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George Gore, known as Go Onizuka ( (おに) (づか) (ごう) , Onizuka Gō) in the Japanese version, is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. In Season 1, He was a Celebrity Duelist under the name The Gore, (written as Go (ゴゥ) (おに) (づか) in the Japanese version) in LINK VRAINS and served as both an ally and rival of Playmaker. In the second season, he served as a bounty hunter working for SOL Technologies as well as one of the enemies of Yusaku. In the third season, he works with Playmaker as a member of Playmaker's faction to stop Ai from taking over SOL Technologies.




Full body view of George (season 1).


Young George.

George is a tan-skinned young man with a built and bulky body. He has two-toned hair, fashioned in a flattop/hi-top fade: brown from his forehead down, including a neatly trimmed brown chin beard, and blonde on top of his head, fashioned in the flattop style and featuring red-striped highlights. As a kid, George's two-toned hair had a small spiky crown on the blonde upper portion, sans the highlights, and the brown parts were that of a mullet. As a young adult, he wears a greenish-grey jacket with a separate collar and a gold, animal-head-shaped necklace. George is shirtless, with only dark pants and a golden belt with a red stone in the center. His boots are buckled with gold plates. On his arms and abdomen. he also wears the gold plates and dark, finger-less gloves. George does not use an Avatar in LINK VRAINS so his outfit remains the same.

Taking on the appearance of Grim George, George wears the same outfit, but with added black shoulder pads with yellow outline, purple spikes on his knees and a black and white wrestler's mask, a purple spike, small yellow details, a long teal hair, and his eyes become covered.

As a bounty hunter, the Gore wears the armor of SOL Technologies: a green jumpsuit, with blue pads on his chest, grey pads around his waist, a brown belt and boots with red borders and blue pads. His armor bears the logo of SOL Technologies on his left side of the chest. He also wears some bandages around his forearms. Unlike his previous look, the Gore does not wear a helmet, revealing yellow hair. He sometimes wears futuristic glasses. However, after having an AI chip implemented into his brain, the Gore started to wither; he gained wrinkles and became very skinny as he lost nearly all his muscle mass, and his eyes diluting away.

In Season 3, after his AI chip was removed, he began return to his previous state, regaining some of his original muscle mass. By the time he returned to being a Pro Duelist, he wore his previous performance attire and reconditioned himself to his original bulky physique.


George is shown to have a big ego and pride for being a popular Celebrity Duelist and was angered when Playmaker was, unwittingly, stealing his spotlight. He seems to have a soft spot for children, as he often volunteers and donates to them at the orphanage where he grew up. He repeatedly makes it clear that he does not Duel for money, as he donates most of it and lives in a rather small warehouse. According to his manager, George prioritizes the audience's entertainment over winning Duels immediately.

By season 2, George's insecurities at being compared to Playmaker degraded from a healthy rivalry to a unhealthy obsession. Now concerned with prestige and rank, as Playmaker's popularity increased and the media became more and more obsessed with him, George starts resenting him, thinking he is Playmaker's "stepping stone" and willing to join the hunt against Playmaker even though the latter saved his life from the Hanoi. As a result, he casts aside his Celebrity Duelist career and becomes a bounty hunter for SOL Technologies, believing that he cannot move forward until he defeats Playmaker. Furthermore, all of George's duel losses seemed to have soured him as he rejected Soulburner when he offered him a hand, stating that everyone experiences defeat and that it reveals who one really is, making him a bit of a "sore loser" as Flame noted.

His obsession with being the best and finally defeating Playmaker even made him willing use himself as test subject for an experimental "Duel AI" that was implanted into his brain to become stronger. This corrupted him further into a amoral and indifferent man with shameless confidence in his new abilities, believing that he was now invincible. This continued decay in George's personality left him barely able listen to others or even show any expression.[3]

By Season 3, Gore returns to his original personality, having been restored to normal following his second defeat by Playmaker. He also retains his friendly rivalry with Playmaker and is no longer hostile towards him, thanking him for saving him. Gore is also more mature and considerate, having accepted responsibility for his actions in the previous season and regretting that he momentarily abandoned the children in pursuit of his pride.


His Japanese surname "Onizuka" (鬼塚) is written with the characters of "ogre" and "mound". The name "Go" (豪) can be translated as "strong" or "manly".

His dub first name, "George," is based off of the Latinized name Georgius, named after Saint George, a Greek saint. George's name is of Greek origin, combining the words γεω (geō, "earth) and ἔργον (érgon, “work”).

His dub last name "Gore", is the word "Ogre" with the first two letters reversed. It may also be based off of another name for a pro wrestling striking spear, the Gore.


George can transform himself to look like other avatars in LINK VRAINS.[4][5]

Brain Hack

Gore activates "Brain Hack"

During the conflict with the Ignis, Gore agrees to have an experimental "Duel AI Implant Chip" implanted in his brain, which is created by SOL Technologies. This AI chip makes him one of the first Human-AI hybrid beings, and gives him strategic capabilities far beyond his normal abilities.

Brain Hack Level 2

Gore goes beyond his capabilities with "Brain Hack Level 2"

Using "Brain Hack" allows him to go beyond his ability and far increase his capabilities. This is further increased with "Brain Hack Level 2", which also gives him the ability to create unique Skills like "Anti Skill", enabling him to even defeat an Ignis like Earth in a Duel.

Because the "Duel AI Implant Chip" is in an experimental stage, it puts a lot of strain on both his mind and body causing him to get it removed prior to Ai's Rebellion.



George grew up never knowing his parents. He saw his life as a struggle of the fittest, and ended up in lots of trouble by fighting with other children, stealing food and being alone. He grew up in an orphanage, but became happier when he found out about Duel Monsters. George became focused, and won many Duels, and eventually would become a famous Celebrity Duelist.[2] Eventually, he met McKendrick Kellenbocker, another orphan, whom he protected from bullies. George wanted to convince him to stand up for himself, but McKendrick refused, being too kind for that. Despite their differences, George and McKendrick became good friends.[5]

Eventually, George became a famous Celebrity Duelist in LINK VRAINS.[6]

Season one[]

Go's Data

The Gore's Duelist Data according to info extracted by Ai.

George appeared in LINK VRAINS when an unnamed Knight of Hanoi attacked.[1] He watched Playmaker's Duel against a Knight of Hanoi and was angered that Playmaker was stealing his spotlight.[7] He was then shown raging in his warehouse about Playmaker's rising popularity. As Akira Zaizen showed up, offering a D-Board for his help in defeating Playmaker, he rejected the offer, saying that he took orders from nobody.[8]

GO up-close and Playmaker VR

The Gore confident in his Duel against Playmaker.

When George visited his old orphanage, the children were engrossed in videos of Playmaker, paying no attention that George visited. Shocked by this, George accepted Akira's offer and drew Playmaker out with a Knight of Hanoi disguise. After revealing who he really was, George challenged Playmaker to a Duel, declaring that the true hero of LINK VRAINS would unmask Playmaker. When SOL Technologies used a program to trap them and prevent Playmaker from logging out, George then announced that Playmaker could only leave by defeating him. Upon being questioned of who hired him, he replied that he was not telling that to a hacker and said his purpose here is to show that he is the stronger Duelist. The two began their Duel, with George Normal Summoning "Gouki Suprex" and with its effect, Special Summon "Gouki Twistcobra", ending his turn. As Playmaker brought out two monsters of his own, George was amused and compared the current situation to a pro-wrestling tag match, declaring that he would win by the count of 3. He then lost half his LP by "Linkslayer", helped by "Cyberse Wizard's" effect, and was brought to his knees. George got up before the count of three, staying true to his charisma style of deliberately putting himself in danger to heighten his audience's emotions. He then adds "Gouki Riscorpio" with "Suprex's" effect. He then activated his Skill, "Fighting Spirit" to bring back "Suprex" and Link Summon "Gouki The Great Ogre". After increasing "Great Ogre's" ATK, George was confident it was enough to defeat Playmaker, declaring that it would be his finisher.[4]

GO Onizuka Champion

George raises the children's gift in the air.

