The Genex Tournament, or GX tournament (not to be mistaken by the archetype Genex), was an event created by Chancellor Sheppard during Jaden's second year at Duel Academy. It showed Duelists such as Prince Ojin (a prince who lost his country's Satellite Cannon to Sartorius after being subjected to a "Zero Turn Kill"), a reappearance by Blair (a young Duelist appearing at Duel Academy with the hope of winning the tournament and getting into Slifer Red), Lucien Grimley (a Duelist from North Academy who sold his soul to The Grim Reaper in exchange for drawing power), Franz (an ex-card designer/Duelist whom lost his job to Chumley and afterwards appeared at Duel Academy with a copy of "The Winged Dragon of Ra", only to get beaten by Jaden), and many others. Chazz was eventually declared the champion of the Genex tournament after narrowly defeating a disguised Blair Flannigan.

Genex Medallion


Genex Medallion

Genex Medallions, known in Japan as Genex Medals are the tokens for how many wins a Duelist has in the Genex tournament. Chazz Princeton won the tournament by collecting all of these trinkets.

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