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"Frightfur", known as "Death-Toy" (デストーイ Desutōi) in the OCG, is an archetype of Fiend monsters used by Sora Perse in Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V anime and manga. The majority of its members are DARK Fusion Monsters. The "Frightfur" monsters serve as "bosses" for both the "Edge Imp" and "Fluffal" archetypes since the Fusion Materials used for their Fusion Summon reside in these archetypes.



"Frightfur Bear", "Frightfur Leo" and "Frightfur Sheep".

"Frightfur" monsters are based off of corrupted versions of animals from "Fluffal" archetype. They feature a destroyed plush toy that was re-fabricated with their respective "Edge Imp" tools or weapons inside them, giving them a more demonic and terrifying appearance, in contrast to the "Fluffal" monsters. The artwork of "Frightfur Factory" depicts the transformation of "Fluffal" to "Frightfur" monsters. In the TCG and English ARC-V anime, the blades of the "Frightfur" monsters are given a glow to avoid references to actual weapons.


"Frightfur" is a pun on "frightful" and "fur". Their Japanese name "Death-Toy" directly describes their menacing appearances, and can also be a pun on "destroy".


This archetype is classified into three types of monsters.


The Mini-Boss monsters use "Edge Imp" and "Fluffal" monsters as material. In the anime, they use a specified "Edge Imp" and "Fluffal" monster instead of any.

Frightfur Fusion Materials
OCG/TCG Anime/Manga
Bear "Edge Imp Sabres" +
"Fluffal Bear
"Fluffal Bear" +
"Edge Imp Sabres"
Daredevil 1 "Edge Imp" monster +
1 "Fluffal" monster
"Fluffal Bear" +
"Edge Imp Cotton Eater"
Kraken "Edge Imp Tomahawk" +
"Fluffal Octopus"
Leo "Edge Imp Saw" +
1 "Fluffal" monster
"Fluffal Leo" +
"Edge Imp Saw"
Sheep "Edge Imp Chain" +
1 "Fluffal" monster
"Fluffal Sheep" +
"Edge Imp Chain"
Tiger "Edge Imp Sabres" +
1 or more "Fluffal" monsters
"Edge Imp Sabres" +
1 or more "Fluffal" monsters
Whale 1 "Edge Imp" monster +
1 "Fluffal" monster
Wolf "Edge Imp Sabres" +
1 or more "Fluffal" monsters


The Boss monsters use other "Frightfur" monsters as material.

Frightfur Fusion Materials
OCG/TCG Anime/Manga
Chimera 3 "Frightfur" monsters
Nightmary 1 Edge Imp +
2 Fluffal monsters
3 "Frightfur" monsters
Sabre-Tooth 1 "Frightfur" Fusion Monster +
1 or more "Fluffal" and/or "Edge Imp" monsters
1 Level 6 or higher "Frightfur" monster +
1 or more "Fluffal" or "Edge Imp" monsters


The "Frightfur" Pendulum Monsters can also be used as material to summon the above two categories of monsters.

Frightfur Pendulum Scale
Bone Diver 9
Claw Pirate 4
Sadmarine N/A

Playing style

Frightfur archetype is supported by Fluffal and Edge Imp archetypes, which focus on quick Fusion Summoning monsters with powerful effects.