Funny Bunny, known as Funny Rabbit in the manga and Japanese version is a nested fictional character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! manga and anime. He is the eponymous character from the cartoon and comic book Funny Bunny.



Funny Bunny in the anime.

Funny Bunny is a pink anthropomorphic rabbit. He wears red dungarees, yellow shoes and a set of goggles.

On the cover of volume 6 of the bunkoban, his appearance was slightly different. The color on the inside of his ears was yellow instead of white, his dungarees were green and his shoes were blue. He was also given gloves.

Funny Bunny seems to be based on Roger Rabbit, a cartoon rabbit of similar appearance, who had to evade the law while a murder suspect.


Funny Bunny was forever evading the law. A common adversary was his enemy, the police officer, Ruff Ruff McDogg. In the entrance to the cartoon, he fires 26,000 bullets at Funny Bunny, all of which were dodged. In 3013 episodes, Ruff Ruff never managed to catch Funny Bunny.[3]

Funny Bunny was also seen talking to a crocodile, who tried to eat him.[4]


Maximillion Pegasus was a huge fan of Funny Bunny and watched it every morning, while growing up in America.[3]

In the English anime, when Seto Kaiba tried hacking into Pegasus' computer system, an illustration of Funny Bunny inside an access denied symbol appeared. This originally read "not accessed" in the Japanese version.[5] When Kaiba got locked out the computer system, Funny Bunny appeared en masse on the screen repeatedly saying "Hey Kaiba".[6]

Pegasus based some of his cards on the series, including the Toon monsters, who were able to dodge attacks in a similar fashion to how Funny Bunny could dodge Ruff Ruff McDogg's bullets.[3]

The card "Dark Rabbit" may have been based on this character. The card's text even mentions that "Dark Rabbit" is a "funny bunny".


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