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zombie world deck without mezuki


  • Well the thing is Mezuki really helps in the deck due to it's effect of special summoning Zombies onto the field. But TBH not every Zombie World requires a Mezuki, just follow the normal guidelines of the Zombie World deck excluding the Mezuki it's that simple.

Black Kaspar : Zombie Deck [Without Mezuki]

Monsters :

Goblin Zombie x3 Malevolent Mech - Goku En x2 Morphing Jar x1 Paladin of the Cursed Dragon x3 Pyramid Turtle x3 Red-Eyes Zombie Dragon x2 Spirit Reaper x1 Zombie Master x3

Spells :

Book of Life x3 Brain Control x1 Card of Safe Return x2 Creature Swap x2 Giant Trunade x1 Heavy Storm x1 Mystical Space Typhoon x1 Nobleman of Crossout x1 Premature Burial x1 Shrink x2 Zombie World x3 (Very Important , So the addition of Terraforming wont be a bad idea.)

Note: If you are thinking of adding forbidden cards , add Illusion Gate

Traps :

Mirror Force x1 Raigeki Break x2 Torrential Tribute x1

That Should Give you a powerful Zombie Deck without Mezuki

Some Tips

  • Okay, first off the above deck isn't that useful of a Zombie World deck, believe me. There's a couple things that are wrong with the above deck, which is Card of Safe Return and Premature Burial are both banned. Also having 4 trap cards? You gotta be kidding me because a Zombie World deck utilizes the ability to swarm and if you got no defences the chances of that happening is pretty slim if not impossible. Creature Swap is a useless card for people who ride on assumption above strategy. Gaint Trunade isn't necessary; you have no Call of the Haunted or Call of the Mummy, which should be automatic staples in the deck. Shrink is also only an option as is Goblin Zombie since your running a Zombie World Deck, not a Mill one.
  • Might I also add that Zombie World themed decks are traditionally swarm decks, you should search this site for a Zombie Swarm deck, there's tones of them.
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