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| ja_name = ギャラクシー・サイクロン
| ja_name = ギャラクシー・サイクロン
| romaji_name = Gyarakushī Saikuron
| romaji_name = Gyarakushī Saikuron
| image = GalaxyCyclone-PGL3-EN-GUR-1E.png
| image = GalaxyCyclone-MP16-EN-ScR-1E.png
| attribute = Spell
| attribute = Spell
| typest = Normal
| typest = Normal

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Galaxy Cyclone
English Galaxy Cyclone
French Cyclone Galactique
German Galaxiezyklon
Italian Cyclone Galattico
Portuguese Ciclone das Galáxias
Spanish Ciclón de la Galaxia
Japanese ギャラクシー・サイクロン
Japanese (rōmaji) Gyarakushī Saikuron
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