The new OCG List for March 2009 have now been published. While the list has not been confirmed for the TCG though, it is expected to be synced yet again. Discuss how you first heard about the list, and how it's gonna change the metagame here! - Vyse24 19:05, 17 February 2009 (UTC)

Banlist 2009

Dam dam daaaam!!!! DAD can Jizz in my Pants! It got pretty pummeled with limiting DAD and ET. Lightsworns haven't been touched, but they will be soon. No more TeleDADs xD RotA... I think it should be Semi, but lord. Well, time to make more room for BG Controls! Awesone list. srsly. —This unsigned comment was made by Schabiq (talkcontribs) 20:12, 17 February 2009 (UTC)


Well, at least TeleDAD decks will be easy to beat now, but so far Lightsworns are still safe (damn), Gladiator Decks small effect. Zombies are a bit hurt. Cyber Dragon still limited to 1?!? Why can't it be back to 2?


why is cyber dragon still at one? it should be two and limiting plague spreader wtf?

Omg Goyo guardin i have 3 on my deck

Plague... NO!!!!

I run 2 plagues and 2 COSF and my deck is fine (ok it's even a bit broken) (by the way can someone tell me of an useful tuner to replace plague, y run 3 junk synchrons) I'm sure zombies are going to be pissed off

Killbolt 23:41, 17 February 2009 (UTC)


DAD got Limited lol. And Twin-Headed Behemoth is Unlimited!!! ^^ Uh so yeah that's all... Nice to see a bit of Chaos returning to the game, though. --Bluedog (Talk) 00:27, 18 February 2009 (UT

  • Bluedog, just so you know...THB may be great, but you can only use the effect once in a duel...only once for all three...GO CYBERDARKS! Dmaster (Talk Contribs Count) 01:35, 18 February 2009 (UTC)
    • Yeah, I know that. But it's still useful anyway. --Bluedog (Talk) 01:37, 18 February 2009 (UTC)


I know this guy who payed 700$ to build tele-dad and now his deck is ruined!

U can´t C me!

Where is Honest? And Elemental Hero Absolute Zero? I dont know what criterie was be used to do this list!!!

PS: Good for Chaos Sorcerer n_n, Bad for Cyber Dragons T_T

i like it kinda

i run a wind deck so to see raiza as two is great news for me but im disipointed by a couple of things. i believe judgemnt dragon should be limited to 1 and wulf should be limited to two at least. i have lost the last round of tournament so many times just because of bloody wulf. sad about cyber dragon since hes not even that amazing since more people run tricky and stuff. chaos is back o yeah.. plaguespreader zombie thats what you get for being whack

I hope

I hope in the TCG that they keep Raiza at 1 put phoenix wing wind blast at 2 and do not move chaos sorcerer. Other then that the list is fine.


They killed zombies by limiting mezuki. Thanks a lot konami. Let the reign of light lords begin. -- 03:47, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

Raizas back at two. we may see pc monarchs all over again. gb's have been hurt a little. gyzarus plays are slowed, but hopefully the three gb cards coming out in crimson crisis make up for it. zombies are dead. teledad. i saw that coming but did plague have to get limited? goyo as well! it took me forever to get my second goyo.exodia decks playing manticore of darkness may become dominant unless we start main decking three crows.gadgets may see more play with ultimate offering at two and i dont understand why mind crush is at two. it should have been dustshoot at two.

It's a Good Thing I'm not running Tele-DaD anymore..

At least it didn't slow down my Lightsworns that much... Well at least now I can use Chaos Sorcerer, and Raiza's back at 2!! Yay!!=) but it's too bad for the zombies, Mezuki's been cut down to 1 and also Plaguespreader!!Whew!! E-Tele should've been semi-limited though. Lastly, COSR, and RotA? Why limited? I understand COSR, but why the other??UltraSynchron 05:15, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

What the...?

DaD being Limited, I agree, but not doing the same to JD? That's just wrong. You play one, clear the field, summon a second one, and you're basically screwed. And UO being Semi'll make my Ancient Gear deck a bit faster. Woo! And it was about time they did something about the GBs. Now teleDaDs will be a little screwed. n_n. And now, I can make a proper Exodia deck with the Manticore loop; of course, I'll have to watch out for those Crows... --Special:Contributions/World King 6:31, 18 February 2009 (UTC)


Why? plz tell!

