Future Sight is the ability that both Sartorius and Carly Carmine were given. Sartorius had this ability during his childhood, while Carly was given this gift upon her rebirth as one of the Dark Signers.

Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

Sartorius infected by the Light of Destruction

Sartorius and his sister Sarina were shunned by their peers when they were young due to their abilities. Sartorius was a fortune teller, though he made very little money. The D eventually came to Sartorius to have his fortune read, and showed him the "Destiny Hero - Plasma" card. This card was infected with The Light of Destruction, and The Light would possess Sartorius, finding him to be a better host than The D.

The Light of Destruction would use Sartorius' powers in conjunction with its own in the founding of the Society of Light and its attempt to use Misgarth's satellite to destroy the world. When he was defeated by Jaden Yuki, The Light of Destruction left Sartorius' body, but took Sartorius' powers with it in an act of revenge.

Sartorius would live happily without his powers until over a year later, when he had a premonition about Jaden and further events that would take place at Duel Academy.[1] However, he would later imply that he willingly gave up his powers in order to lead a normal life, something that he regretted, as he was unable to see that Sarina would be abducted by Nightshroud to coerce Sartorius into assisting his cause.[2]

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's

The Envoy giving Carly Future Sight

As Carly plummets toward the ground after losing a Duel to a Psychic Duelist (Sayer) she fell of the building and died (fell into a purple fog in the dub). Then, Carly revived as a Dark Signer herself and the King of the Underworld gave her Visions of the Future (Future Sight) and was claimed as "Messenger of the Dark Signers". She uses this ability to, along with her "Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu" defeat Sayer. When she returns to her normal self, she regrets ever being a Dark Signer and wants to see Jack Atlas.

Later a mysterious voice tells Carly to look at her Deck and she draws the "Enlightenment" card, which shows her what would happen if Jack became a Dark Signer. She shows him this vision, Jack uses it to return herself to normal, but is stopped by the Envoy of the Underworld.


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