Gate Guardian is a character version of the card "Gate Guardian".


Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Masters: World Championship Tournament 2006

In this game, Gate Guardian appears as one of the Theme Duel opponents; it challenges the player to defeat it after first Summoning the "Gate Guardian" by its own effect during the Duel.


True to this Theme Duel's directive, Gate Guardian uses a Deck titled "Guardian of the Door Deck". This Deck's intention is also to chiefly Special Summon this character's titular card, made quickly possible with Double Tributers like "Kaiser Sea Horse" and "Unshaven Angler" as well as the floating effect of "Giant Germ" and even the inclusion of "Soul Exchange". In the meantime, stalling with Level 4 beatdown cards, lots of field card outs, battle modulating backrow support and defensive walls like "The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave" and "Spirit Reaper" are also part of the forefront of this Deck's MO of business.

Guardian of the Door Deck
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