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My Spellcaster Deck

My Spellcaster Deck

I am looking to help boost my deck without breaking the bank... what cards can I add to this to make it a much more efficient deck? Any and all help would be much appreciated! =D

I suggest you to use two Magician's Valkyria and at least one Breaker the magical warrior and one Defender the magical Knight. Two Magician's Circle could be very useful too.

Spellcaster deck/Magician

Spellcaster Deck/Magician

Please comment, rate, and tell me what I need to replace or keep to make this deck better. I was thinking to make this deck 100% spellcaster but it seems like it's better with others type monster support. Any suggestion whether I should add some more Tuner monster for Synchro monsters?

Spellcaster Deck No. 1:

Spellcaster Deck

Please comment on this deck and tell me where I could improve. Also, I was thinking I could replace some cards for these cards:another Endymion, the Master Magician, another Chaos Sorcerer, a Blast Magician, another Magical Exemplar, Black Horn of Heaven, Reload, Magical Blast, Half or Nothing,Summoner Monk, Magicians Unite, Spell Absorption, Heavy Storm,Chaos Command Magician, The Stern Mystic, Yami,Cold Wave, and Rainbow Life. I was also thinking about which cards I should replace for 2 more Magician's Circles, 1 or 2 more Magical Dimensions,1 or 2 more Crusader of Endymions, and any other cards that may be of use. In addition, I'd like to know if I should use the Silent Magician series, how many copies of each card I should use, and what cards to replace for them. I was also wondering how many Secret Village of the Spellcasters I should use, and what cards to replace for them.Also, should I use Synchro Monsters? If so, what cards in my deck should I replace for what tuners? If you recommend me using a certain card, please tell me which card to replace because I have a 60 card deck. And no, I WILL NOT reduce my deck to 40 cards. Any suggestions will be welcome, and thank you.

-I'm sorry but you are a fool for not reducing your cards to at least 46 if you are going to keep your deck at 60 cards you are playing the wrong game and will NEVER win with that amount of cards in your dekc I'm sorry but it takes someone really prideful and unwilling to change to say I won't change the numbero of cards in my deck. Please change to pokemon where you have to have 60 cards in your deck. As to modi fications to your deck you wouldn't listen if anyone did give you advice.

-You could use existing cards instead of Orichaolos cards. The more cards you have the less the chance to draw the one you need.

Spellcaster Deck No. 2

I haven't played the game in a while (3+ years), but I'm starting to get back into it because my younger brother and my friends are starting to play it again. I am making this in the advanced format so that I can enter a local tournament as well. This deck is based around spellcasters, most notably the Dark Magician and Dark Magician of Chaos. I started with the Spellcaster's Judgment deck and modified so that it would work for advanced format tournaments. I want this deck to be able to swarm the field with spellcasters, especially the Dark Magician and Dark Magician of Chaos. I also posted my side deck. I took a look at the side decks and main decks of the top 16 duelists in the SJC tournaments and the 2008 National tournament to see which cards would best help me counter some of the metagame. I realize that Dark Magician decks aren't too popular considering he isn't that good of monster, but I also want to use one of my favorite monsters because I have more fun playing the game this way. Please help me make my deck competitive, any suggestions are appreciated (main deck, side deck, anything)! I would also like to incorporate Dark Paladin to my deck. I have 1 Dark Paladin and 2 Buster Bladers. If that's too much for now, just help me improve the deck without the Dark Paladin. Animedude3000 03:56, 1 July 2008 (UTC)spellcasters are awesome

Spellcaster Deck

Nice, I like it. However, Vampire Lord seems to be thrown in for no apparent reason, if you're incorporating Dark Paladin, you should replace him with Buster Blader, if not, replace it with a good Spellcaster, like Dark Magician Girl since you have three Dark Magicians'. Also, a Sorcerer of Dark Magic is nice top have, even though it's rather hard to summon. I don't see the need for 2 Dedication through Light and Darkness if you only have one Dark Magician of Chaos. Also, 3 of both Apprentice Magician and Magical Dimension are absolutely necessary. Some Crystal Seers' wouldn't hurt, but it's rather hard to find. If you're going to run Spell counter cards I suggest a Pitch-Black Power Stone or two. Also, I might take out some traps for some Magic cards, once again since you are using Spell Counter cards. Still, very nice. 05:15, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

Yea Vampire Lord is out of place, I'll take a look through my cards to see what I can replace him with. I'll take him out and the 2nd Dedication through Light and Darkness. I was thinking about having a 3rd Magical Dimension, but you're right, it's pretty much a necessity for this deck. I'll add in the other 2 Apprentice magicians. I don't have any Crystal Seer's, but I'll find a friend I can trade with. If I took out a couple of trap cards for 2 Pitch-Black Power Stone's, which trap cards should I take out? Thanks for all the help so far. :) Animedude3000 06:05, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

  • Take out Judgment of Anubis, it usually doesn't see many opportunities to trigger, and also a Reckless Greed, as at times it can leave you pretty helpless when run on its own. --Gadjiltron 10:00, 1 July 2008 (UTC)

Okay. I've updated my deck to include 3 Apprentice Magician and 3 Magical Dimension. I took out Judgment of Anubis and Reckless Greed for 2 Pitch-Black Power Stone. I also took out the Vampire Lord. I have 44 cards now, but does that seem like too many? What would be the best way to incorporate the Dark Paladin? Should I put in 2 Polymerization's and 2 Buster Blader's and take out a couple of the lower leveled monsters? Thanks for all the help so far. Animedude3000 01:33, 2 July 2008 (UTC)

I wouldn't deck more then one Buster Blader, he isn't a Spellcaster and is really a dead draw if you can't fuse him right away.