As George moved in for the final blow, Playmaker activated a trap that left him with 100 life points. He then smiled when Playmaker stayed to finish the duel despite having an escape route available. When Playmaker Link Summoned Link Spider, George called it a weakling due to its low attack, however he became annoyed when he realized that Playmaker took his attacks deliberately to satisfy the condition for Playmaker's Skill, calling Playmaker a copycat of his charisma style. He was then shocked when Playmaker performed multiple Link Summons to bring out 3 Link Monsters. When Playmaker asked his Decode Talker to attack, George questioned the use of attacking with a monster with lower attack, but when both his "Great Ogre" and "Decode Talker" were tied in attack, he tried to save Great Ogre with its effect. However, by the third attack, Great Ogre ran out of linked monsters for its effect and is destroyed by "Decode Talker", costing George the duel. As he got up, he laughed, having enjoyed the duel with Playmaker. When he logged out, he stumbled, feeling the fatigue from the duel. He was surprised and moved to see the children waiting and clapping for him despite his loss. He then held up his champion belt and roared, and had fun with the children, with a big grin on his face.[9]

After his defeat against Playmaker, George studied Playmaker's tactics. He realized his battling style was outdated, and had to change. Regardless, he swore he'd still fight for entertainment, while his manager thought his fans would accept if he changed his battling style.[10] George saved McKendrick, who was knocked unconscious and fell off a cliff in LINK VRAINS. George came out of the data sea and failed to wake him up, but was visited by the person that attacked McKendrick. The person noted George was a Celebrity Duelist, who wanted to know what was done to McKendrick. The person explained they placed a virus into him, and if George wished to cure him, he'd have to join the Knights of Hanoi to hunt Yusaku Fujiki|Playmaker down. George yelled out he would not be their lackey and was disgusted that the person would let McKendrick stay infected. Instead, Dr. Genome ordered him to tell Playmaker that if the latter wished to stop people from being infected, Playmaker should simply surrender himself to Dr. Genome. Genome left the offer to join the Knights of Hanoi and teleported away, infuriating Gore.[5]

Gore Yusaku

George meets Yusaku.

Later, George was at the hospital, waiting at the operating room. His manager came, and George informed him someone called the paramedics to pick McKendrick up. George blamed himself for McKendrick's condition, and his manager remembered McKendrick became a Duelist, and even won certain tournaments, when George became famous in LINK VRAINS. At this point, it is revealed that McKendrick and George were childhood friends during their orphanage days. The two met when George scared off bullies who were picking on McKendrick, and McKendrick convinced George to be more gentle with fragile things, like a butterfly he captured to show McKendrick. George realized he should've stopped McKendrick from his Duelist path, due to the danger it placed on him, but George's manager assured him McKendrick would not give up, and it was not George's fault for this condition. The medics pushed McKendrick's bed, and George was informed the doctors could not wake him up. George swore to save McKendrick by defeating Dr. Genome.[5]

Yusaku, who overheard the conversation, left. George saw him and realized Yusaku was also concerned about McKendrick, who attended the same school. Yusaku gave out his name to George, and left. In LINK VRAINS, posing as Playmaker, George confronted the Knights of Hanoi, tossing them from their D-Boards and intercepting their programs. Dr. Genome arrived, and saw through George's disguise. George confirmed this, and removed his program. Dr. Genome was pleased, believing George would join their hunt after Playmaker. George denied this, replying he only came for McKendrick, and knew Playmaker's identity. Dr. Genome doubted George knew Playmaker's identity, but agreed to Duel him, betting the virus-removal program for that identity. Before the Speed Duel began, Dr. Genome activated the Data Gale, conjuring black tornadoes that nearly threw George off his D-Board.[5]

Dark Onizuka

Grim Gore intro.

Dr. Genome knew The Gore's tactic was to let the weak gain the upper hand, then make a counterattack, like an entertainment style. George confirmed this, surprising Genome for his answer. George rushed Genome, who summoned "Helixx Marmotroll", which would prevent George's strategy of boosting his monster's ATK. George was disappointed by Genome's turn, and summoned three of his "Gouki" monsters to Link Summon "Gouki Thunder Ogre". He used the monsters he used as Link Summon materials to search his Deck for more "Gouki" monsters. Genome anticipated this, seeing his observations were correct. Much to his fans' surprise, George equipped "Gouki Thunder Ogre" with "Gouki Dark Mask", and placed a mask on himself, declaring he'll fight as a heel, calling himself "Grim Gore" (Dark Onizuka in the original). In addition, using "Gouki Poison Mist", Grim Gore spit out a purple liquid on Genome's face, dealing 700 LP damage. In addition, Grim Gore summoned another "Gouki Riscorpio]]", which "Dark Thunder Ogre" threw on "Helixx Marmotroll". The attack destroyed Grim Gore's monster, inflicting 300 LP damage on Grim Gore, whose "Dark Thunder Ogre" dealt 500 LP damage on Genome. Genome wanted Grim Gore's DNA, and wished to combine it with Playmaker's DNA to create an even more powerful DNA.[10]

Grim Gore was grossed out by his weirdness, and used "Fighting Spirit" Skill to return "Gouki Riscorpio" on the field. Repeating his tactic, Grim Goree destroyed "Gouki Riscorpio", shaving his LP off by 300, to inflict 500 LP damage on Genome, and boosting the ATK of "Dark Thunder Ogre" to 3000. "Dark Thunder Ogre" destroyed Genome's "Helixx Marmotroll", but the latter's effect protected Genome's LP. Grim Gore claimed he evolved, though Genome remembered his defeat against Playmaker. Thus, he changed his battling style, to a dark, heel one, that would do anything to win. Genome ignored this story, and still wished to find if Grim Gore had some DNA he could use, for that was something that cannot be changed, and preordained one's destiny. Resurrecting two of his "Helixx Mamortroll" with "Graveyard Incubation", Genome Link Summoned "Helixx Gothiclone", and had it attack "Dark Thunder Ogre". Both monsters could not be destroyed, and fell to the ground in a double knockout. Genome recalled this happened in the Duel against Playmaker, when "Decode Talker" and "Gouki The Great Ogre" clashed with each other. With that, Genome tributed "Helixx Dreadrat" to inflict 1200 LP damage to Grim Gore.[10]

Pointing out Genome's fact that DNA preordains one's destiny, Grim Gore swore to crush Genome for such limits. He brought out "Gouki Riscorpio" and "Gouki Twistcobra", and used the latter's effect to tribute the former and boost "Dark Thunder Ogre's" ATK to 5300, and played "Gouki Serpent Splash", to deal 3100 LP damage on Genome to end the Duel. Instead, Genome's "Regeneration Cure" prevented that damage, and summoned a "Helixx Token". Reviving "Helixx Dreadrat", Genome used it and "Helixx Token" to Link Summon "Helixx Necro Darwin". With "Gouki Twistcobra" destroyed, "Dark Thunder Ogre's" ATK was boosted and inflicted 500 LP damage on Genome. This time, Genome was protected by "Helixx Necro Darwin", and its ATK was doubled. "Hellix Gothiclone" clashed with "Dark Thunder Ogre", and the former's effect tributed "Helixx Necro Darwin" to inflict damage equal to its ATK. To save himself, Grim Gore discarded "Gouki Octostretch", halving down that damage, but fell on the ground, with 200 LP left.[10]

Grim Gore got back on his D-Board while Genome saw how tough his opponent was, and revived "Hellix Necro Darwin" to active his Preserve Species Skill, that cut Grim Gore's LP and "Dark Thunder Ogre's" ATK in half. Grim Gore crashed through a wall, having a hundred LP left, and barely able to stand on his D-Board. Genome forced Grim Gore's AI to remind about Genome's tactics, showing Grim Gore had no hope to win. Playmaker logged in to LINK VRAINS, and joined the two. Playmaker denied to have come to help Grim Gore, and swore if the latter lost, Playmaker would laugh at his defeat. Grim Gore listened to Playmaker, who believed George would actually evolve and defeat Dr. Genome. Grim Gore's mask dissolved, and George used "Gouki Face Turn" to destroy "Gouki Dark Mask" and revive his "Gouki Suprex". With his "Gouki Thunder Ogre" and "Gouki Suprex", Gore Link Summoned "Gouki The Master Ogre".[11]

Genome disappears

The Gore obtains the virus-removal program before Genome disappears.

