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Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episode 73: "Kite's Plight: Part 2"

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Gilag is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. A warrior of the Barian World, he was sent to Heartland, to acquire the "Number" cards.



While in human form, Gilag is a very tall and muscular man with a green Mohawk. Like Bronk Stone, he wears a suspender that is featured with small wings on his back. He wears black fingerless gloves. He also has a thunderbolt marking on the top left-side of his forehead. He appears in a disguise of a second year student in Heartland Middle School, which is shown by the color of his uniform which is the same as Shark and his gangs.

While he was in the Barian World he wore black robes with a hood. He also wore a mask over his face and its eyes glow with a green light.


Gilag is a fearless warrior who does not hesitate in his mission. He assaulted Fuma's gang by himself with no fear, holding Fuma an declaring he liked his eyes as they resembled those of a "scared prey", which also reveals he is sadistic and abusive. He has been shown at repeated times to hold people when he asks questions. Despite the fact he's a warrior he seems to prefer using others to do his work. He also seems to be quite arrogant as he referred to himself as ore-sama in one instance, which is an extremely egotistical way for a person to refer to themselves in Japan. He also seems to have a liking to manga, which is the reason he brainwashed Chitaro Ariga, and even attempted to draw manga sketches, although his designs were terrible.[1] In addition it is shown that he likes to watch TV (So much that he even falls in love with a TV character) and that he goes to a bar called "BARian" to eat and relax.[2]


Gilag has many supernatural powers. He can teleport at will like Vetrix could, and he can also brainwash people by using "Rank-Up Magic - Barian's Force". He has supernatural endurance, taking a punch from Fuma in the face with no pain.[3]



Vector, Durbe, Alit, Misael, and Gilag wished to gather the "Numbers" and destroy the Astral World. Due to both worlds being made of energy, they could not interact. The four are also incapable of taking "Numbers" directly. To accomplish their goals, they exploited humans such as Vetrix and Dr. Faker.[3]



With the defeat of both humans, Durbe determined that they would have to do it themselves. He sent Gilag to Earth, calling him a brave warrior of the Barian World. Gilag appeared from a portal in front of a gang of thugs led by Fuma after Fuma mentioned wanting more power. He teleported through the crowd, avoiding their strikes. He confronted Fuma, who punched him in the face, with Gilag feeling nothing. Gilag hoisted Fuma by the neck and threw him to the ground. Showing a card, "Rank-Up Magic - Barian's Force", he promised Fuma great power and hypnotized him and his thugs, making them chant "Barian!" With Fuma under his control, he instructed him to go after Yuma Tsukumo.[3] After Fuma was defeated, he retrieved the "Rank-Up Magic - Barian's Force" without moving and departed through a portal.[4]

After Fuma's loss, Gilag furiously looked for Yuma, even threatening a student. He then spotted the pro Duelist Daisuke Katagiri who was visiting Heartland Middle School and followed him into the locker room to brainwash him. Katagiri defeated Rei Shingetsu when the latter got in his way, but was himself defeated by Yuma.[5] Gilag's next attempt involved students from the school, with him brainwashing the Student Council President, Mamoru, who also failed. Gilag stumbleed into the school's Manga Research Club, where he brainwashed Chitaro Ariga.[6]


Gilag shows off his artwork.

Gilag ordered Chitaro to find Yuma's weakness. Using his manga sketches of Yuma as a front to speak with him, he attempted to, but failed. Of his own accord, Chitaro spoke to Shark and determined his weakness due to his reaction to dropping one of his rings. Following Shark to the hospital, he saw the boy's bond with his Rio. Chitaro returned to Gilag and suggested they target Shark instead of Yuma, as he still couldn't discover Yuma's weakness. Gilag approved the plan before showing Chitaro his own poorly drawn manga sketches. Chitaro trapped Rio in his "fantasy world" using Barian powers and Dueled Shark, with Chitaro insisting that the whole Duel's outcome was already written in his sketchbook. He pushed Shark into a corner by threatening Rio, but Shark fought back after encouragement from Yuma when the latter found Chitaro's sketchbook. Shark's bond with his sister shattered the Barian magic, freeing Rio and allowing Shark to defeat Chitaro, ruining Gilag's plans again.[1]

Still targeting Yuma and Shark, Gilag brainwashed the Ikebana Club and their leader, Aika. However, Rio ended up Dueling Aika in Yuma's place. Despite Aika building her Deck to counter WATER monsters, Rio managed to overcome it and defeat Aika despite her lack of a Chaos "Number".[7]


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Tori & Cathy 81 Win (w/Yuma)
Yuma & Rei 87-88 TBD

Gilag uses a Pressure Point Deck consisting of the "Hand" archetype.

Anime Deck


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