You can deck as many Polymerizations as you want, but If you deck two there's the chance you draw it when you need something else, so I suggest one, but go with 2 if you want. 04:08, 2 July 2008 (UTC)

Ok I tried using Buster Blader and Dark Paladin, but it made my deck much slower so I decided to not use them at all. I guess if I were going to make a Dark Paladin deck, I would've made it completely different. I'm thinking about adding my Injection Fairy Lily to my deck, but I'm not sure if 45 cards is too much. Should I add it in there, or should I replace a card in my deck with Injection Fairy Lily? If I do replace a card in my deck with IFL, which card should I replace? Another question, should I replace my Magic Cylinder with Mirror Force?Animedude3000 22:46, 24 July 2008 (UTC)

After much deck testing, I've decided to remove Blast Magician and Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers for 2 more Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer. Those cards didn't seem to help in most situations, whereas Kycoo's ability to remove monsters from play helps me against the Lightsworn decks I've played against (as well as other deck types). I've also replaced my Magic Cylinder for Mirror Force since it gives me better crowd control. What do you guys think of replacing Mythical Beast Cerberus with Injection Fairy Lily? I've also noticed that I've had too many trap cards so I am going to replace some of them with Shrink and Royal Decree to give me better field control. Also, while Chaos Command Magician has good attack for a 6 star monster, I feel as though his effect isn't too helpful. Is there another 5-6 star spellcaster (or any star monster) that would make my deck faster? Also, are 45 cards too many? Any suggestions are appreciated. Animedude3000 03:04, 30 July 2008 (UTC)

First a Comment:

  • Apprentice Magician's targets are very limited - only to 2 Old Vindictive Magician. If you are planning to run three Apprentices, then you should consider adding more low-leveled spellcasters, or don't run them at all.


  • +1 Diffusion Wave-Motion
  • -1 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer: cutting down more minor cards. you have too many monsters.
  • -3 Apprentice Magician: you only have 2 targets for this card as said before.
  • -1 Mythical Beast Cerberus: not needed.

Hope that helps cutting down to 40 cards. Chris427 05:03, 30 July 2008 (UTC)

So wat about magician's circle? i would put at least 2 of them in. Romanovajax 14:53, 30 July 2008 (UTC)

Thanks for the recommendations. If I put in 2 Crystal Seers, should I still take out the Apprentice Magicians? I think I'm going to replace the 2 Royal Magical Library for the Crystal Seers. Which 2 traps should I replace with 2 Magician's Circles? Animedude3000 02:15, 2 August 2008 (UTC)

  • Targets are still too few. In the case of replacing Royal Library for Crystal Seers, I agree. But you will have to remove 1 Apprentice Magician. The range is still too small. Chris427 06:40, 2 August 2008 (UTC)

Keep the Apprentice Magicians, remove the Royal Magic Library's. Remove Seven Tools of the Bandit and a Magic Drain. SuperTeddy 06:31, 2 August 2008 (UTC) I think you should put in Sorcerer of Dark Magic ~J.c.onapogostick

i decided this deck when i tested it its very strong if you will try this you'll know. Here are some advantages that makes this deck strong. magicians valkyria: equip it w/ mist body so your opponent couldn't attack you, spell reclamation and dian keto the cure master: for infinite life points and infinite spell counters. magical mallet: for returning arcanite magician/assault mode from your hand to the deck, the tricky,magical exemplar: you can fasten the summon of arcanite magician by special summoning the tricky and use the effect of magical exemplar to summon arcane apprentice and its effect you can get assault mode activate from the deck turning it to arcanite magician/assaultmode faster, apprentice magician: fasten also a summon of a tuner spellcaster like night's end sorcerer and arcane apprentice for a fast synchro summon, tempest magician,crusader of endymion and arcanite magician assault mode:use the effect of tempest magician adding more spell counter for arcanite and you can also use crusader of endymion and spell reclamation for its spell counter use magical citadel of endymion for using the effect of arcanite magician/assault mode for retaining its attack, defender and citadel combined it would be hard for your opponent to destroy your spellcaster monsters, ancient fairy dragon for getting magical citadel easily,

You can also add Double Summon, plus 2 Magician's Valkyria. This can furthermore enhance your lockdown strategies(Royal Decree). Since your opponent will have a hard time attaking your monsters and also using traps to counter your attacks

Dark Magician Deck

I know it's going to sound cocky, but I can honestly say I have the best Spellcaster deck out there...

