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If the post is not constructive, do not post it. Do not wade in and say "<x> Deck sucks, use <y> Deck instead because everyone else is doing it". We are operating a two-strike warning policy on this; First is a warning, second is a week's ban from the Wikia. We take the idea of constructive helping very seriously, and we will not tolerate disruption to that.

If you would like to place a decklist in a query, please use the following: Template:Decklist. Using this template can help to keep the decklists organized and clean, while keeping the space used in each query to a minimum.

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I need to develop an Exodia - Dark Magician Deck20:18, February 8, 2019Zero Blade Tiger
Pseudo Yugi-based deck17:06, February 6, 2019Zero Blade Tiger
DED/ absolute zero deck15:56, January 17, 2019IgorThunderMaster
Atem deck16:15, January 15, 2019IgorThunderMaster
Celebrating 50 great decks with a not-so-great deck.16:15, January 15, 2019IgorThunderMaster
Is this deck of mine good?16:15, January 15, 2019IgorThunderMaster
Phantom Knights Deck Help19:07, January 14, 2019ArcanaKnightJoker123
Inferno Fire Blast Deck ~~ Please Comment02:03, January 9, 2019IgorThunderMaster
Quillbolt Zombie Mill ~~ Please Comment!14:39, December 31, 2018Energy X
JBR's Exciting Killer Deck18:15, December 23, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Ra + some Killer cards18:15, December 23, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Unexpected victory18:14, December 23, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Junk Syncron Deck18:13, December 23, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Equip Deck03:41, December 22, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Volcanic Soul03:39, December 22, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Need help w/ Anti-Zombie Deck!!!03:38, December 22, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Tengu Heroes03:23, December 22, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Heroic Challenger Deck Help12:11, December 20, 20180123456789 The Great
Clueless Mum05:54, December 17, 20180123456789 The Great
Anubis Jackal Lockdown Deck12:36, December 9, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Disaster Dragon vs Darkworld need help..12:36, December 9, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Anubis Lockdown12:34, December 9, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Dimensional Monarch deck12:34, December 9, 2018IgorThunderMaster
What can I do to improve my deck12:31, December 9, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Archfiend Deck help12:31, December 9, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Jackal Lockdown Deck12:23, December 9, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Toon Deck Help13:23, December 7, 2018ArcanaKnightJoker123
Only decks in stock: rise of the dragon lords/Jaden Yugi20:42, December 3, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Help with Arcana Knight Joker Deck14:03, December 3, 2018ArcanaKnightJoker123
Help on my low level deck21:36, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Thorned Scorpians21:36, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Couple of decks I need help with21:35, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Somewhat Anti-Meta Macro deck21:35, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Beatdown/Destructive deck help!!?21:34, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
An evaluation of my warrior deck?21:34, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Warrior Synchro deck help needed!21:32, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
I need some help!21:32, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Dark Scorpion Deck21:31, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Dark Scorpions18:26, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Warrior toolbox-esqe deck18:25, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Drop Off Deck18:25, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Deck Question18:09, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
A couple of decks18:08, November 7, 2018IgorThunderMaster
Video Game Deck Please16:46, November 3, 2018Masters of Gaming
Crystal Deck12:59, October 25, 2018MasterMarik
Zombie World/Earthbound Deck13:06, October 21, 2018RealColeg
Forbidden Crystals13:04, October 20, 2018Energy X
God Beatdown Deck; help needed...13:01, October 20, 2018Energy X
Crystal beast otk13:01, October 20, 2018Energy X
Crystal Abundance OTK13:00, October 20, 2018Energy X
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