special Summoned by this card's effect underneath this card.

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