  • Mainly because it's undefeated and I've played against some sick decks including Monarchs, which are hella annoying and those beefed up Elemental Hero decks..
  • Here's my deck list, check it out, get ideas or copy it, I don't mind - and I have to add that this is a really fun deck to use especially when making a comeback...
  • If you have any questions as to why a certain card is relevant in the deck, don't hesitate to ask
Dark Magician's Ragnarok

--Stardust24 15:39, October 10, 2009 (UTC)

well, i think it's very impressive since battling a spellcaster deck usually has a Secret Village of the Spellcasters. The only thing I'm bothered is having 3 Defender, the Magical Knight in your deck. a Defender, the Magical Knight can't "defend" without spellcounters, and your deck has few cards to put spellcounters on. I can say at least have 2 Defender, the Magical Knight in your deck. --SilentHero26 10:12, October 13, 2009 (UTC)

I agree with you there, I have bumped into that problem but I have them there for sacrificial purposes, i.e. Chaos Sorcerer. I have three exactly because I don't really have any spell counter support. Don't really leave on the field that long anyway and they help defend my Magician's Valkyria. --Stardust24 23:54, October 13, 2009 (UTC)

You got me there but the other thing i'm bothered (again) is having 3 Apprentice Magician in the deck while having only 2 Old Vindictive Magician. Its seems you have few to choose from in apprentice's effect. Being that said, you can replace a Defender, the Magical Knight for a Copycat or so... Copycat is also a LIGHT monster, can be a really annoying to the enemy, and can be summoned by apprentice (granted that the opponent doesn't attack again!.) well, that's my opinion ^^. --SilentHero26 07:21, October 14, 2009 (UTC)

I actually appreciate the questions because usually I wouldn't know how to answer them but because I LOVE this deck, I know what's what. You're right about Copycat and I'll think about it but I know I'll find something wrong with it later, lol. Having 3 Apprentice Magicians and only 2 Old Vindictive Magician works well towards my advantage in more ways than one.

--Stardust24 14:49, October 14, 2009 (UTC)

You should add Magical Citadel of Endymion and 3 or 2 Spell Power Grasps. These cards help you get spell counters on cards faster, and they make better use of the 3 Defenders in your deck.

It would be good in a deck that features a Spell Counter showdown, but my deck is almost a beatdown style deck... Besides, it would be a dead draw for me considering there are a lot of cards I need in my deck, but thanks for the suggestion. --Stardust24 15:14, October 19, 2009 (UTC)

Why not have a Synchro Boost in the deck [Spider Ruler]

And not to mention that if your Defender is without a spell counter, you can always summon an Apprentice Magician to give your Defender another spell counter :)

Might i suggest adding a few Crusader of Endymion. 1900 beat sticks that can place counters on your Skilled Dark Magicians are nice, plus, they're light spellcasters, more light fodder for Chaos Sorcerer. Also, why have Magician's Valkyria in there? i mean.. the protection is nice, but they're kinda hard to keep alive, and with this build, your only way to save them is through your traps, which would be difficult to draw because there are only a few, or through your breakers with just 1 spell counter. Which, is even more reason to add those Crusader of Endymion. Also, i agree with SilentHero26, Copycat could work well in here. --Heaven Forbid (talkcontribs) 21:03, August 4, 2010 (UTC)

Spellcaster deck No. 3

Yea it seems like a good deck to enter tournaments in but if you arent playing in tournaments then that deck doesnt stand a chance on of the main promblems is that you need more cards. A deck of 40 wont last you to long especally since i played against really amazing decks.

Erm, what? I'd refute your main points, but I'm not completely sure what those ARE... I'll take a guess and say that you're suggesting that more cards is better. This is generally untrue. Runer5h 03:29, November 27, 2009 (UTC)Runer5h

i know my earlier points dont make much sense because i was rushing but through my past experiance i can honestly say that decks of 40 cards wont last long and this is generally true.

Disagree. Runner5h is true. 40 cards is enough. The lesser there are the bigger chance to get the card that you want especially if it is a Limited cards.11:04, November 30, 2009 (UTC)

RUNER (1 N: sorry, but it annoys me when that gets messed up). And yes, it is true. Less is generally better. You can focus your strategy much better with a smaller deck count. Runer5h 20:31, November 30, 2009 (UTC)Runer5h,

Hey why not make a deck with the Wdjat spellcasters, Relinquished, Man with Wdjat, Copycat those ones! Soundeffex 20:12, March 4, 2010 (UTC)

Ill will admit you have a good deck but if your saying you have the best one out there your completely wrong, for one its not all spellcaster so you cant say that and my deck is pure spellcaster and is still better. A hint would be to take out all cards that raise atk or def. there not needed since a spellcaster deck relies on spell, traps and spell counters. i havent lost either and whats better was i didnt even atk once lol and my deck is not a burn deck.

Whose deck are you talking of? and sign your posts--DarkMagicRagnarok (talkcontribs) 16:18, September 13, 2010 (UTC)

SpellCaster Deck No. 4

My Spellcaster Deck, Comments or feedback are welcome. 41 Cards, Can't Decide Whether to take out Dark Creator or Dark Magician Girl.