  • Because TelaDAD's have a huge unfair advantage, so the new list is to break them. yay!

Nice list

I like this list except for a pair of things: Jugment Dragon at two and Honest still unlimited. O_O. 11:06, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

Judgment Dragon isn't splashable (but very deadly) and Honest - well they've semi-ed Mind Crush so at least you got something against it >>

Some rationale.

Keep in mind, people, that this is the OCG Banlist we're talking about. Glad Beasts aren't touched too badly because they've thrown out some answers to Glad Beasts in Raging Battle, which also has recently launched. One of the better known anti-GB weapons would be GB Hunter, or Core Chimail Ice. Lightsworns are being countered with the Allies of Justice, though this faction isn't of much effectiveness considering that they're Duel Terminal cards.

Several things I can live with - Malicious being down to 2, which is where it should belong, Zombie Carrier at 1, though everyone probably expected that. CoSR's limiting is fine by me, with the Manticores coming back to 3 the loop's bound to be abused to no end. Also, with the decks crawling to the top being Zombies and Plants, I can see why. Twin-Headed Behemoth's come back to give the Dragon decks a better shot, I bet, now with Trident Dragon and all. D-Draw and Allure are fine by me being semi'd, I kinda knew that was coming. No problems with Goyou and Brionac at 1, I only have one copy of each anyway.

No particular idea why RotA was limited, I was pretty fine with it at Semi'd, but maybe with the various warriors across the decks, it can get pretty broken. Besides, with Mind Crush Semi'd, it should be easier to get them to drop whatever they just dug out of their deck. Chaos Sorceror was a bit of a surprise, too, but seeing how people were looking back and realizing that this guy isn't that broken, it's not bad having him back for the moment.

Just my two cents on the new changes. --Gadjiltron 14:39, 18 February 2009 (UTC)

  • RotA's limited because it was used for Malicious in TeleDAD.

Its the time for plants!

I'm so glad that TeleDAD/Synchro DAD is practically gone but the zombie deck that i was making will probably not happen now because of the Mezuki, Plaguespreader and COSR limits with Goblin Zombie at semi-limit. Zombies were hurt far too much compared to lightsworns (they're far too agressive)

However, I've been constructing a plant deck that the new ban list has not touched the sheer broken amount of cards e.g.lonefire, gigaplant etc. Shame about goyo as it shouldn't have been that harsh on him. I would really like plants to take over the next format because they have certainly been an under rated deck type when there are so many possibilities to explore with them.
So overall, it was generally quite fair this banlist, just that lightsworn, gadgets?, monarch will come strong with the many advantages over other deck types these days. People spending huge amounts of money on decks will now stop gradually and people might finally bring back some innovation to this teledad format (just count the endless stream of Shonen Jump champions to see how broken the deck was) but due to restrictions on malicious, allure, destiny draw???, emergency teleport etc. this format might finally bring some fun back into yu-gi-oh once again.

P.S Chaos Sorcerer was never as broken as dad with the support and sheer draw power to support it, him being brought back from the forbidden is beneficial to the game.


Ok that list is way too biased towards these deck types: Exodia, Lightsworn (And other related decks such as Lightsworn DaD), And Spellcasters.

However if it is true the top of the metagame probably will be either lightsworn - DaD or Spellcasters. Due to the rigged strategies you can use for spellcasters to gain a huge advantage because of the secret village. Its one of the deck types I am planning but either way any deck I will make will need two allures, no problems there. But...the list is still very controversial, I mean chaos sorcerer coming back? Thats just too crazy.--Takuma. 02:17, 19 February 2009 (UTC)

um okay....

why was reinforcement of the army limited? it was an essential piece to my six samurai deck! :(

The List

This list is actually quite useful: Goyo at 3 was just too nasty. It could ram stardust and thought ruler and then snatch it away in one turn x.X Plaguespreader, well obviously it was going to be touched. it was just too good in lightsworns, and mezuki down to one does get rid of the copycats and ensure originality.

Chaos sorcerer - a good addition to any deck i beleive. He came back at the right time, ready to kick the synchros right where they hurt. Can't be negated by stardust, but not extremely deadly (wrath, bottomless, etc).

DaD to one is perfect. 2 DaD's was just awful, it just cries lack of originality. With DaD at 1, we can focus on other strategies, like sky scourges or other deck archetypes instead of spending tons on 2 dark armed dragons.

