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Competitive Fire Kings/Burn:


Fire King Avatar Barong x3 (Obviously) Fire King Avatar Yaksha x3 (For Yubel and Earthbound Immortal) Fire King Avatar Garunix x2 (a bit af stalling) Fire King Avatar Kirin (Sets the grave up for circle or call. Also used with flamvell counter) Fire King High Avatar Garunix x3 (3 is a MUST with island) Earthbound Immortal Ccarayhua (Whole field nukers are OP) Flamvell Baby x2 (a tuner, also a booster) Flamvell Firedog x2 (to summon from the deck) Goka, The Pyre Of Malice x2 (destruction is good) Yubel (Yaksha) Yubel - Terror Incarnate (Destroys all monsters) Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare (Just that extra burn)


Circle of the Fire Kings x3 (staple card) Dark Hole (1 is enough) Fire King Island (Good card, no need for two) Onslaught of the Fire Kings x2 (to summon garunix) Rekindling (why not) Twin Twister (used to discard yubel 2 and 3)


Backfire (burn is also good) Bottomless Trap Hole (I hate big beatsticks) Breakthrough Skill x2 (i hate dark law) Call of the Haunted x2 (why not?) Destruct Potion (more LP and destruction) Flamvell Counter x2 (stops a solemn warning) Kickfire (did 3000 damage once) Magic Cylinder (never a dead card) Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai (better than cowboy) Torrential Tribute (Staple)


Ally of Justice Catastor (because i can) Black Rose Moonlight Dragon (powerful lv7 synchro) Mist Wurm (basically another brionac) Old Entity Hastorr (A snatch steal + Fiendish chain)


Abyss Dweller (i hate mermails) Brotherhood of the Fire Fist Tiger king (effect negation can't hurt right?) Castel, the Sky Blaster Musketeer (to get rid of beelzeus) Diamond Dire Wolf (Made FOR fire kings) Gagaga Cowboy (never drop cowboy) Number 101: Silent Honor ARK (I like snatching red nova dragons) Number 39: Utopia (sometimes you just need to negate attacks. Might drop for grenosaurus or clear wing) Number 50: Blackship of Corn (doesn't destroy!) Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon (just for fun) The Phantom Knights of Break Sword (Same ad D D wolf)

Side Deck: Coach Soldier Wolfbark x3 (for when i need my xyz monsters) Meklord Emperor Wisel x3 (pesky synchros) Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys x2 (backrow removal) Imperial Iron Wall x3 (the last thing i want) Mask of Restrict x2 (i hate monarchs) Drowning Mirror Force x2 (anti-pendulum card to fin an anti-meta deck)

(›•_•) Dark balloon boy (talkcontribs) 00:10, May 8, 2016 (UTC)