High Levels : 6

  • Dark Magician Of Chaos x1 ( Switched Out For Dark Eradicator Warlock At Tournaments )
  • Dark Magician x3
  • Dark Creator x1
  • Dark Magician Girl x1

Low Levels : 15

  • Gemini Elf x3
  • Magician's Valkyria x3 ( Tech Lockdown )
  • Defender The Magicial Knight x3 ( Protection For Magicians )
  • Breaker The Magicial Warrior x3 ( Keep Opponents Trap/Spell At Minimum )
  • Jowgen The Spiritualist x3 ( Syncro Card Protection )

Traps : 10

  • Mirror Force x1
  • Magic Cylinder x1
  • Negate Attack x1
  • Eradicator Epidemic Virus x3
  • Dark Spirit Of The Silent x1
  • Spellbinding Circle x1
  • Call Of The Haunted x1
  • Sakuretsu Armor x1

Spells : 10

  • Magical Demension x3
  • Thousand Knives x1
  • Swords Of Revealing Light x1
  • Diffusion-Wave Motion x1
  • Secret Village Of The Spellcasters x1
  • Dark Magic Curtain x1
  • Dark Magic Attack x1
  • Mage Power x1

Spellcaster Deck No. 5

I've played this deck for some time now and it's working AWESOME! Furthermore, it's 100% tournament legal according to the march 2010 banlist!

-Maybe get rid of the Gemini Elves and put in Crusader of Endymion?

Monster cards:

Dark Magician x2 Dark Magician Girl x1 Breaker the Magical Warrior x3 Skilled Dark Magician x3 Magician's Valkyria x3 Injection Fairy Lily x1 Gemini Elf x2 Old Vindictive Magician x2 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer x3

Spell cards:

Magical Dimension x3 Magical Mallet x1 Mage Power x1 Swords of Revealing Light x1 Dark Magic Curtain x1 Shield Crush x1 Enemy Controller x1 Lightning Vortex x1 Mystical Space Typhoon x1 Brain Control x1 Heavy Storm x1 Monster Reincarnation x1

Trap cards:

Mirror Force x1 Call of the Haunted x1 Magician's Circle x1 Bottomless Trap Hole x1 Dimensional Prison x1 Magic Cylinder x1

Spellcaster Deck (spell counter)



Any recommendation?

take out all the non spellcasters and add dark red enchanter. remove blast magigician and add Magical Marionette. its a little big so try to slim it to the 40s you can keep relinqused and be sure to include 2 copies of spell power grasp, 2 magical citidels and one secret village.2 magical dimensions. ive won plenty of matches in tournaments with a 40 card deck since its small the speed of my strategy is fast be sure to have 3 magical exemplars too.

any suggestions?

i know it has way too many cards... but i like'em all!! i don't know what 2 do!

fuscion deck (2 cards)

1 x Arcanite Magician 1 x Dark Paladin

monsters (46 cards)

2 x Apprentice Magician 2 x Arcane Apprentice 1 x Arcanite Magician/Assault Mode 2 x Breaker the Magical Warrior 1 x Buster Blader 2 x Chaos Command Magician 1 x Chaos Sorcerer 1 x Copycat 1 x Cybernetic Magician 1 x Dark Eradicator Warlock 3 x Dark Magician 3 x Dark Magician Girl 1 x Dark Magician Of Chaos 2 x Defender, the Magical Knight 2 x Destiny Hero - Defender 1 x Destiny Hero - Plasma 1 x King of the Swamp 1 x Magical Exemplar 3 x Magician's Valkyria 1 x Maha Vailo 1 x Mystical Elf 1 x Old Vindictive Magician 1 x Rapid-Fire Magician 1 x Relinquished 1 x Silent Magician LV4 1 x Silent Magician LV8 3 x Skilled Dark Magician 1 x Skilled White Magician 1 x Sorcerer of Dark Magic 1 x Spell Striker 2 x The Tricky

Magic cards (19 cards)

1 x Black Illusion Ritual 1 x Diffusion Wave-Motion 1 x Future Fusion 1 x Gold Sarcophagus 1 x Mage Power 3 x Magical Dimension 1 x Polymerization 2 x Pot of Avarice 1 x Pot of Benevolence 1 x Pot of Greed 1 x Pot of Greederosity 3 x Secret Village of the Spellcasters 2 x Spell Absorption

Trap cards (13 cards)

1 x Assault Mode Activate 1 x Dimensional Prison 1 x Draining Shield 2 x Magic Cylinder 1 x Mirror Force 1 x Royal Decree 1 x Sakuretsu Armor 1 x Scrap-Iron Scarecrow 1 x Shadow Spell 1 x Spell Reclamation 2 x Trap Jammer


Your deck needs SERIOUS help

Chaos Of Dark Magic Deck

As of right now, my Deck consists of 43 cards and a 15 card Side Deck.


My deck’s pretty much maxed out…What do you guys think? Anything I should add, remove, or replace? Any suggestions would be taken into consideration. Thanks. - Posted on July 29, 2010 by AlphaOmega12

Spellcasters Counters Deck-GenkaiSorcerer

Heres my deck. I just recently started to play Yugioh again, with all these new rules and banned cards. So check it out and tell me what you think.

