Giant Kozaky is a character version of the card "Giant Kozaky".


Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006

In this game, Giant Kozaky appears as one of the Limited Duel opponents; it challenges the player to defeat it using a Deck in which its monsters cannot be Level 5 or higher.


True to this Limited Duel's restriction, Giant Kozaky uses a Deck titled "LV4 and Under Deck". Made up of mostly the best Level 4 and below Flip monsters and disruptive Spells/Traps in the game, the Deck is a heavy field control-based strategy with the addition of "Wave-Motion Cannon", "Dimension Wall", "Magic Cylinder" and "Reflect Bounder" to burn the player's LP as its main tenet towards a win condition. However in addition, the inclusion of both "Morphing Jar"s as well as "Cyber Jar" appends milling component as well if need be.

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