Judgment - Avoiding the banhammer. Dosen't really matter. he is a threat, but not a really big threat. Yeah he blows the field up. He blows up BOTH fields. thats why he hasn't been touched and stays at semi. DaD wrecks your opponents field whilst keeping cards on your field present. Whats worse, 3 wulfs on the field, one lumina and a judgment, then judgment blows the field up and attacks or a field of dark monsters, and then DaD gets dropped and blows up your only defense, then swinging with every monster on the field? i say the latter.

D-Draw, Malicious and teleport: FINALLY! no teleport dark armed decks. This will hurt the people who used to go to shonen jumps, who wasted all their money on d-draws, mali's, teleports and such....shame on you! You knew that the deck was going to fry. Should of spent in on gold sarcs or a lightsworn deck :D

The banlist altogether: Brilliant. If more changes are to come, then tribe-infecting shall come back. Obviously because stardust is here and untouched by the banlist :D


i was supposed to make a zombie DAD deck but not I'm having second thoughts because mezuki DAD and plague are now limited. And now I run a synchro deck. Now that goyo and emergency teleport now limited to 1 i will have a hard time synchro summoning. I hope in the next list emergency teleport will become semi-limited. O.o

I think this is a great list.

Basically, I think this list breaks down to what the Japanese believed would refresh the game and get a lot of cards that are overused put aside, and get a lot of unused, unappreciated cards the spotlight. I think this will stretch the minds of duelist to think outside the metagame box.

I like the fact that DAD is at 1. It basically says "He is still here, don't cry but you only get to see him for 5 seconds." It makes TeleDAD not so DAD. Not to mention Teleport got screwed, too. I like this list more and more.

Chaos Sorcerer is back! Spellcasters rejoice! I think Konami is definitely trying to get this game going in a different direction. I think that Chaos Sorcerer is exactly what we need to solidify an up and coming metagame sensation. It makes Secret Village easier to play in the mid and late game. Drop a Secret Village, remove a Copycat and an Apprentice Magician, and start spinning monster into the D.D. World.

I don't know why GB Bestiari got hit. He was perfect. There are some cards in Yu-Gi-Oh! that naturally control themselves. Cards that make the duelist say "no more than 2" So maybe Konami wants to see a strong comeback for GBeasts but not the typical "2nd turn Heraklinos" that we are used to seeing.

I think Zombies got hit basically as hard as TeleDad. With Mezuki, Plaguespreader, and Card of Safe Return all taking hits, it makes a zombie deck a bit more challenging for zombie duelists. Not to mention if you gave up your kidneys for your 3 copies of Mezuki, you might want to find the guy you sold them to. I think Zombie duelist need to sit down with a list of zombie cards and support and really hammer out a good deck.

Destiny Draw and Allure are definitely good but maybe the fact that they are both Semi will make them better. You never know...

Book of Moon is a bit surprising... I wonder why it got unlimited? Any Ideas?

I think Beast and Beast-Warrior decks are going to see a lot of play, seeing as Green Baboon and Manticore both got raised one category. With 2 Greens, and 3 Manticores, Berserk Gorilla may been seen more often.

Twin-Headed Behemoth maybe a key to the CyberDarks returning but then again with the ruling on his effect being so nasty, I don't think he may get much use... then again a level 3 dragon is a level 3 dragon no matter what.

And that's my break down. --LukeJohn17 14:58, 19 February 2009 (UTC)

I like the way you think man you don't seem like the type of person that uses run of the mill decks (DAD, Lightsworn etc). I agree with quite a lot of what your saying.
I think it is a great thing that DAD got limited (and yes I have him and I did use him but I got bored of him). and Teleport as well.
Glad Beasts get hit also thanks to Bestiari getting limited, they should have been hit much earlier.
Another deck type I am sick of looking at Zombies get hit, lucky for me because I just traded Mezuki.
Finally Chaos Sorceror gets brought back but alas still no DMOC.
Where the hell is Cyber Dragon number 2

Great List

In my opinion, this is probably the best list ever made. It's main purpose was to eliminate the TeleDad deck idea, limit the use of super splashable cards like Mezuki, Plaguespreader Zombie, and Goyo Guardian, and possibly to bring in more than twice as many deck types into the meta-game than there was before. The most common deck running before this list were TeleDad (obviously), Lightsworns, Gladiator Beasts, Zombie Decks, and a couple of Hybrid Decks like TeleZombie and Lightsworn Zombie. To me, TeleDad got hit the hardest with Zombies following right behind it. Gladiator Beasts didn't get hit too hard, but it limits the use of Gladiator Beast Gyzarus. Lightsworns didn't get touched at all (with the exception of Lightsworn/Zombie Hybrid Decks), but to me they're not that big of a threat. Some other decks that are not as well known also took a hit or two, such as Destiny Hero Decks, Warrior Decks, and Psychic decks.

