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Gansley, known as Konosuke Oshita in the Japanese version, is the former Vice-President of Business Strategy of KaibaCorp and the leader/founder of the Big Five where he is the oldest of the group.



Gansley is a fair skinned old man with gray hair, who is partially bald likely his hair fell out due to old age. He is short, fat and carries a cane. He wears a double-breasted tan suit. In the Virtual World, he takes the appearance of Deepsea Warrior. He bears some resemblance to the historical figure of Ciceron, this may or not may be intentional.


Gansley is obsessed with business and as such refers to his monsters as employees. He often flaunts his knowledge of business and believes that his alleged prior business experience gives him an advantage when it comes to Dueling though this smugness is in all virtual world arc villains. He is shown to have been unethical in his business career, often firing employees as he pleased. In the dub, he gives Yugi Muto business advice, claiming his own career as a business tycoon started as a child, where he stole a lemonade stand from a neighbor, and through his alleged business acumen, he soon expanded that stand into the largest distributor of frozen canned lemonade in his region.

In the Japanese version, he quotes various warlords and philosophers on how to build a successful army.

In the Japanese version, Gansley knows of Yami Yugi's existence and refers to Yugi as Type-A and Yami Yugi as Type-B Yugi. In the dub, Gansley shows no knowledge of Yami Yugi.

Gansley also enjoys making people suffer. This is shown when he had the chance of defeating Yami Yugi, but chose to "draw it out as long as possible." Gansley's choice of prolonging his victory ended in his own defeat.


In the dub, Gansley speaks with a somewhat hoarse voice. In the Duelist Kingdom arc, his voice is low. In the Virtual Realm arc, his voice deepens and is louder. In the Japanese version, he quotes famous warlords and philosophers while in the dub he recites various business strategies that he claims to have utilized throughout his career and makes some business puns.



As stated above, by his own account, Gansley's career as a business tycoon started as a child, long before he worked for Gozaburo and became vice-president of business strategy at KaibaCorp. Gansley, along with 4 younger KaibaCorp employees formed his group known as the Big Five.

Seto Kaiba, the adoptive son of the head of KaibaCorp, Gozaburo Kaiba, convinced the Big Five that Gozaburo was mistreating them and that Seto would help restore them to their former power. The Big Five agreed and thus bought 49% of KaibaCorp. Combined with 2% that Gozaburo had previously given to Seto for a test to prove his business skill, the Big Five voted out Gozaburo and voted in Seto as the president of the company.

Duelist Kingdom

However Seto quickly backed out on their deal, left them of their power and leaving the Big Five little more than figureheads and consultants. Furious over their betrayal, the Big Five struck a deal with the president of Industrial Illusions, Maximillion Pegasus in an attempt to overthrow Seto. If Pegasus defeated Seto and Yugi Muto in Duels, then they will use their 49% to vote Pegasus into power of the company by kidnapping Mokuba Kaiba, who had been entrusted with the security codes to the two percent the Big Five needed.

The Big Five and Pegasus' plan failed, after Pegasus was defeated by Yugi. In the manga, Gansley and the Big Five were fired by Seto and were never seen again.

Legendary Heroes

Gansley in Legendary Heroes arc.

In the anime, the Big Five avoided being fired by making excuses and offering Seto his complete virtual reality game as a peace offering. Eager to try out the virtual reality game, Kaiba refrained from immediately firing them and entered the virtual world. The Big Five then trapped Kaiba in the virtual reality.

However Kaiba was rescued by Mokuba, Yugi, Joey and Mai Valentine. The Big Five reprogrammed the game and set the "Mythic Dragon" as the final boss. However, it was defeated by Yugi and Kaiba's "Dragon Master Knight".

Virtual Realm

After losing in Legendary Heroes, the Big Five got trapped in the virtual world instead of Kaiba. Here they met up with Noah Kaiba. Having Seto as a common enemy, they made plans for revenge.

During the Battle City tournament, Noah had the KaibaCorp blimp sucked into an undersea fortress, where the virtual world's main servers are. They forced Seto and Mokuba Kaiba, along with Yugi and his friends into the virtual world again. Using an altered set of Duel Monsters rules involving Deck Masters, the Big Five Dueled their enemies in the hopes of stealing their bodies to escape the virtual reality.