Using "Gouki Re-Match", George Special Summoned "Gouki Twistcobra" and "Gouki Riscorpio", then returned them to his hand to negate Genome's "Hellix" monster's effects. "Gouki Master Ogre" attacked Genome's Hellix monsters, and made George win the Duel. George cheered for his victory, and a moment later, took the virus program from Genome. Genome was unamused by George evolving from a heel to a hero, but George stated this was only to amuse the crowd, being the number one entertainer. Genome swore George would regret defeating him and disappeared, while George was focused on curing McKendrick. George also knew Playmaker wanted to encourage him to win, rather than mock him. George swore to defeat him one day, but seeing the Knights of Hanoi destroying LINK VRAINS, proposed an alliance. Playmaker joined in, and so did Blue Angel. Later, George fought a Knight of Hanoi, having his "Gouki The Master Ogre" destroy the Knight's "Jack Wyvern", finishing the Duel. George joined up with Playmaker, asking him about Blue Angel's whereabouts, but Playmaker did not know. Later, Go, at the orphanage, watched how Kitamura's army confronted the Knights of Hanoi.[11]

George, disguised as a bear, went into an alley. A Knight of Hanoi pursued him, until George lifted his disguise off and declared a Speed Duel against the knight, having "Gouki The Great Ogre" attack him. Later, George watched the Duel between Blue Angel and Baira at the orphanage.[12] He was pleased to see Blue Angel won against Baira.[13] George watched as an ominous tower appeared in LINK VRAINS, and wondered what was going on. Seeing avatars being absorbed, George asked of the children at the orphanage to stop watching this disaster. He watched Spectre erased Kitamura, and the former threatened to do this to anyone that dared entering LINK VRAINS. George decided to leave the orphanage when the kids were asleep,[14] but was confronted by his manager, who forbid George from entering LINK VRAINS. George refused to listen, and fired his manager. The manager asked for George to at least promise to return safely, who made that promise.[15]

George logged in LINK VRAINS. He quickly met up with Playmaker and Blue Angel, the latter stating she was fighting for everyone, as those people look up to her. Gore exclaimed the same, since he was the hero that needed to protect LINK VRAINS. Ai noted how full of energy Gore was. Gore noted that was the Ignis, who yelled out he had a name, Ai. Playmaker explained he came to stop the Tower of Hanoi, rescue Ghost Gal and confront the mastermind, Varis. Blue Angel was shocked to hear Ghost Gal vanished, too, at the hands of Varis. Gore asked about the data Ghost Gal gave to Playmaker, who reported Varis intended to destroy LINK VRAINS, using the tower. Blue Angel realized if the network would be destroyed, then all the people absorbed would be destroyed, too, hence why Playmaker exclaimed the importance of stopping the tower's completion, and Ai added it would prevent him from being erased. Gore asked how to stop the tower, and was told Varis had to be defeated. Ai warned the time limit was six hours before the tower was completed. Gore and Blue Angel promised to go there, but Playmaker replied it was better if they stayed home, in safety. This actually motivated George and Blue Angel to protect the children and the absorbed people, including Ghost Gal. Playmaker did not care, but asked of them to be careful. He reminded them one of them had to defeat Varis, who, according to Ghost Gal, wielded a powerful card. The trio promised to meet up against and went in different directions.[14] Gore continued his way towards the Tower of Hanoi.[16]

George was near the Tower of Hanoi, and remembered his promise to his manager. In front of the tower, Gore was confronted by Varis, who came to stop him, and the two noted each other's names. Gore noted Varis would use the tower to destroy the data, and questioned his goals. Varis smiled, doubting Gore would understood the Knights of Hanoi's goals. Gore confirmed this, since he did not wish to listen gibberish from a "villain", and would never forgive Varis these actions. Varis wondered why Gore came, since Blue Angel has been absorbed already. Warning the same would happen to Go, Varis let him retreat. Gore was surprised to hear Blue Angel had been defeated, as Varis noted Spectre defeated her, but lost to Playmaker. Varis pointed out his enemy was Playmaker rather than Gore. Gore swore to stop Varis, just like Playmaker did to Spectre. Varis noted Gore did defeat one of his subordinates, and accepted the challenge. Gore remembered Playmaker's warning about Varis' powerful card, and hoped his refined Deck should suffice. Gore started the first round by Link Summoning "Gouki Thunder Ogre" and supplying his field with three "Gouki" monsters as backup. When Playmaker arrived, Gore claimed he would be the one to defeat Varis, who was unamused Gore was distracted by a bystander. Varis' swarming tactics let him Link Summon "Triple Burst Dragon" and draw two cards with the effect of "Arrow Charge".[15]

To belittle Go, Varis used George's "Gouki Thunder Ogre" for the additional Normal Summon of "Triggering Wurm", and use it to Link Summon "Topologic Bomber Dragon". "Triggering Wurm" was revived from the GY, and Varis used his dragon's effect to clear everyone's Main Monster Zones. To minimize the damage, Gore tributed "Gouki Twistcobra" to increase the ATK of "Gouki Thunder Ogre" to 4500, and its effect increased its own ATK by 400. Varis boosted his dragon with "Link Protection" and attacked "Gouki Thunder Ogre", which triggered his dragon's effect to destroy the ogre and inflict 2200 LP damage to Gore. Gore discarded "Gouki Octostretch" to halve the damage. Varis complimented Gore for this tactic, but wondered how long would that last. Thinking of the children, Gore swore to restore LINK VRAINS. Gore Link Summoned "Gouki Heel Ogre" next to the link of "Topologic Bomber Dragon". The latter's effect was triggered, but Gore's ogre negated its effect and destroyed the dragon. Gore pointed out he also used Varis' monster to his advantage, which made Varis smirk. Varis banished "Link Protection" and "Topologic Bomber Dragon" to prevent Gore from attacking, unless he had four Link Monsters. Gore made progress by reviving "Gouki Jet Ogre" and bringing out "Gouki The Great Ogre".[15]

George swore to stop Varis, who admitted his admiration for Gore's passion. However, he reminded he was ruthless, and used a flashing "Mirror Force" to destroy all of Gore's monsters, thus intentionally cancelling his efforts. Gore realized that was the card Playmaker warned him about, making Varis laugh.[15] Varis offered Gore to surrender. However, instead of his confidence crushed, Gore became more determined to win, to use everything he had to stop Varis. He played "Gouki Ringtrainer" to resurrect his "Gouki The Great Ogre" that Varis had destroyed. Varis promised to "honor" his opponent by obliterating him. He played "Boot Sector Launch" to summon "Shelrokket Dragon" and "Metalrokket Dragon", using them to Link Summon "Booster Dragon". Varis targeted the effect of "Booster Dragon" to "Shellrokket Dragon", firing the missile to destroy Gore's "Gouki" monsters. With no monsters left, Gore took the attack of "Booster Dragon", lowering his LP to 1000. Gore had "Gouki Moonsault" return his "Gouki Jet Ogre" to his Extra Deck, only to Link Summon it later on. He destroyed it to force Varis' monsters in Attack Position, preparing them for battle. He revived "Gouki Jet Ogre" with "Gouki Grit", and used all of his monsters to Link Summon his new monster, "Gouki The Giant Ogre", which sparked Varis' interest. Gore's ogre, whose ATK became 5000, attacked "Booster Dragon", reduced Varis' LP by 3100 points, as a "payback" for Varis' actions. While Varis Special Summoned "Triple Burst Dragon" from his GY, Gore claimed he was always improving himself.[17]