I can see a number of decks making a huge comeback.

Lightsworn Decks

  • Still a meta-game favorite and a possible threat. With Judgment Dragon still running in two's, it will be hard to keep cards on the field.

Gladiator Beasts

Beast Decks

Plant Decks

  • This deck was decent even while the "TeleDad Format" dominated the meta-game scene. With that and Zombie Decks out of the way, this deck has a chance to become the new super swarm deck.

Monarch Control Deck

  • uuummm... can we say "Raiza the Storm Monarch for the win"? I mean, come on, Monarchs have a reputation for being the Kings of Control. For some odd reason, I have a feeling that Twin-Headed Behemoth will see some play in these decks...

Gadget Decks

  • hhhmmm, lets see. Ultimate Offering can be run in two's and all three Gadgets come in groups of three apiece. Yep, I think it's safe to say that Gadget Monsters might see some kind of play in some sort of deck. Since Tribute summons might be more common (A.K.A., Monarch Decks), Fog King might actually become useful in this kind of build...

Dragon Decks

  • The ban list has nothing to do with this deck type, but a good number of support cards for Dragons have been coming out lately, and Raging Battle has been coming out with a few nice cards for Dragon monsters, plus it's hard to argue with the fact that the best Synchro Monsters in the game are Dragon Types. Plus a new deck type called Hopeless Dragon looks promising. Who knows, maybe the most popular build from the very begining of Yu-Gi-Oh will be resurected in todays format.

Chaos Deck

  • This is my own opinion, but I think this build might actually become a solid deck option, particulaly with the Sky Scourges. Since Chaos Sorcerer has been unbanned, it can go side by side with Sky Scourge Norleras and Sky Scourge Enrise. I use a deck based around the Sky Scourges, and it's beaten TeleDad Decks plenty of times. The amount of draw power for this deck is also considerable since Allure of Darkness and a good number of light fairy and dark fiend monsters that have draw effects are usable here. But agian, this just my own personal opinion...

Cyberdark Decks

  • Yay for Twin-Headed Behemoth coming off the list for the first time in years! To tell you the truth, I'm not even sure why this card was limited at all, somone help me out here! lol! Anyway, since Twin-Headed Behemoth can be run in three's now, Cyberdark cards can feed off of them even when they're effects have already been used. Not a bad deck choice if you ask me.
      • Comment - It kinda makes since for THB to be limited because you can only use the effect once, even if you have three in your deck.

Spellcaster Decks

There you have it. Thats really all I have to say about the new list. --Sky Scourge God 18:40, 19 February 2009 (UTC)

Interesting. This should be a very fun format.

Wow! Well, this was almost what I dreamed about for this list. I'm glad because now, if I go to a tournament of 200 people, 150 won't be running the same thing. Well done to Konami, though there are a couple of things I'd like to touch on:

Dark Armed Dragon- I can see why they limited this with Blackwings coming out, but, contrary to the belief of many, I don't think this needed to go anywhere. The issue with TeleDAD (or at least for me) was the fact that they could easily bring out 3 synchros in a turn, not that they could drop a DAD or two, and if you had a good COMPETITIVE deck that you used against a TeleDAD, the synchro power should've scared you a lot more than DAD itself. They semi-limited Allure, Malicious, AND D-Draw (which didn't need to be limited, but they did it anyway.)Yes, DAD CAN be used in Zombies, but after seeing the limits to Plaguespreader, Mezuki, and CoSR, I could care less about them, and again, if you have a competitive deck with a decent side-deck, they shouldn't scare you either. Oh yeah, and about that LS DAD crap- Yeah, it's good.....when you draw well. Otherwise? Very beatable, and if you disagree with that, either you're in denial, or you don't know the game as well as you think you do. I kind of wish they had hit either JD or Honest instead, but you can't have EVERYTHING you want, can you?