Monsters (20)

1-4 Stars Apprentice Magician x3 Defender, the Magical Knight x3 Old Vindictive Magician x3 Flamvell Magician x2 Crystal Seer x1 Breaker, the Magical Warrior x3 Maiden of Macabre x3

5+ Stars Endymion, the Master Magician x1 Dark Red Enchanter x1

Spells (11)

Fissure x2 Secret Village of the Spellcasters x2 Mage Power x2 Heavy Storm x1 Mystical Space Typhoon x1 Swords of Revealing Light x1 Spell Power Grasp x2

Traps (11)

Royal Decree x1 Magician's Cirlce x1 Threatening Roar x1 Mirror Force x1 Trap Stun x1 Dimensional Prison x1 Bottomless Trap Hole x1 Magic Cyclinder x1 Torrential Tribute x1 Call of the Haunted x1 Dust Tornado x1

Syncro Monsters (doesn't really matter)

Stardust Dragon x1 Ally of Justice x1 Flamvell Uruquizas x1 Explosive Magician x1 Brionac, Dragonof the Ice Barrier x1 Arcanite Magician x1

Yeah, so tell me what you think. Any improvements I can make to get stronger.

Ok so i play a really good spellcounter synchro deck and ive won some tournaments first off take away ur spellcaster village i know it sounds crazy but Citadel of Endymion is waty better with out any drawbacks.With Citadel you have so manyu options (use breaker to clean whole spell and trap zone, Use defender to save your monsters, arcanite can pop the whole field, tempest can blow up all counters on it for GG) The drawback for village is tht if your losing miserably and you go no monsters BUT your oppenent has a spellcaster and you wanna MST or darkhole you cant :S caus ***ing village wont let u so it reallyu lets u down. run 2 magicians circles as it helps yoy bring a lot of key cards in your deck and synchro them, and too many traps too little spells if you run spellcasters you should well have over almost double traps.Tae away dust tornado, and get MST way btter version and its a spell, take away call of the haunted (waste of space) take away trap stun and replace with spell vanishing and anti spell its way better it stops alot of cards tht will destroy you like crystal abundance or lightning vortex. You dont have to but i persoanlly like going full spellcasters with 2 solidaritys so all my monsters gain 800 att making my mages a whole lot stronger. Take away royal decree too. Sigh so much to change email me if you want me to help u more

Dark magician beatdown deck please comment and help

My Dark Magician beatdown deck just check it out and if you have tips on how to make it better just give me you advice


Dark Magician x3 Skilled Dark Magician x3 Breaker the Magical Warrior x2 Crystal Seer x2 Magical Exemplar x2 The tricky x2 Defender the Magical Knight x1 Maiden of Macabre x1 Necro Gardna x1 Magical Marionette x1 Frequency Magician x1 Nights end sorcerer x1


Lightning Vortex x1 Heavy storm x1 Solidarity x2 Giant trunade x1 Forbidden Chalic x2 Magical dimension x3 Secret village of the spellcasters x1 Dark magic curtain x1 My body as a shield x1 Dark magic attack x1 Allure of Darkness x1


Dark bribe x2 Bottomless trap hole x2 Magicians circle x2 Dark illusion x1 Trap stun x1


Arcinite magician x2 Explosive magician x1

My spellcaster deck

I play the yugioh world championship 2007 videogame for the ds, So I'm limited to its card list. And, I play by the september 2006 ban list.

Spellcaster deck/Magician


-- (talk) 01:23, July 26, 2010 (UTC)HarveyC

Spellcaster's Assault

Spellcaster's Assault

As you can see my deck is a bit bulky and I am seeking some advice as to how to shorten it. I often havn't understood the concept of 40 card decks as I felt like it would be an easy victory if your best strategies are beaten at the turn of a card. I'm aiming for a sort of variety in my deck with Spellcasters as my most common monsters, I feel like this deck would normaly be prepared for several situations but it is still a bit too big. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If I could I would aim to add in two Magician's Valkyria, Dark Magician Girl and a set of Silent Magician's as well as a Dark Magic Curtain, maybe Thousand Knives, and one or two Crusader of Endymions once I can obtain the cards.

1) what you need are to Magician's Valkyria (i also have one Spellcaster Deck and i have decked two of them) 2) I don't think Dark Magician Girl is a good idea because 2000 ATK can be found also in level 4 Monster cards 3) I think you should use some Apprentice Magician (2 or 3) 4) In my deck I have one Mutant mindmaster and one Summoner Monk. I think both are useful in such a deck.

How does it feel drawing into so many non monster cards?

Try this one people!

Spellcaster Judgment

Happy duelings! Fawlker 18:19, September 19, 2010 (UTC)




1) Expired strategy

2) Too slow

3) Strategy is too ineffective and easily countered.

4) Requires cards to stay on the field for more than one turn (many of the cards need to be on the field for 4 turns or more), which is unlikely when facing tournement-level decks.

5) Relies upon normal monsters such as Dark Magician. Since effect monsters are extremely powerful, they overwhelm any and all normal monsters.

6) Relies upon counters, which can easily be defeated.

7) Weak against almost all deck types.