Varis summoned a "Magnarokket Dragon", and targeted it with the effect of "Booster Dragon". Varis targeted "Gouki The Giant Ogre" as his target for destruction, who was unaffected by that effect, and the missile bounced off it. Varis became displeased his effort were in vain, claiming Gore was stubborn. Gore reminded he always Dueled in public, and many children were looking up to him. However, he noted currently there was no fan cheering on for him, and now was fighting only for himself. He wanted to prove his strength, and dared Varis to show his own, who creepily smiled. Varis proceeded by summoning "Borrelsword Dragon", surprised Gore actually forced him to summon this monster that would mark his enemy's end. Varis admitted he did not care for whom he fought, for he was just carrying on his goal. The dragon and the ogre clashed, with neither side being indestructible in battle. "Borrelsword Dragon" gained half the ATK that was cut off from "Gouki The Giant Ogre", increasing its ATK to 4500. Varis switched the position of "Metalrokket Dragon" to destroy "Gouki The Giant Ogre". The attempt failed, for the latter's ATK increased by 1000 when its ATK was reduced, thus becoming immune to "Metalrokket Dragon". This, however, allowed "Borrelsword Dragon" to attack once more, and slashed Gore's "Gouki The Giant Ogre" and defeating Gore himself. Gore started disappearing, and told Playmaker this was the best he could do. Playmaker was grateful he was able to learn about Varis' tactics, and Gore left him to face Varis before fading away.[17]

Gore recovers

George recovers from the effect of the Tower of Hanoi.

With Varis' defeat, Playmaker stopped the Tower of Hanoi, which emitted the data back. Thus, Gore woke up from his coma.[18] Theodore Hamilton read the news made by the pigeon and frog about LINK VRAINS' heroes - Gore, Blue Angel and Playmaker[19] - which motivated him to join and fight, too. At the same time,[20] the reporters interviewed Gore, who became LINK VRAINS' celebrity. Gore simply stated he was glad to see children smiling again. However, his smile was gone when the reporters asked about Playmaker's whereabouts. Gore became furious the reporters cared more about Playmaker, and shoved them off. Later, he spoke to Akira about the problem, who asked of Gore not to inform the media that the Tower of Hanoi put LINK VRAINS at risk. Gore, however, realized Playmaker stood in his way in real and digital life, and saw the only way to overcome this was to defeat him and become the best once more. Thus, he abandoned his status as the Celebrity Duelist, and went to SOL Techologies to start anew, as a bounty hunter.[2]

Season two[]

Gore the bounty hunter

George answers the call for bounty hunters.

Akira was unwillingly forced to find bounty hunters to track Playmaker down. He took in his office three people, among which one of was Gore, in a new outfit. Gore didn't expect Akira to be his boss, and neither did the latter to think Gore would become a bounty hunter. Gore simply stated his reasons were his own, and did not want to explain himself. Instead, he noted there was another bounty hunter. Hayami explained he was late, which upset Gore a bit. Akira assured him that dangerous, person was merciless, yet was professional in his activities.[21] George was surprised to see the guy wrapped-up, as Shepherd didn't want to show his face to those that did reveal in LINK VRAINS. Gore ignored that, claiming he would be the one to defeat Playmaker, since the latter was always one step ahead of him. Shepherd ignored Gore, but reminded not to be ordered around, since he did his things at his own pace.[22]

Akira showed a footage of Bohman, the orange figure, since Shepherd believed it would help them track Playmaker down. Gore was alarmed at the figure, while Shepherd noticed the figure did not log out yet. Regardless, Akira exclaimed the figure went beyond the restricted area of LINK VRAINS.[22] Before Gore left, Akira asked him why did he join the bounty hunters squad, and turning away from his fame as a Celebrity Duelist. Gore replied the job was more fitting for him to defeat Playmaker and reclaim his pride. Akira understood, and told Playmaker about the secret of his power, for he a victim of the Lost Incident. He informed Playmaker's purpose behind Dueling was to live, and the secret was determination and persistence.[2] Eventually, Gore and his two allies went to pursue after Playmaker and Soulburner.[22]

Ai recognized George, who was working for SOL Technologies. Gore admitted his pleasure that Playmaker returned to LINK VRAINS, and had his fellow bounty hunters surround him to prevent his escape. Gore wanted to Duel Playmaker, who didn't have the time for that. Instead, he wanted to evade the pursuit. Gore collided with Playmaker's D-Board, ordering not to let them get away. Even with SOL Technologies' trap activated, Playmaker wanted to continue. He and Soulburner evaded the trap, which two of the bounty hunters were caught in. Per Soulburner's request, Playmaker let him face Gore. Gore refused to deal with Soulburner, claiming he had "no time to be playing with him". Soulburner showed his Ignis, Flame, which made Gore realize Soulburner was one of the victims of the Lost Incident. Soulburner confirmed this, and still challenged his senior. Gore brushed Soulburner off for being called a senior, but accepted his challenge, since his job was to obtain the Ignis. Soulburner cheered as Flame introduced himself, but Gore bluntly replied he would show no mercy and would make Soulburner regret his decision.[2]

Soulburner asked Flame about Gore; Flame joked he'd "go-go" and attack. Regardless, Flame reminded Gore constantly evolved in Duels, and didn't know what Gore could pull out at the moment. Much to Soulburner's surprise, Gore immediately used his Skill, "Dinowrestle Revolution" to play "World Dino Wrestling", as well as to summon "Dinowrestler Capoeiraptor". Despite the change in Gore's Deck, Soulburner was impressed by his opponent. Soulburner proceeded with his tactics to swap "Salamangreat" monsters in his hand and GY to swarm the field, to Link Summon "Salamangreat Heatleo", which Gore noted to be his ace monster. The latter's effect returned Gore's "Dinomuscle", and "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar" was summoned to the Link Marker of "Salamangreat Heatleo". Gore's "Dinowrestler Capoeiraptor" protected itself from being destroyed in battle and switched to defense. Soulburner intended to inflict piercing damage, but "World Dino Wrestling" permitted only one attack per turn. Soulburner laughed, admitting Gore's strategy was impressive, and enjoyed his time.[2]

Gore summoned another "Dinowrestler Capoeiraptor", as well as a "Dinowrestler Capaptera". Using the three monsters, Gore Link Summoned "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle". Gore thought about his life, and reminded he was here to prove he was the best, and he would fiercely fight to prove that. Gore's Dinosaur attacked Soulburner's "Salamangreat Heatleo", and prevented Soulburner from using his set card. Soulburner took 1900 LP damage, while Gore boasted he needed to win to be acknowledged. Soulburner listened to Gore's frustrations over Playmaker. Soulburner doubted Gore was "a stepping stone", but pointed out he was SOL Technologies' loser, who complained to strangers about his problems. Gore was insulted, but Soulburner still bore respect towards him. However, he believed the real Gore would never be pathetic like that. Soulburner admitted he was a fan of LINK VRAINS' heroes, since they defeated the people that hurt him. The courage and believing in strength was what Soulburner motivated to go forward. Soulburner asked where was that Gore, who remained silent. Soulburner wished to fight the "real" Gore, even if he also had a reason to win the Duel.[2]