Gladiator Beast Bestiari- YES!!! I absolutely, 100% LOVE this. The weird part about this is that I actually MAIN Glads, yet I'm happy that Bestiari is at 1. Why? A couple of reasons. 1) I only main 1 to begin with. 2) All those "GB users" who run (soon to be "ran") 3 bestiaris in their garbage Prisma builds are gonna need to think twice about that. I wonder how those people will live now that they actually have to play GBs intelligently and cannot rely completely on just mindlessly spamming Gyzarus all the time. Yes, they can still use Prisma and attempt a 1st turn Herak, but it's oh SO MUCH more dangerous now. (If you haven't guessed, I don't run the prisma build. I run what I like to call Glad Counter, and for all those who think that a deck with only 1 Bestiari and no Prisma could possibly do well in this soon-to-be-expired format, I won a regional and topped at another with this deck, so shove it). 3) They limited Besti instead of Test Tiger.

RotA- Wait....wait...WHAT?! ROTA?! Why??? To slow down E-Heroes, which will NEVER be a top tier deck??? (though a well built E-hero is something to contend with- I've experienced this firsthand) What in the WORLD were they trying to accomplish by limiting this. You mean to tell me they felt it was necessary to LIMIT RotA, yet they SEMI-LIMIT Gold Sarcophagus?! As my friends and I like to say, this is an "All your base are belong to us" moment (If you don't know what I'm talking about, youtube Zero Wing).

I like this list a lot. Konami is obviously interested in promoting a slightly-slower gameplay as well as more deck originality. LS is untouched, yes, but it has it's weaknesses (as does everything?). I'm more concerned about Tempest Magician with the new Spellcaster field coming out in Spellcaster's Command, Magical City Whatever-it's-called. That will be beastly, as will Arcanite Magician. My friend, has been using spellcasters forever now, did point out a very important fact: Most spellcasters have an even level (Aka Dark Magician Girl is level 6, Night's End Sorcerer is level 2, Apprentice Magician is level 2, etc.). But hey, there are definitely ways around that, as there are ways around everything in the game of Yugioh, where the smallest differences in text between two cards translate into a wide variety of loopholes that can be utilized.--Phoenix25 03:45, 20 February 2009 (UTC) Phoenix25

dad got picked apart

lol i feel bad for all those ppl who spend 1000+ on the teledad deck, but u saw this coming, the bestiari at one is weird and lightsworn is given a chance to top, but remeber last list when ppl said gladiators would dominate, and they one the first tourney and flopped the rest, just sayin anything cud happen. Plants, spellcasters shud see a boost and blackwing is lookin pretty good in the next 2 sets

Nice, except...

Why did ROTA get limited? Thats just dumb. Also the limiting of plaguespreader really hurt zombies.

monarchs are bakkkk

well hi i play monarchs and b4 i switched to macro monarch i played monarch oppression. but since the new list limited ROTA and semi-limited i tink oppression monarch is gonna get a HUGE comeback. Raiza - well raiza FTW Chaos Sorcerer - really owns in this deck so yea watch out for monarchs muahahahahhahaah!!!

right now we have nothing to worry about

ok, like the head says nothing to worry about right now this is only the ocg. so yeah we still have to wait for our tcg to come out. hopefully.


Now the anti Metagame is probably gonna be like a Removed from play deck and I hate whaT THEY DID to Reinforcement of the Army I have a Warrior toolbox deck. THey also pimped slapped Teledad, and Lightsworns have less playability due to 2 Judgment Dragon and 1 plaguespreader Zombie. Monarchs, plants, and OTK deck went up in the metagame, but seriosly they got my Gladiator Beast Bestiari to 1. SOmeone told me the Dark Magician of Chaos is not going to be banned.They should limit Celestia, Lightsworn Angel. Seriosly though they took a S*** on Teledad decks . Basically Konami or Upper Deck International just takes a dump on the Metagame so a new Metagame will be made then in 6 months when the next ban list is made they will take a bomb on it so it ends up being an endless cycle. ~Vanharo


i'm quite glad with this ban list the way people spent sooo much money on teledad and gladiators made running cheaper decks pointless now theirs more flavor to game. Rota was really annoying just simple of the spammability of it. 2 rotas in a turn quite annoying. i think thats why they put it there. i also think that come next pack series aliens gonna be much funner. :)

Ru CRAZY?!?!?!?!?!?!

