Gigo (Japanese: ギゴ Gigo) is a series of cards which tell the story of "Gigobyte".

"Gigobyte" was a young evildoer with an evil heart. After meeting someone special ("Marauding Captain"), he discovered justice and became "Gagagigo". In order to fight tremendous evil, "Invader of Darkness", he had "Kozaky" perform body reconstruction on him ("Level Conversion Lab"), adding various mechanical parts to his body and became "Giga Gagagigo", but lost his heart and his redemption. With his soul collapsed, he began to strive for more power, becoming "Gogiga Gagagigo". After engaging in a battle ("Memory of an Adversary") with his old nemesis, "Freed the Matchless General", he is purified by the "Marauding Captain", becoming the "Gagagigo the Risen".

This series is used partially by Tristan Taylor in "Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links"

For an extended version of the story see: Card storylines

"Gigobyte" and his forms appear in the artwork of various cards, including:

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