Soulburner retrieved "Salamangreat Heatleo" with "Link Fire's Return", and inflicted moderate damage to Gore. Suddenly, Soulburner was nearly attacked, and accused Gore of attacking him during the Duel. Gore denied being involved in the attack, as Hayami of SOL Technologies was trying to attack Soulburner to prevent Akira's demotion. She launched another attack, but Gore took the hit, much to Akira and Soulburner's surprise. Gore and Soulburner continued the Duel, as the latter and Flame were glad Gore wouldn't resort to such low attempts to capture them. Using "Salamangreat Sanctuary", Soulburner made another Reincarnation Link Summon of "Salamangreat Heatleo", which lowered the ATK of Gore's "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" to 800. To lower the damage he'd take, Gore's Link Monster forced Soulburner's "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar" to attack it, which prevented "Salamangreat Heatleo" from attacking. By discarding "Dinowrestler Martial Ankylo", Gore protected his Link Monster and took 1000 LP damage. Soulburner noted Gore's monsters were tough, as Flame noticed he mastered his Deck.[20]

Gore intended to win, rather than having an entertaining match when two sides' ace monsters would clash. Gore's "Dinowrestler King T Wrextle" attacked "Salamangreat Jack Jaguar"; to prevent defeat, Soulburner used "Salamangreat Sanctuary" to reduce the ATK of "Salamangreat Heatleo" and gain LP, thus avoiding the defeat with 1100 LP left. To protect his monster from "Salamangreat Heatleo", Gore summoned "Dinowrestler Rambrachio". Soulburner noted Gore put a lot of effort into Dueling, but reminded Soulburner also had a reason for winning. Soulburner claimed he came to fight, being inspired by the heroes that fought against the Knights of Hanoi, to free him from his depression. Flame supported Soulburner, who activated Burning Draw skill to draw a card. Much like Playmaker, Soulburner played "Rise of the Salamangreat" Ritual Spell Card, returning "Salamangreat" monsters from his GY to Ritual Summon "Salamangreat Emerald Eagle". Gore reminded his monster still had more ATK. Soulburner tributed "Salamangreat Heatleo" and had his eagle attack, whose effect destroyed Gore's monster and inflicted damage to its ATK, thus making his LP drop to zero.[20]

Soulburner offers hand to Gore

Soulburner shows lenience to Gore, despite the latter's defeat.

George was defeated, but Soulburner offered him his hand to get up. Gore refused and walked away. Soulburner pointed out George was, to him, one of LINK VRAINS' heroes, but swore in order to regain his old self back, had to continue winning. Gore stopped Soulburner, pointing out everyone could lose a Duel, but the important thing was whether dwell on the defeat or continue fighting. He claimed the true self was revealed once someone loses, and logged out, but Flame commented Gore was a sore loser to say that.[20] Reading news about Clarissa Turner's prison escape, Yusaku realized Varis and the Knights of Hanoi were regrouping, and were to join his list of enemies, besides Gore.[23]

Akira informed Gore and Shepherd of the gate in the restricted area, through which Playmaker and Soulburner had gone to. Gore questioned why Akira didn't inform them of this earlier, but was reminded they were only hired to capture Playmaker and his Ignis. Akira noted unless the gate was reopened, Playmaker had no reason to return to LINK VRAINS, while his team were investigating the chances of reopening the gate. Shepherd asked about Soulburner, whom Akira had no information of, save for having an Ignis and being a Lost Incident victim. Akira simply asked of them to be ready to capture Playmaker. Shepherd turned around, deciding to take the matter into his own hands, regardless of Akira's demands. Shepherd jumped and logged out, making Gore question if it was wise to trust him. Later, when George was scouting the area, he was ordered by Akira not to pursue Playmaker, since Akira had to show him something.[24]

George's Brain Hack

George's mind adapts to the AI chip, as his body wilts away.

George was informed of the AI chip that could be installed into his brain, to stimulate his thoughts to make better decisions during the Duel. Akira confirmed that the chip was still in its experimental phase, and feared once George had it on, he would not be himself anymore. However, he still offered George an option to refuse having the AI integrated into his brain. George was amused, since Akira led him to this experiment, but did not care what happened to him afterwards, though Akira simply stated he was just an employee. George, wishing to accept the risks to become stronger, accepted in partaking in the experiment. After having the chip installed, the Gore had a virtual Duel, but lost. Akira was concerned about George, who saw some distortions in his visions, and blacked out. When he woke up, Akira complemented him, but reminded he was taking too much damage. George did not listen to Akira's warnings, and continued the experiment. Eventually, he started winning Duels and broke many records. Despite taking a lot of damage to his body, George claimed he "seized it". Akira wanted to stop the project, but the Queen, in person, arrived to have the experiment continued, for the company would prosper for these AI chips. Akira feared George would perish if the experiment continued, but George desired to continue, for the AI in his brain showed him remarkable things that only he could comprehend, and it showed him a path to victory.[3]

Go after going through Experiment

The Gore's appearance after going through an unknown experiment.

George, wearing a hood, went under some virtual experiments, where he fought a virtual Playmaker. The research team was pleased, as Gore managed to defeat Playmaker in that state. Later, Gore was sent to pursue Earth and Aqua, the two Ignis. To protect Aqua, Earth pushed her away to fall to the depths, as he wanted to confront the bounty hunter. The bounty hunter tried to get Aqua, but since Earth was relentless, he decided to take him on. Gore noted Playmaker and Ai arrived, too, and he unmasked himself. He swore to deal with Playmaker, after Earth has been defeated. As the Duel began, Gore set a monster. Earth, however, used "G Golem Crystal Heart" to restore his "G Golem Stubborn Menhir", and had it revive "G Golem Rock Hammer" to Link Summon "G Golem Invalid Dolmen". The monster attacked Gore's set monster, "Dinowrestler Capaptera", and to avoid a huge LP damage, Gore sent "Dinowrestler Martial Ampelo" to his GY to halve the damage. Gore went on by summoning "Dinowrestler Pankratops" and "Eskrimamenchi", and used the three monsters to Link Summon "Dinowrestler King T-Wrextle". He went to defeat Earth by attacking the "Crystal Heart", but "G Golem Invalid Dolmen" protected that monster, and Earth took 600 LP damage. To reinforce his defenses, Earth's "Gravity Vision" summoned a token, which gained 2400 DEF.[25]

Gore complimented Earth, but used "Brain Hack". He wailed in pain, and his eyes glew briefly. He revived "Dinowrestler Capaptera" and played "Tyrant Dino Fusion". Using the two monsters, he Fusion Summoned "Dinowrestler Chimera T Wrextle". Gore promised to show humanity's progress, as this new monster was what he was waiting for.[25] Playmaker questioned the Gore's actions. The latter explained that he had an AI installed into his body; with the technology integrated into his brain, the Gore could make perfect actions in the Duel. Ai commented he'd become "Ai Gore" if he were to be placed in the Gore's brain. Playmaker was still hesitant to believe an AI and a human can work as one. To prove he was right, the Gore promised to win the Duel, but Ai still had confidence that Earth would win. The Gore's "Dinowrestler Chimera T Wrextle" attacked Earth's "G Token". The attack crushed through the token and inflicted piercing damage to Earth. The Gore felt power surging through his body, declaring he reached a new level, and capturing the two Ignises would be easy. Seeing how dangerous his opponent is, for the sake of protecting Aqua, Earth resolved to fight the human.[3]

The Gore at brink of defeat

Earth attempts to defeat The Gore with "Stalactite Spear" Skill.

The Gore's evolution

The Gore goes to activate Anti-Skill.

