Okay, so this is the deck that i want you to rate, After I am done rating, I will tell you the purpose of the Deck, and its Dynamics.

(x1) Exxod, Master of The Guard (x1) Megarock dragon (x1) Enchanting fitting room (x2) Monster Reborn (x1) Black pendant (x2) Just Desserts (x1) Dark Magician (x1) Spirtual Fire Art- Kurenai (x1) Mystical Sheep #2 (x3) Wakoku (x1) Stop Defense (x1) Ookazi (x1) Enchanted Javelin (x2) Ancient Gear Cannon (x1) Crstal Core (x1) Trap hole (x1) Inpachi (x1) Backfire (x1) Nutrient Z (x1) Card Destruction (x1) The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave (x2) Two pronged Attack (x1) Battle Ox (x1) Robotic knight (x1) Jerry Beans Man (x1) Boar Solider (x1) Criosphinx (x1) Blindly Loyal Goblin (x1) The Wicked Worm Beast (x2) Celtic Guardian (x1) Gearfried the Iron knight (x1) Ryu-Ran (x1) Conscription (x1) Dian keto the Cure Master (x1) H-Heated Heart (x1) Milus Radiant (x1) Soul release (x1) Option Hunter (x1) Armored Lizard (x1) Warrior Dai Grepher (x1) B.E.S. Crystal Core

Basically, My deck is a Beat-down Burn deck Hybrid. Its Basically concentrating on getting as many Earth Monster in the Graveyard as possible to get my "MegaRock Dragon's" ATK and DEF as high as possible with taking the least amount of damage as possible while keeping my Opponent's LP's Down with the "direct to damage Spell/Trap cards" while i wait for MegaRock Dragon to come.
I have a few really high monsters  so i can get more Earth Monsters on the Field to the graveyard so i can raise my "MegaRock Dragon" up. I Basically threw Exxod in there to defend me and deal direct damage while I'm flip summoning Earth Monsters. I have Cards Like Ancient Gear Cannon because 1.) They are Earth Monsters, and 2.) I Can tribute them to deal direct damage to my Opponent, and getting them back via Monster reborn to re-unleash damage while I'm waiting for a card like Exxod or Megarock dragon to come so i can finish them off.
So....What do you think....What do you rate my deck and tell me any thing i can take away and add to it.
NOTE: Many of my earth monsters have Four stars, but yet they have really high attack ( close to 2000) so I can deal a good amount of damage....


Deck doesn't seem to flow too well. Many cards seem out of place, like Celtic Guardian, Battle Ox, and Dark Magician. You definitely need a more prominent theme. It's not going to win any serious tournaments. Too slow and too mixed.


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