Yeah yeah... Heard it before. I'm pretty sure we here use spellcasters because we like them. I don't use the usual Meta because then everyones decks are the same and it gets really boring. Its fine if you don't like spellcasters but don't trash them. and sign your posts --DarkMagicRagnarok (talkcontribs) 22:20, November 7, 2010 (UTC)

I disagree.

1) Strategies simply do not expire as any and every strategy can be countered.

2) Spellcasters are absolutely not slow. With cards like apprentice magician, magical dimension, magician's circle, sage's stone, skilled dark magician, dark magic curtain, dedication through light and darkness, and other easily special summoned monsters such as chaos sorcerer, spellcaster decks can quickly fill the field with powerful monsters.

3) Any strategy can be countered, and spellcaster strategies are no different. However counter strategies can also be countered. Cards like royal decree, secret village of the spellcasters, and common counter cards can halt any attempt to counter a spellcaster deck.

4) To say that spellcasters need to stay on the field for four turns is equivalent to making an absolute generalization. The only spellcaster I can think of that needs to stay on the field for four turns or more is silent magician lv4. Furthermore, many powerful spellcasters such as magical marionette, chaos sorcerer, and dark magician do not require 4 turns to develop strength.

5) Although many spellcaster decks are based on the normal monster dark magician, such normal monsters are strongly supported with magic and trap cards like magical dimension, and dedication through light and darkness. Furthermore, dark magician is almost always the only normal monster in a spellcaster deck meaning there are plenty of powerful effect monsters: old vindictive magician, apprentice magician, breaker the magical knight, magical marionette, chaos sorcerer, etc.

6) Spell counters cannot be easily defeated, rather they are often referred to as "a pain in the ass". Spell counter wielding monsters in a spell counter deck can be protected with defender, the magical knight. And with a near infinite surplus of spell counters created with cards like magical citadel of endymion, spell power grasp, arcane barrier, and crusader of endymion, spellcasters are virtually invincible with one or more defender, the magical knights on the field. In addition to long endurance, spell counter equipped cards are known for their highly destructive abilities such as destroying magic, trap, or monster cards.

7) Spellcaster decks are absolutely not weak against almost all other deck types. Spellcaster decks are one of the most versatile decks out there with a variety of methods to deal with an opponent. An opponent's magic and trap cards can be rendered useless or destroyed with cards like royal decree, secret village of spellcasters, mei-kou, the master of barriers, and breaker the magical warrior. Opponents' monsters can be dealt with with cards like old vindictive magician, magical marionette, chaos sorcerer, and, if the player is ready to play games, time wizard. If scenarios call for a defensive strategy, a combination of apprentice magician(s), old vindicitve magician(s), and defender the magical knight(s) can make a player's life points virtually untouchable. Capable of disarming, destroying, and defending, spellcaster decks are more so prepared to take on almost every type of deck than they are weak against almost every type of deck.


8) I don't think you have dueled with a real spellcaster deck. They are one of the only types (if not the only) that have been strong since the beginning of dueling. They have a couple of the most powerfull cards in the game. And on top of that are very versatille. With a magical exampler on the field and a night end sorcerer either in your graveyard or hand you can synchro summon every turn and remove from play your opponents whole graveyard! Also chaos sorcerer is very powerfull if used in a chaos deck. RuGCo.

DISAGREE: Spellcasters are very strong and fast if you have the right cards and rely on spells to quickly summon them to the field exp: dark magic curtain summon dark magicain from your deck or hand for half your lifepoints (haven't checked it in a while sos not entire sure on effect) and i have used many decks before i have used blackwings warriors fiends dragons and my cousins the only one who has ever beat me with his 3 god decks but his smain deck is a spellcaster with obelisk and beside that its tourny legal and he beats me in 1-6 turns every game no matter how much i advance my deck and edit it or try different strategies.

Spellcaster Lockdown

Spellcaster Lockdown

Any Improvements? Is it tournament worthy?

--First, let me say I really like the look of this deck. I would love to run it and I would hate to fight it, and that's a great combo. I may even try making a virtual version of this to tool with. Now, for ideas I would consider putting a Call of the Haunted in, I know you have some major trap negation but that won't hurt you if you use special summon beforehand or say to get back Jinzo. It also lets you get back things like Apprentice, DM, Valkryria, providing for quick synchros or recovering a discarded DM. It doesn't look like you're worried about filling your spell zones up, and I would think you could dump 1 MPower for the Call. You could potentially drop Jinzo or (again) 1 MPower and bring in Solidarity. I like the three lightning vortexes, but with Dark Hole already in there I wonder if you really need 3? Another option for cutting to 2 and moving in the aforementioned Solidarity or Call of the Haunted. Eventually you're gonna force your opponent into defense or into clearing your field, and that's when I think the special summon or attack boost would pay off. Last idea, if you're gonna keep those three Vortexes in there I would consider Pot of Avarice to get back discarded cards, give yourself a little draw potential and put your synchros back in the extra deck. As for tournament worthy, I'm not too sure. Lockdowns seem to be something people prepare for, and given the sheer number of spells you could see some really bad starting hands. Done right I think this is deadly, but you will want some side decking to help with speed/power if someone prepares to counter this build. Hope that helps a little. Cheers! Rozonkomo (talkcontribs) 03:24, November 18, 2010 (UTC)