His "Crystal Heart" revived "Invalid Dolmen"; since "Dinowrestler Chimera T Wrextle" could not be destroyed in battle, Earth summoned "G Golem Pebble Dog", and used it and "G Golem Invalid Dolmen" as Link Materials for "G Golem Dignified Trilithon", whose ATK was raised to 4400. Sending a "Pebble Dog", Earth negated the Gore's monster's effects and lowered its ATK to 3300. Due to "Crystal Heart", "G Golem Dignified Trilithon" attacked twice - it destroyed the Gore's "Dinowrestler Chimera T Wrextle" and lowered his LP to 100. To finish the Gore off, Earth activated "Stalactite Spear" Skill: the Gore was inflicted 800 LP damage, 100 for each level of the monster that was destroyed in battle. The Gore's veins popped out, as the Brain Hack grew to next level. His "Anti-Skill" countered Earth's Skill, and drew two cards. Despite failing to achieve victory, Earth stated he would protect "Crystal Heart", and the Gore had no monsters left. The Gore commented that Earth's battle style resembled his past-self. To show his new power, the Gore summoned "Dinowrestler Coelasilat" and "Eskrimamenchi", and tuned the former with the latter to summon the Synchro Monster "Dinowrestler Giga Spinosavate".[3]

"Spacetime Transcendence" allowed the Gore to revive "Dinowrestler Chimera T Wrextle", though it could not attack. Earth questioned this move, though Gore had his Synchro Monster destroy "Crystal Heart". Earth's "G Golem Dignified Trilithon" negated the effect of "Dinowrestler Giga Spinosavate" and destroyed that monster, but that monster destroyed the Gore's Fusion Monster instead. Upon the destruction of "Dinowrestler Chimera T Wrextle", all of Earth's Attack Position monsters were destroyed. To protect the "Crystal Heart", Earth tributed "G Golem Dignified Trilithon" for "Gravity Protection", and the crystal heart's ATK increased to 1600. The Gore commented that Earth could not see the world in which the Gore would win - he was a human/AI hybrid. His "Dino Roar" destroyed Earth's "Gravity Protection", thus causing the "Crystal Heart" to have its ATK dropped to zero. Declaring "Giga Savate Strike", the Gore's Synchro Monster destroyed Earth's crystal heart. Earth screamed as the crystal heart was destroyed, and he lost the Duel and was absorbed into the Gore's Duel Disk. Playmaker demanded that the Gore freed Earth, as the Ignis was not the enemy. The Gore didn't care about that, and made Playmaker as his next enemy he wanted to crush. Playmaker tried to remind him that they were allies, but the Gore did not listen. Blue Gal tried to face the Gore instead, who was forced to log out, per the Queen's orders. Later, George was present when Earth was dissolved into data.[3]

Kenneth watched a video of Gore Dueling the EARTH Ignis, and wondered why did he chase the Ignis. Since Gore stated that he had an AI chip installed into his brain, Kenneth called him foolish.[26] The Gore went under further experiments, to the point where he saw a path to victory in every Duel. However, he started to tremble when he saw an image of Playmaker. He later logged into LINK VRAINS, where he confronted Playmaker, and swore to finish him. Ai believed he took Earth, and was why SOL Technologies sent him to take the AI. The Gore replied he'd take on Soulburner, after he'd defeat Playmaker. Flame noticed that Earth already stated Playmaker would lose, but Ai demanded Earth back. Playmaker didn't want to fight the Gore, as a war between humanity and technology was going on. The Gore remained silent, even after Playmaker asked for his help, like the time during the Tower of Hanoi crisis. Instead, he stated that Playmaker defeated the opponent that defeated him: Varis. Playmaker reminded due to his efforts, he managed to find out the terrifying card he played: "Mirror Force". He simply stated he could not have won on his own. Ai went to boast, but Playmaker silenced him.[27]

The Gore admitted he started to wither more and more, and realized he had to defeat Playmaker to get back up. Ai tried to reason with the Gore, who also silenced him. Playmaker thought that the honorable Duelist Gore was gone; the Gore claimed he could return to that era if he defeated Playmaker. Seeing there was no way to sway the Gore's mind, Playmaker decided to fight him, who stated this would be Playmaker's final Duel. The Gore started off, as his Brain Hack ability increased. The Gore set a monster, a move Ai identified to be the same when the Gore fought Earth. Ai reminded about the Anti-Skill, while Playmaker summoned "Linkslayer", "Storm Cipher" and "Boot Staggered". Aiming to finish the Duel quickly, Playmaker's monsters attacked, but the Gore protected his set monster - "Dinowrestler Valeonyx" - by sending "Dinowrestler Martial Anga", and end his Battle Phase. The Gore taunted Playmaker for being scared, by trying to end the Duel quickly. Ai became annoyed, but stopped when the Gore eyed him. The Gore expected Playmaker to entertain him, to make him evolve.[27]

The Gore Link Summoned "Dinowrestler Terra Parkourio", and summoned "Dinowrestler Systegosaur", whose effect allowed him to set the stage "World Dino Wrestling". Using "Crazy Evolution", the Gore's monsters became Cyberse. The Gore smiled, as he summoned "G Golem Crystal Heart", but now corrupted. Ai demanded to know how did the Gore acquire Earth's card, but the Gore didn't want to answer. Playmaker noticed the "Crystal Heart" had changed: the Gore showed his left eye has been integrated with the EARTH Ignis. The Gore confirmed that the pulse sent was bait to lure them out. With Earth under his control, the Gore stated that the Ignis were a threat to humanity, unless he took control of them. Ai became furious, and wanted to defeat the Gore for that. Using the crystal heart, the Gore revived "Dinowrestler Terra Parkurio". Next, the Gore brought out "Dinowrestler King T-Wrextle". As the latter gained 600 ATK from "G Golem Crystal Heart", the Gore admitted he would enjoy the final confrontation with Playmaker.[27]

The Gore summoned "Dinowrestler Valeonyx", and had his Link ace attack "Storm Cipher", damaging Playmaker with 1400 LP damage. Ai shouted the Gore should take care of Earth's "Crystal Heart" until Playmaker would defeat him. The Gore boldly stated he cannot be defeated; as he struggled in the real world, the Gore felt he was moments away from becoming the perfect Duelist, while Ai felt that Playmaker was uncertain if he had to defeat the Gore. Ai reminded that the Gore wanted to crush them, and this Duel was taking revenge for Earth's capture. Playmaker acknowledged that, and Link Summoned "Linkuriboh" to his field, as well as "Security Dragon". Playmaker attempted to use the latter's effect to remove "Dinowrestler King T-Wrextle", but "Valeonyx" protected it from Link Monsters with lower rating. To beat that protection, Playaker used "Security Dragon", "Cross Debug" and "Linkslayer" to bring out his ace, "Firewall Dragon". He attempted to use the same effect, but the Gore claimed that was a predictable move; his "Dino Deceit" negated "Firewall Dragon" from activating its effect. The Gore attempted to force Playmaker to battle his "King T-Wrextle". Playmaker chose not to battle, so his "Firewall Dragon" was sent to his GY, as Ai cursed at their predicament.[28]

The Gore returned his ace with "Dino Domain" to ensure his monsters don't get destroyed. However, he corrected this by having the "Crystal Heart" revive "Dinowrestler Terra Parkourio", and have it and "Valeonyx" used as materials to return "Dinowrestler King T-Wrextle" back to his field. The Gore exclaimed the Duel would be over, as his Link Monster attacked "Linkuriboh". To protect himself, Playmaker used "Cross Debug" to banish "Firewall Dragon" and have "Linkuriboh" gain the latter's ATK. Despite Playmaker evading defeat, the Gore was pleased, for the more his opponent struggled, the stronger he grew. While the Gore belittled Playmaker, Ai reminded the latter they can at least use their Skill. Playmaker swore not to give up, and a Data Storm was conjured, even if Ai reminded about the Gore's Anti-Skill. Playmaker exclaimed he would bet on his instincts, but the Gore continued to belittle him. Ai pointed out the Gore Dueled on instincts, who stated he abandoned that philosophy. With Ai stating they would be desperate, Playmaker went to use Neo Storm Access, but the Gore played Anti-Skill. The Gore drew two cards for negating this Skill, and stated to Playmaker the Duel was over.[28]

Playmaker anticipated this; he played "Draw Discharge" to destroy the monsters the Gore may have drawn, and inflict damage to their combined ATK. Ai cheered for Playmaker's ingenious move, and the Gore even praised Playmaker, for he drew two monsters, whose ATK summed up to 4400 ("Dinowrestler Pankratrops" and "Capoeiraptor"). However, the Gore used "Dino Sense" to negate Playmaker's card and banish it, as well as taking 900 LP damage. The damage knocked Playmaker off his D-Board into a data sand, as the Gore anticipated Playmaker would do something against his Anti-Skill. Playmaker stood still and silent, but the wind started to conjure another Data Storm; Ai praised Playmaker for creating a miracle out of his instincts. Ai added that if Playmaker had 100 or less LP, and his attempt had failed, he could retry taking a random monster from the Data Storm, and drawing a card from his Deck. The Gore was furious, as Playmaker succeeded in taking a card from the Data Storm. The Gore still boasted he could crush Playmaker, who summoned "Firewall Guardian". Using the latter and "Linkuriboh", he summoned "Clock Lizard", and managed to revive "Firewall Guardian" through its effect.[28]

Gore's defeat

The Gore is knocked off his D-Board from the attack.