Dude, ROTA is not that bad! comn, every other Archetype has their own ROTA, so they can do the same with their own copies. ROTA is just as broken as Gladiator Proving Ground, E - Emeregency Call, E-Teleport, & Charge of the Light Brigade. This banlist is horrible, even though some of it may not apply to us...

E-Dizzle 04:59, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

No 5DS limited yet?

I don't know about the rest of you guys, but this Double Summon card just wrecks havoc especially when used with GB. Turn 1 Gyzarus or Turn 2 Heraklinos anyone?

I think it should be semi-limited. There's no real drawback of playing Double Summon. The only real thing that doesn't make the card broken is that you can only activate this card once, but still, once is enough.

Anyone with me?

Its About time

Well, seems we finally get a good banlist. RoTA and E Tele are a bit of sad losses, but most decks can find away around them. Kinda sad how zombie and DaD got killed but LS didn’t get a single hit (and I run LS), besides CoSR and Plague (most people only use 1 or 2 plague and CoSR is optional). Seems like the new top decks will be Lightsworn, Gladiators, Monarch, Spellcasters and maybe Plants. Without RoTA and E Tele I doubt you can Synchro fast enough for Assault Modes to make a huge impact. I think its great how nothing got forbidden and 1 card even got off forbidden, Chaos Sorcerer ftw! Book of Moon at 3 means Synchro will be taking even more of a hit (can’t sych facedown) and with Baboon at 2 and manticore at 3 (even with CoRS at 1) Baboon decks will probably become lot more common, maybe a skill drain version with the upcoming Barbaros like I use to play? =P Lastly we have Goyo at one, which is good but not sure how fast people will be syncing now without good 6 stars. Since the TCG list isn’t confirmed (by konami or UD? I lost track of who is in charge of that) we still may have charge of the light brigade limited, since I am pretty sure its not out on OCG yet. Guess we just gotta wait a bit. Bio 13:15, 22 February 2009 (UTC)


1. This is the list for the OCG. It is not official

2. Why would they hurt zombies so much and not even touch lightsworns?

3. When has a zombie deck ever placed in a national tournament before?

4. Even with DAD limited to 1 it is still going to be the best. —This unsigned comment was made by (talkcontribs) 22:44, 22 February 2009 (UTC)

That doesn't mean it's not official. It just means it's not part of the TCG. It's official for the OCG (Whose O stands for official). The fact that it hasn't been confirmed for the TCG is adressed in the intro at the start of the forum. -- Deltaneos (talk) 22:53, 22 February 2009 (UTC)


THey should Limited Wulf, Lightsworn Beast to 2 and Celestia, Lightsworn Angel also 1 JD because that card is as good as Sky Scourge Norleras and They need to limit monarchs like Caius the Shadow Monarch Plants and spellcasters wise ise because of the new structure deck and some say the Crimson Crisis will have potential for a future threat or some alien will go up cuz of the new synchro ~ User:Vanharo

I agree with you saying Wulf, Lightsworn Beast and Celestia, Lightsworn Angel having to be limited because it's way too easy to drop a Wulf and Celestia's effect is just plain broken. Judgment Dragon on the other hand probably didn't deserve as much attention as most other cards did. It's pretty easy nowadays to counter agianst that thing, plus the opponent might mill it from they're deck since Lightsworns are natorious for milling themselves. As for Judgment Dragon being as good as Sky Scourge Norleras, I highly disagree. Sky Scourge Norleras is infinitly more powerful than even three Judgment Dragons cause it gives you instant card advantage for only 1000 life points, whereas Judgment Dragon only gives you field advantage for the same cost while leaving your opponents hand intact. Because of that, it's much easier to get rid of it since the opponent still has a hand to play with. Most Lightsworn Decks can't top deck very well after someone drops a Sky Scourge Norleras, unless of course they top another Judgment Dragon, although thats hard with only two running in a deck. --Sky Scourge God 05:59, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