Spellcaster Synchro/Chaos

Link title

Monsters (20) lv1-4: -Breaker The Magical Warrior 3x -Crusaider of Endymion -Defender, The Magical Knight 2x -Frequency Magician -Hyper Synchron -Kycoo The Ghost Destroyer -Magical Exemplar 3x -Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers -Night End Sorcerer -Summoner Monk -Sunny Pixie lv5-6: -Magical Marionette lv7 and up: -Chaos Sorcerer 2x -Endymion, The Master Magician

Spells (13) -Allure of Darkness -Book of Moon -Magical Dimension 2x -Monster Reborn -Monster Reincarnation -Mystical Space Typhoon -Mind Control -Enemy Controller -Dark Hole -Shrink -Spell Power Grasp 2x

Traps (7) -Bottemless Trap Hole -Torrential Tribute -Escape From The Dark Dimension -Magic Drain -Trap Stun -Threatening Roar -Call of The Haunted

Pretty good but I can't seem to beat Gladiator Beasts, Blackwings and even Monarchs Can someone help me cuz maybe I missed something. --RuGCo (talkcontribs) 02:21, November 23, 2010 (UTC)RuGCo i would add a field spell like secret village of spellcasters or even magical citadel of endymion -

My spellcaster deck

This is my spellcaster deck and I would like some advice to make it better.


(level 1-4)(14) //////Eccentric Boy x1 //////Skilled Dark Magician x1 //////Apprentice Magician x3 //////Hannibal Necromancer x1 //////Blast Magician x1 //////Magical Exemplar x1 //////Breaker,the magical warrior x1 //////Alchemist of Black Spells x1 //////Defender, the magical knight x1 //////Magician's Valkyria x2 //////Summoner Monk x1

(level 5-6)(2) //////Dark Red Enchanter x1 //////Mutant Mindmaster x1

(level 7-8)(3) //////Dark Magician x1 //////Endymion, the master magician x1 //////Magician of Black Chaos x1

(level 9...)(1) //////Sorcerer of dark magic x1

Spell Cards: (12) //////Magical Dimension x1 //////Dark Magic Curtain x1 //////Shrink x1 //////Magical Citadel of Endymion x1 //////Mage Power x1 //////Dark Core x1 //////Enemy Controller x1 //////Solidarity x1 //////Lightning Vortex x1 //////Book of Moon x1 //////Black Magic ritual x1 //////Smashing Ground x1

Trap Cards:(8) //////Bottomless Trap Hole x1 //////Time Machine x1 //////Draining Shield x1 //////Eradicator Epidemic Virus x1 //////Magician's Circle x1 //////Scrap-Iron Scarecrow x1 //////Metalmorph x1 //////Sakuretsu Armor x1 --Eleoc (talkcontribs) 08:32, December 29, 2010 (UTC)eleoc

spell caster deck

Monster/// lvl 1-4// apprentice magician 2/ old vindictive magician 2/ skilled dark magician 2/ dearker the magical warrior 2/ magical exmplar 2/ grave keeper's guard 2/ summoner monk/ denfender the magical knight/ wall of illusion/ lvl 5-6// magical marionette/ dark red enchanter/ patrican of darkness/ lvl 7 or higher// endymion, the master of magician/ dark magician/ spell cards/// mystical space typhoon/ magicians unite/ magical blast/ enemy controller/ spell power grasp 2/ terraforming/ magical citadel of endymion/ mist body/ malevolent nuzzler/ giant trunade/ mage power/ swords of revealing light/ book of moon/ fissure/ magical dimension/ trap cards/// mirror force/ pitch-black power stone 2/ magic cylinder/ magician's circle/ dark illusion/

i can take out or add or replace cards, i can put my cards up to max 46, so feel free to help, just don't tell me to get some super rare cards that are almost impossible to find.

i suggest you to add two magician's valkyria with two of them on your side of the field your opponent won't be able to attack you Eleoc (talkcontribs) 10:34, January 29, 2011 (UTC)

spellcaster deck

Monsters(22) x3 Magical Exemplar x2 Gravekeeper's Spy x2 Breaker, the Magical Warrior x2 Crusader of Endymion x2 Caius the Shadow Monarch x2 Chaos Sorcerer x2 Flamvell Magician x2 Night's End Sorcerer x1 Injection Fairy Lily x1 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer x1 Defender, the Magical Knight x1 Dark Armed Dragon x1 Summoner Monk

Spells (13) x2 Magical Dimension x2 Pot of Duality X2 Magical Citadel of Endymion x2 Smashing Ground x1 Allure of Darkness X1 Giant Trunade x1 Cold Wave x1 Monster Reborn x1 Dark Hole

Traps (7) x2 Solemn Warning x1 Dimensional Prison x1 Mirror Force x1 Solemn Judgement x1 Bottomless Trap Hole x1 Torrential Tribute

Spellcaster Deck

So I just picked the game back up after a few years and I im trying to construct a spellcaster deck. Please give me your opinions on what to add/take out or other aspects that I might of overlooked. Im open to any constructive criticism.

