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Reasons why cards are Forbidden/Limited01:56, February 10, 2018C107galaxytachyon
All Threads
MAYDAY MAYDAY, defcon something..... NO JUMP-EN0--16:16, January 15, 2019IgorThunderMaster
March 2009 Lists03:38, December 22, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Ban?12:27, December 9, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Not part of the group21:31, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Performapal Skullcrobat Joker Replacement09:55, February 7, 2018Rman102
Reasons why cards are Forbidden/Limited in Duel Links12:45, December 25, 2017SyamDow
Any Dice/Coin flipping related cards?13:28, September 16, 2017Becasita
Yasushi the Skull Knight status20:06, August 27, 2017MasterMarik
Hungry Burger in Toons16:49, August 6, 2017ChaosGallade
Why is Blue-Eyes White Dragon in the Legendary Dragons support list?11:50, April 29, 2017Becasita
April 2017 OCG banlist leak17:10, March 16, 2017Lady Blue
Could Scout Go Back To 3? (Discussion)22:36, January 22, 2017FighterofLight
Forbidden/Limited List: TCG August 201604:57, August 25, 2016Sanokal K-T
Forbidden/Limited Lists - April/May 2016 (TCG)03:10, April 9, 2016Missign0
January 2016 (OCG)03:43, December 28, 2015Ninety-eight
Thoughts on the next TCG banlist?16:16, October 30, 2015Synchro Maniac10
Kaiser Collossium19:22, September 11, 2015Ninety-eight
If Monster Reborn comes back03:41, September 11, 2015DreadKaiser
Prediction Princess Tarotrei23:08, September 10, 2015DreadKaiser
Dark Revelation 1 (DR1) Reprints & New/Promo Cards12:04, August 3, 2015MasterMarik
Thoughts on July 2015 List?09:45, July 19, 2015DreadKaiser
What cards to use? Amount of cards in deck?03:42, June 10, 2015Rafapex
Unicore should join Nekroz of Brionac as Semi-Limited00:34, May 7, 2015Dark Ace SP
What's next? Thoughts on next banlist and meta23:49, April 29, 2015DreadKaiser
Why hasn't gift card been hit?23:58, April 12, 2015UltimateKuriboh
Djinn Of Rituals22:50, March 31, 2015Dark Ace SP
More erratas?03:53, March 20, 2015Missign0
Nekroz a little too broken?00:33, March 20, 2015Arc8dion
Yosenjus' Secret Move05:57, February 15, 2015DreadKaiser
January 2015 Banlist Predictions02:07, December 18, 2014Dark Ace SP
Stratos, Do you think it will be coming back05:02, November 29, 2014Missign0
October 2014 Banlist Predictions03:31, October 4, 2014Dark Ace SP
July 2014 Banlist Predictions05:35, July 8, 2014LordGeovanni
What is wrong with Dragon Rulers?16:30, June 27, 2014LaserGhost
Egyptian God03:29, June 20, 2014Sanokal K-T
What is so bad about these?00:45, April 19, 2014Ninety-eight
The list favors Darkworld00:19, April 19, 2014Gadjiltron
April 2014 Banlist Predictions02:52, March 21, 2014Dark Ace SP
February 2014 Banlist Predictions (OCG)02:59, January 18, 2014Gadjiltron
January 2014 Banlist Predictions (TCG)22:10, January 12, 2014Ninety-eight
Starting Over18:09, December 24, 2013Dark Ace SP
Question about Yu-Gi-Oh cards from 199622:11, December 19, 2013Deltaneos
Should Burst Stream of Destruction be Banned?18:07, December 13, 2013Yano88
The ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh! Quiz10:47, November 10, 2013Netmadness
Anyone know the cheapest site to order Yugioh Cards?02:22, November 10, 2013UltimateKuriboh
Bring DMoC back in TCG!12:23, October 31, 2013Ninety-eight
Reborn Tengu to 3, OCG Only, For One Format05:06, October 30, 2013Ninety-eight
Banned List Confirmed14:26, October 28, 2013Aged Goblin
November 2013 Banlist Predictions (OCG)16:41, October 22, 2013Ninety-eight
SIXTH SENSE LIMITED???01:28, October 10, 2013Ninety-eight
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