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The Gladiator's Assault: Special Edition is a set containing 2 Gladiator's Assault Booster Packs, 1 Dark Crisis Booster Pack and 1 of 2 Super Rare cards, either "Phantom of Chaos" or "Vortex Trooper".

The Dark Crisis packs released in the English version of this set used the set numbers DCR-EN###, while earlier prints used the numbers DCR-###.



Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
GLAS-FRSE1"Phantom of Chaos""Fantôme du Chaos"Super RareEffect Monster
GLAS-FRSE2"Vortex Trooper""Cavalier du Vortex"Super RareEffect Monster

Card numberEnglish nameGerman nameRarityCategory
GLAS-DESE1"Phantom of Chaos""Phantom des Chaos"Super RareEffect Monster
GLAS-DESE2"Vortex Trooper""Wirbelkavallerist"Super RareEffect Monster

Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
GLAS-ITSE1"Phantom of Chaos""Fantasma del Caos"Super RareEffect Monster
GLAS-ITSE2"Vortex Trooper""Truppa Vortice"Super RareEffect Monster