Apprentice Magician x2 Ebon Magician Curran Skilled Dark Magician x3 Old Vindictive Magician x2 Mythical Beast Cerberus Defender the Magical Knight x2 Crystal Seer Breaker the Magical Warrior x2 Magician Valkyria x2

Dark Magician x2 Dark Magician Girl Sorcerer of Dark Magic Chaos Sorcerer The Trickey Dark Creator

Allure of Darkness Dark Magic Attack Lightning Vortex Magical Dimension x3 Secret Village of the Spellcasters x2 Magical Blast Pot of Avarice Monster Reborn

Torrential Tribute Magician's Circle x2 Royal Decree x2 Mirror Force Magical Cylinder

Spellcasters deck help needed

I have 1 spellcaster's command and 1 spellcaster's judgement deck and a couple of previous spellcaster cards. But i want to know what i need to really pimp out my deck. Here are the cards I have:

Monster Traps

1 Magician of faith 1 divine wrath 1 Breaker the magical warrior 2 Magic cylinder 1 Magical Exemplar 1 spell shield type-8 1 Defender the Magical knight 2 skilled dark magician 1 sorcerer of dark magic 1 magical plant mandragola 1 summoned skull 1 dark red enchanter 1 chaos command magician 1 old vindictive magician 2 mythical beast cerberus 1 Endymoin, the master magician 1 chaos sorcerer 1 blast magician 2 dark magician 1 dark eradicator warlock 1 tsukuyomi

Spells 1 Heavy storm 1 reload 1 diffusion wave-motion 1 lightning vortex 1 malevolent nuzzler 2 magical dimension 1 monster reborn 1 mist body 1 Twister 1 magicial citadel of endymion 2 mage power 2 swords of reveling light 1 graceful charity 1 mysticial space typhoon 1 magicians unite 1 fissure


please tell me what I must remove and what must add!......


Extra Deck

TEMPEST MAGICIAN GAIA KNIGHT,THE FORCE OF EARTH alright this seems like a tempest magician deck i would remove gemini elf for crusader of endymion not only is it a gemini but it has an effect that can help your tempest magician more. i would remove battle footballer for skilled dark magician it can kick but and help bring out dark magician. new doria should go for breaker to destroy a spell or trap or if you want keep the counter and have 1900 atk. magic cylinder too - hawkell28

spellcaster deck help

Hey guys can u help me with my spellcaster deck. Monsters lvl 1-4:

Crystal seer x2 Apprentice Magician x2 Magical plant magnolia Dark Tinker power supplier blast magician defender the magical knight x2 magical exemplar x2 royal magical library mythical beast cerebusangerous

Level 5-6:

magical marionette x2 chaos sorcerer dark red enchanter

Level 7+

endymion the master magician gandora the dragon of destruction sorcerer of dark magic


Dangerous machine type 6 mystal space typhoon magical dimention terraforming magical citadel of endymion spell power grasp x2 malveonent nuzzler chain energy


minaturize pitch black power stone x3 raigeki break trap hole dark bribe chain whirlwind wild tornado damage translator mirror force shadow spell dust tornado magical arm shield sakeratsu armor trap h

my awsome new spellcounter deck

played at regional tournaments

extra deck(5)
supreme arcanite
tempest magician
blackrose dragon
red dragon archfiend
formula synchron
main deck (41) 
monsters (20)
old vindictive magician
crusader of endymion
magical marionette (3)
apprentice magician (2)
sunny pixie
natura cosmobeet
defender,the magical knight(2)
magical exemplar(3)
breaker the magical warrior(3)
crystal seer
summoner monk
endymion,the master magician
spell (17)
terraforming (3)
magical dimension (3)
spell power grasp (2)
creature swap
magical citadel of endymion(2)
monster reborn
field barrier
magical blast
folish burial
miracle synchro fusion
swords of revealing light
traps (4)
pitch black power stone(2)
magicians's circle
Magic cylinder

please give some adivice i still need arcanite for complete strategy
but ive beaten 2 out of 4 in tournaments so please help is aprecitated

replace 1 defender and 1 tuner for nights end and with those exemplars youll remove there whole grave yard

My Spellcaster Deck: Dark Magician Beatdown

Monsters: x2 Dark Magician x2 Buster Blader x3 Apprentice Magician x3 Old Vindictive Magician x3 Breaker the Magical Warrior x2 Dark Magician Girl x2 Skilled Dark Magician x2 Skilled White Magician

x19 Monsters Total

Spells: x1 Future Fusion x1 Ancient Rules x1 Summoner's Art x1 Sage's Stone x1 Swords of Revealing Light x2 Magical Dimension x1 Dark Magic Attack x1 Monster Reborn x1 Lightning Vortex x1 Dark Hole

x11 Spells

Traps: x2 Starlight Road x2 Bottomless Trap Hole x2 Compulsory Evacuation Device x1 Mirror Force x1 Call of the Haunted x1 Birthright x1 Magician's Circle

x10 Traps

crusader of endyimion and double summon would increase you dueling speed.- hawkell28

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