Gansley as "Deepsea Warrior".

Gansley took the form of "Deepsea Warrior", which he used as his Deck Master. Noah Sent him to Duel Yami Yugi and Gansley claimed to have perfected a strategy to defeat him. As Yami Yugi constructed a Deck, Gansley misinterpreted Yami Yugi saying "Kuriboh", as him choosing "Kuriboh" as his Deck Master. He refused to let the Pharaoh change his Deck Master after that. Exploiting his Deck Master's ability to deflect attacks back at Yami Yugi, Gansley managed to get the upper hand against Yami Yugi and was about to win, but Yugi took control and used "Kuriboh's" Deck Master effect to save them. Yami then used "Kuriboh", combined with "Rainbow Blessing", allowing him to bypass Gansley's monsters and special ability to directly attack him with "Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight", defeating him.

Gansley, along with Crump, Johnson and Leichter, having failed to win their targets' bodies, went behind Noah's back and attempted to steal the bodies. They chased down Duke Devlin, Serenity Wheeler and Joey. As they argue over who gets which bodies, Noah makes contact and told them off. Since Nezbitt didn't rightfully take Tristan Taylor's body, Noah allowed the Big Five to share Tristan's body in order to Duel Yugi. Should they win, they would get their freedom.

The Big Five faced Yugi and Joey, using Tristan's body. The 5 each switched control and Deck Master throughout the Duel. Gansley only took full control for 1 turn. Towards the end of the Duel, the Big Five used "Dragon Revival Ritual" to combine their Deck Masters into the "Mythic Dragon" again. The dragon was destroyed by Yugi and Joey's "Mirage Knight", but the Big 5 used "A Deal with Dark Ruler" to make "Berserk Dragon" their Deck Master. Ultimately, it was destroyed by "Dark Magician Knight", costing them the Duel.

Noah refused to give the Big Five any more chances. In the original version, Noah deleted Gansley along with the other Big Five members. In the dub, Noah imprisoned the Big Five in the different corners of the Virtual World, which were destroyed when the Virtual World was destroyed. Gansley's fate is unknown. He later appeared in a flashback.



Gansley uses a Swarm/Control Deck that relies on Summoning many monsters to use the ability of his Deck Master "Deepsea Warrior", called "Reflector Hole", which negates an opposing attack and inflicts damage to the opponent equal to the attacking monster's ATK at a cost of two Tributes. Gansley further uses control cards to limit his opponent's options, either depleting their hand or limiting the number of monsters they can maintain on the field.

Nightmare Troubadour


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome(s)
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi 99-101 Lose
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi and Joey Wheeler 111-113 Lose (with The Big Five; through Tristan Taylor)


  • Gansley is likely named after John Gansley, Vice President of Human Resources for 4Kids Entertainment at the time.
  • Unlike the other four, Gansley is not shown disintegrating when he is defeated by Yami Yugi in the dub.
  • He is the only member of the Big Five whose Duel takes up three episodes instead of two, despite the fact that, with ten rounds, his Duel is actually the shortest. This can be attributed to other characters receiving more focus in their respective episodes.
    • He is also the only villain of the virtual world arc to not express interest in taking a female form nor endangering females; Crump tried to take over Téa's (and later Serenity's) body, Johnson disguises himself as Mai when he introduces himself to Joey, Nezbitt specifically intended to do the same to Serenity over Tristan and Duke, Leichter, while not explicitly trying to steal Serenity's body, seemed to give her and Joey equal consideration before getting into an argument with Crump and Noah and Gozaburo endangered all females in the virtual world arc.
  • Along with Johnson, Gansley is featured the most in Season 1. They're also the only members of the Big 5 who's reasons for hating Kaiba are never mentioned; Crump's penguin theme park was turned down, Nesbitt's lab was replaced with the Duel Tower and Lector had his title of heir to Kaibacorp president taken and was reduced to figurehead of the company.


  1. The third copy can be seen in his hand during episode 101 before he Summons "Melchid the Four-Face Beast".