Um, you serious? Wulf and Celestia? Nothing has to happen to either of them. Yeah, it's easy for LS users to get Celestia out especially because of Wulf, and an instant 2100 isn't great, but there are too many ways to either A) Counter or B) kill it next turn. They are not the problem with LS, and neither is Judgment. JD is a strong card, but as mentioned before, there are ways to counter it, and even ways to stop it from coming out in the first place. What makes LS more deadly than anything is Honest. Not only can Honest be used in LS, but Honest can be used in any deck that runs a good amount of Light monsters. Whether they will do anything to Lightsworn is the question, simply because there are too many ways to stop LS. I'm kind of hoping that, once the new Spellcaster Structure deck comes out, they will limit Tempest Magician, because TM combined with the Magical City field spell in the Spellcaster deck is just shouting OTK. Even without that, I've seen about 4 or 5 decks built for a Tempest Magician OTK, and half the time, it works, and 20% of the time it works in 3 or less turns. They won't limit Tempest until they see that it is a problem, if indeed it becomes a problem, which it probably will.--Phoenix25 06:42, 23 February 2009 (UTC)Phoenix25
You know what a good counter measure agianst all of these kinds of decks are, Waboku. It practically says "this cards buys you and your monsters an extra turn, except agianst special win condition cards". I don't know why people don't run this card, it eliminates the chances of getting OTK'd, plus it saves monsters most of the time. With all of these decks capable of landing an OTK in three or less turns, Waboku could come in great handy, plus if you know the opponent has a hand that screams "you will die!", Waboku can buy you the turn neccesary to make a counter attack. On top of all that, it's chainable to anything thats not a counter trap card, so it becomes useful agianst Judgment Dragon and other popular cards that constantly destroy stuff. --Sky Scourge God 06:56, 23 February 2009 (UTC)

I'm surprised...

I expected something as broken as Stardust to be at least limited. I guess they still want people to spend money on them since it is so sought after, and then limit/forbid them the next list. I would also expect Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon to be limited as well, but I guess not many people have it at the moment, much less 3 copies. Oh well, the only thing that annoyed me was limiting Reinforcements of the Army (which demolished my Ben-Kei deck)... at least ultimate offering changing allows my experimental Black Ptera OTK deck to improve. In anycase, as much as I love using Stardust, I seriously hope they limit (or ban) it next list... same to Dark Armed Dragon (which I hope they ban).

Dude, they will NEVER, in their right mind, limit Stardust Dragon. It is not as broken as you think, especially since there are at least 5 synchros right now that can run it over (ie Goyo, Thought Ruler, etc.) Yes, it can negate effects that destroy cards....great. Now how about trying to negate compulsory, phoenix wing, solemn, oppression, black horn, shrink, caius, raiza, D-Prison, Macro, D-fissure etc. What is broken is Stardust Dragon Assault Mode, but it's an assault mode, and I don't see how they would NEED to limit SDAM seeing as how it takes a little bit of effort to bring out, and there are still ways to stop it. Both of very good cards, but neither will be limitted, unless the people at Konami have an extreme mental lapse or something.Dark Armed dragon does not need to be banned. Yes, the decks that use it can control their grave so they can summon it quite easily, and Dark Grepher sure helps expedite the process if you have both DAD and Grepher in your first hand, but it is waaaaaaaaaaaaaay too easy to stop/kill/hinder. There are so many simple, common cards that can mess DAD up, one being Compulsory. Anyone who is having a huge problem stopping DAD have issues in their decks that they need to work out, because their are too many cards that stop other things that stop DAD as well. Again, I'm not sitting here saying it's a terrible card. It's a great card. Could they ban it? Yes, but they don't need to.--Phoenix25 06:42, 23 February 2009 (UTC)Phoenix25

Stardust isn't broken...

There are so many ways around it is not broken at all, Compulse, Dark Core, Caius, DD crow, Dimensional Fissure, goyo, Gaia Knight (Yes freaking gaia knight works), Solemn, shrink, Mirror Wall, Macro cosmos, Chaos Sorcerer (WHY UNBAN IT WHY?! So rigged.), Gandora (takes out of play), Black Horn of heaven, Gorz (More attack, fairly easy to get out), GB Reitiari, and the list goes on and on. So stardust is definitely NOT broken at all. Now assault mode stardust is a maybe...though I question of how fast they can get assault modes out with zombie synchro dead and tele dad dead, those were the two fastest Synchro type decks.--Takuma. 06:28, 23 February 2009

Gandora will not kill stardust, startdust would just negate, it says it DESTROYS before removing

Love it.