Shocking the Gore, Playmaker used "Firewall Guardian" and "Grid Sweeper" as Overlay Units, Playmaker performed an Xyz Summon, bringing out the monster he just received: "Firewall eXceed Dragon". The Xyz Dragon not only revived "Firewall Dragon", but it also gained 3000 ATK - 500 ATK per Link Marker of Link Monsters linked to it. Since "Dinowrestler King T-Wrextle" was protected from card effects, Playmaker used "Grid Sweeper" to banish itself and "Clock Lizard" to destroy "World Dino Wrestling", thus permitting all of his monsters to attack. The Gore attempted to turn the situation around by having "Firewall Dragon" attack his Link ace. Playmaker's "Firewall Guardian" banished itself to negate the attack of "Firewall Dragon", and make the ATK of Gore's "T-Wrextle" become 0. As Ai admitted not even he could've anticipated this outcome, Playmaker declared "Firewall eXceed Dragon" to attack. The sheer force of the One Turn Kill knocked the Gore off his D-Board, who had a brief vision of the past as a Celebrity Duelist.[28]

Gore the demon

The Gore grows tentacles before logging out.

The Gore fell down, crying, as he muttered "Playmaker". Ai went to take Earth's data back, Queen activated the capture unit, causing Gore's eyes to glow red and suddenly grow tentacles but was logged out by Akira Zaizen before he could capture Playmaker and Ai at the cost of his life.[28] George was at the brink of death, but survived the ordeal. He eventually woke up in the hospital, and saw the children from the orphanage, who cheered him on. In fact, the children, as well as his former manager, and his fellow bounty hunters - Kenmochi and Yoroizaka - awaited his recovery. It made George think that the Gore was being selfish, and decided to renew himself. Thus, the Gore admitted his mistake to fuse with an AI, and had the AI chip removed.[29]

Season three[]

Akira called upon the heroes for a meeting: they were joined by Shepherd, the Gore and Ghost Gal, who also came on Akira's request. The Gore wanted to thank Playmaker, who wondered the purpose behind that gratitude. Unnamed sensed something large must've happened if Akira assembled everyone in this meeting. Akira explained that the top executive, Queen, had been attacked recently. He feared he'd be the next target, as he had the other piece of the keycard to the central computer. Unnamed stated that SOL Technologies has a share over the network's infrastructure, which could easily be destroyed. Blue Maiden added that they'd have control over SOLtiS androids, too. Akira told that the culprit even revealed their identity, and played the message they had left behind. He showed Ai and Roboppy, who threatened to attack Akira and take his keycard in three days.[30]

The Gore and the rest were shocked that the DARK Ignis was behind that. Soulburner demanded the reason why would Ai do this. Akira had no answer, but that Ai had declared a war. Ghost Gal noticed that Ai sought revenge on the company, and Shepherd assumed it was just because he was an AI program. He assumed Playmaker knew where he was, but Soulburner and Akira wanted Shepherd to cease his accusations. Akira reminded he fought for AI and humanity to cooperate together, but some assumed Playmaker would've done something about that by now. Akira turned to Playmaker, asking for his help, knowing he knew Ai more than anyone else, even if his innermost feelings were conflicted about Ai. Some time later, the Gore and the rest regrouped in LINK VRAINS. Playmaker was absent, as Akira thought that'd be the case. Soon, they were joined by the Knights of Hanoi, as Akira called them for help. Akira showed pictures of the cyberspace, believing Ai and Roboppy were near it. He deployed Dr. Genome, Faust, Baira and the Gore to the western route. Before going, on Akira's request, Varis gave Pandor to Blue Maiden, Ghost Gal and the Gore to help them out.[30] The Gore rode with the Knights of Hanoi trio around cyberspace.[31]

The Gore followed the real Ai, which made the latter glad, since he could take revenge on him for Earth. He blamed the Gore for speeding up the war between humans and Ignis, and without him, Earth may have been still alive. Pandor reacted, explaining that Bohman would've absorbed Earth anyway. Ai was surprised to see Pandor, the anti-Ignis AI. Ai became furious, since Pandor knew nothing of the past conflict. Ai thought the Gore would've been pleased with the brain chip alone, but the Gore admitted his chip was removed. In fact, he admitted he was wrong to have an AI installed in his brain. After his last Duel with Playmaker, the Gore realized his selfishness, and decided to come back stronger than ever, as he had people believing in him. Thus, he swore he wouldn't let Ai's plans be fulfilled. Ai chuckled, amused how the Gore acted, and dared him to entertain Ai. The Gore started by summoning "Gouki Suprex", surprising Ai that he returned to using "Gouki" monsters. The Gore used "Suprex" to Special Summon "Gouki Riscorpio", then used the two to Link Summon "Jet Ogre". Next, he used "Gouki Rematch" to revive the Link Materials from his GY.[29]

Next, the Gore used "Jet Ogre" and "Suprex" to Link Summon "Gouki Thunder Ogre". He Normal Summoned "Suprex" to the Zone "Thunder Ogre" pointed to, which let him Special Summon "Twistcobra". Finally, he used the latter and "Thunder Ogre" to bring out Link-4 "Gouki the Master Ogre". Ai smiled, as the Gore's skills have not rusted away, which made his defeat even sweeter. Ai summoned "Pikari @Ignister", to add "Ignister A.I.Land". In response, the Gore returned "Suprex" to have "Master Ogre" negate the effect of "Pikari @Ignister". Ai gritted his teeth, as Pandor admitted that his Duel data was shared among everyone. Ai planned a different strategy: he used the "@Ignister" to Link Summon "Linguriboh". He summoned "Hiyari @Ignister" next to the latter's Link Marker, then chained its summon with "Doshin @Ignister". Using the three monsters, he Link Summoned "Dark Templar @Ignister". The Gore was displeased, as Ai did all of that without that Field Spell. Ai had "Dark Templar" attack "Master Ogre", which confused the Gore, due to his monster having more ATK. Knowing Ai was plotting something, the Gore played "Gouki Iron Claw" to increase the ATK of "Master Ogre" by 500, and make it immune to card effects.[29]

Ai played "TA.I. Strike" to make the ATK of his "Dark Templar" equal to that of "Master Ogre", and both sides would take damage, equal to their monsters' ATK in the GY. Both sides clashed, but only "Dark Templar" was destroyed, while the Gore took 2800 LP damage. Ai explained "Dark Templar @Ignister" could not be destroyed by another monster with the same ATK. Ai swore to crush the Gore, as he summoned "Pikari @Ignister", plus he resurrected "Doshin @Ignister". Ai asked of the Gore to simply give up, but he refused, since the children were counting on him, and rose back up, then started his turn.[29] The Gore summoned "Gouki Suprex", which let him Special Summon "Gouki Guts". Using these two, the Gore Link Summon "Gouki Heel Ogre". He followed it with "Gouki Rematch" to revive "Guts" and "Twistcobra". The effect of "Guts" was activated, but "Heel Ogre" negated the effect, which let the Gore Special Summon "Master Ogre" from his GY. Ai frowned that his ace monster returned to the field. The Gore Link Summoned "Gouki Jet Ogre", followed by a "Thunder Ogre". Ai noted that the Gore made a comeback, and now Ai was in a pinch.[32]

As "Jet Ogre" left the field, the Gore's "Gouki" monsters gained 500 ATK. The Gore summoned another "Suprex", which let him Special Summon "Gouki Diver". Using "Thunder Ogre" and "Diver" as materials, the Gore summoned his final ace, "Gouki The Powerload Ogre". Ai became surprised to see another Link-4 monster, while the Gore used its effect to gain 200 ATK per the number of Link Markers of other "Gouki" monsters. The Gore also played "Gouki Face Turn" to destory "Suprex", and to revive "Thunder Ogre" from his GY. He then tributed it to have "Powerload Ogre" destroy cards, up to its Link Rating: 3. The Gore swore to destroy Ai's ace and defeat him, which made Ai panic, but he didn't show any facial features. "Master Ogre" slashed "Dark Templar @Ignister", and inflicted 1000 LP damage to Ai. Ai pleaded the Gore not to attack, who had his "Powerload Ogre" make the final attack. Ai was blown to a pillar, but a moment later, he stood unharmed. In fact, Ai had 3800 LP before the attack reduced it to 200. Ai revealed that the card that the Gore destroyed was "A.I.'s Hymn", which he banished to get 800 LP - 200 for each "@Ignister" card in his GY - to survive the attack.[32]

Ai admitted if the Gore hadn't destroyed the set card with "Powerload Ogre", he would've won. The Gore frowned, while Pandor appeared, explaining that Ai's ability to survive was much stronger than they anticipated. Ai sighed and complimented the Gore, noting if he let his guard down, he would've been defeated. Ai used "A.I.dle Reborn", reviving "Doshin @Ignister". Its effect activated, which let Ai return "Dark Templar @Ignister", and add "A.I. Love Fusion", which he activated. He used "Doshin" and the Gore's "Master Ogre" to Fusion Summon "Earth Golem @Ignister". The Gore frowned, as "Powerload Ogre" lost 800 ATK, since "Master Ogre" was no longer on the field. "Earth Golem @Ignister" attacked, its ATK doubling during the Damage Step. The Gore realized he came too far to lose; he banished "Gouki Diver" to take no damage from that battle. However, "Earth Golem" lost 600 ATK, and it could battle again, which surprised Ai. The Gore Special Summoned "Powerload Ogre" from his GY, using "Fighting Spirit" Skill. Ai noted this would mean that the Gore would still have enough LP to continue. Ai's monster went to attack, so the Gore played his final trick.[32]

The Gore faces defeat

Despite their best attempts, the Gore and Pandor fail to stop Ai.

Sending "Gouki Double Impact", "Powerload Ogre" gained ATK equal to the ATK of "Headbatt" in the Gore's hand. Ai reminded that "Powerload Ogre" was unaffected by card effects, but the Gore pointed out it only applied when it was Link Summoned - this time, it was Special Summoned from the GY. "Powerload Ogre" gained 800 ATK, and the Gore explained he returned to his old way of Dueling, with fortitude. Ai was overjoyed by the intensity of the Duel, but swore he wouldn't lose. Banishing "A.I.dle Reborn" and "Ignister A.I.Land", Ai returned "TA.I. Strike" and play it. The Gore thought Ai was aiming for a tie, who denied. In fact, "TA.I. Strike" inflicted damage to both players after their monsters were destroyed, but "Earth Golem @Ignister" assured Ai it would take no damage that turn. Ai stated his Ignis friends could not recover like the Gore did because they were gone. The Gore realized Ai's pain, as Pandor noted his ability to deal with problems was outstanding. With both monsters destroyed, "TA.I. Strike" inflicted 3600 LP damage to the Gore. The Gore was defeated, but Ai admitted he didn't hate the Gore, and wished to be like him.[32]

The Gore in the future

The Gore returns to his entertainment Duel style.

Three months later, after Ai's defeat, the Gore returned to being the wrestling Duel Champion for entertainment, as his "Gouki the Giant Ogre" attacked "Berserker of the Tenyi". With the children's support, the Gore strived to battle even more.[33]


Celebrity Duelist Deck[]

Go Onizuka Deck Picture

George and "Gouki The Great Ogre".

George uses a "Gouki" Deck.[1] According to his profile, his Deck Style is Beatdown. Similar to his attitude towards loyalty, his main tactic is about gathering his monsters together, both assembling them from his Deck and combining their respective might. His signature tactic in Duels is to start off passively, allowing his opponents to gain a huge lead before turning things around for a single powerful finish, all for the sake of amazing spectators.

After losing his duel against Playmaker, feeling that his style was outdated, George's tactics became more offensive, utilizing Burn tactics along with relentless attacks. It became deemed a "Heel" tactic as he would recklessly sacrifice his monsters on the field to gain advantage. Regardless, his strategy essentially remained the same, building up the might of his monsters through constantly fortifying his hand and face his opponents in direct combat. At this point he also began using hand trap Gouki monsters designed to handle set backs via reducing damage or reviving destroyed Link monsters.

His Speed Duel Skill for this Deck is "Pain and Gain" which revives any "Gouki" monsters during the turn that were destroyed in battle allowing him to continue his strategies as if they weren't destroyed. It reflects his style to always improve, and get back up when he falls down in seasons 1, and 2.

In Season 2, George's "Gouki" Deck is given to Kenmochi and Yoroizaka while he himself uses the new "Dinowrestler" Deck. They focus on two monsters George never used: "Gouki The Blade Ogre", and "Gouki The Solid Ogre" to both increase in large strikes, and maintain a solid defense with "Gouki Unity".

In Season 3, George reverts to using his "Gouki" Deck after returning to his original self with it focusing on on quickly Link Summoning his "Gouki" monsters, and several new hand traps to increase attack points, or making them unaffected by other effects, which he uses to support his new ace, "Gouki The Powerload Ogre" and by combining it with both "Pain and Gain", and "Gouki Diver" it can create a powerful attack that his opponent will take damage, and "Gouki The Powerload Ogre" will continue to dominate the field but with a weaker advantage.

Season 1[]

Season 3[]

Bounty Hunter Deck[]

During the 2nd Season, George, now a Bounty Hunter, started using a "Dinowrestler" Deck. The Deck's strategy focuses on beatdown tactics and powering up a single monster with a combination of different card effects while also relying on the "World Dino Wrestling" Field Spell, which can be easily accessed via George's new Skill "Dinowrestle Revolution", for protection by allowing only a single monster to attack per Battle Phase. Several cards in the deck are designed to negate or nullify destruction effects and destroy Spell and Trap Cards, Like the Gouki Deck, this deck also has several hand trap monsters to help defend against attacks and reduce damage.

After completing a secret experiment, Gore evolves his Dinowrestler Deck to include Fusion Summoning and Synchro Summoning, as well as a new Skill known as 'Anti-Skill' to negate enemy Skills and allowing him to draw two cards. After having Earth's data implanted into his AI chip, Gore gained access to "G Golem Crystal Heart" which he used to strengthen his deck even further before Ai retrieved it following his second loss to Playmaker.

In Season 3, Gore abandons his "Dinowrestler" deck and reverts back to using his "Gouki" deck after returning back to his original self.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker 4-5 Lose
Doctor Genome 23-24 Win
Knight of Hanoi 24 Win
Knight of Hanoi 25 Not shown
Ryoken Kogami/Varis 39-40 Lose
Theodore Hamilton/Soulburner 51-52 Lose
Mimic Playmaker 74 Win x10
Earth 74-75 Win
Mimic Playmaker 75 Lose x12
Mimic Playmaker 75 Win
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker 81-82 Lose
Ai 107-108 Lose
Unknown Duelist 120 Win


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