Simply love it. This banned list slaps teleDAD and zombies in the face, which i feel bad about for the people that paid half of their life savings on 3 mezukis. i'm a little confused about how lightsworn remained absolutely untouched, and this is the chance for spellcasters and others to take the metagame lead. This next few months should be quite interesting.

Banlist Confirmed for TCG

I am pissed that my ROTA has been limited it really screws with my syncro deck, but now its macro monarch with a bit of choas mixed in.


Honest should have been limited! - HorusRa 03:53, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

I disagree :)StevenF5 03:57, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

I dont. Honest is SO ANNOYING. And then you have those damned LS running around. JetKamakura 18:56, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

== People are no retards

Judgment dragon is basicly a 1000 for 3000 life points. Think of it like that


Why is it that they are going to limit the card Reinforcement of the Army, it is just an average card. I'm so disgusted with it. Also Cyber Dragon why are they placing it in here well it's effect can only be activated when you have no monster in your field and there is a monster on your opponent's side of the field. Why is it that they did not limit Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon, I guess a player may only wish to add less than 3 copies of this card into his deck. About Honest, they're not going to limit it yet because it is one of the rarest card. Elemental Hero Absolute Zero is not limited, if that card doesn't even obliging specific cards for it to be Fusion summoned that card must be Semi-Limited. Karma Cut, this card should be Semi-Limited. Hate Buster should be Limited. Trap of Darkness should be Semi-Limited, it can be a very useful card to Pyschic Deck. Why are they limiting Treeborn Frog. It must be only semi-limited, this card is just good for synchro deck and it only has 100 ATK points. Some cards in the Lightsworn Deck must be Limited, some cards have nearly same effect with Graceful Charity. Why did they Limit one card in the Gladiator Beast Deck. They must Semi-Limit the card Scrap-Metal Iron Scarecrow. What about Emergency Teleport that card is just one of the few support cards in the Psychic deck. Also the card Chaos Burst they must semi-limit this card.

Well, that is just my comments don't take it seriously. Kirho 04:46, 24 February 2009 (UTC)


Why did they forbid players to use "Premature Burial" and only Limiting Monster Reborn, hmm sounds suspicious.Kirho 05:12, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

  • Premature Burial was banned because of its abuse with Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Boundary. Premature can't come back until Brionac is banned, but he won't get banned because they killed zombies. --Sub (Talk | Contribs) 05:24, 24 February 2009 (UTC)
    • Wouldn't it make more sense just to put out an errata on Premature Burial? From what I've seen, the abusable part of the card is that the monster/premature doesn't get destroyed if premature/the monster leaves the field without being destroyed. All Konami or UDE or whoever has to do is add "When the monster is removed from the field, destroy this card. When this card is removed from the field, destroy the monster," right? Aserik 14:29, 25 February 2009 (UTC)
  • I'm kind of pissed about Premature Burial being banned too, because it is more useful than Reborn in my Ben Kei deck (same to Call of the Haunted), but yeah, that other guy is right.

- Really think about it if everyone is bitching about ROTA it must have been used in ALOT of decks, so now that's it's limted it makes it much fairer for the people that play un convential decks


Why did they limit goyo?!?!?!? I know its a bit broken but it still takes a little effort to synch it out. It can be like destroyed by cards like Red Demon Archfiend, etc. and the synchro can be negated by Solemn Judgement... i am fine if it were semi'd... P.S. Dang it i just bought 2 goyos 2 weeks ago and they limited it

I have a question....


-tries to calm down-

Glad Beasts are now slowed to a halt. TeleDAD is gone, I'm happy about that. My E-Heroes and Zombies got RAPED in a different dimension. It's almost hopeless to even try to battle Lightsworns now without getting pissed. It's going to be Lightsworn deck after Lightsworn deck. It's like playing a SSBB tourney and your fighting MetaKnight after MetaKnight. >_>

Let's see... Okay! Let's duel!!


Lightsworn user; I'll go first!!

I play Charge of the Light Bridage! I send 3 cards from the top of my deck to the graveyard and add a Lumina to my hand! -Sends Wulf, Nerco Gardna and Honest, while adding Lumina to his hand.-

Now I summon Lumina!! I'll use Lumina's effect, by discarding Nerco Gardna, I can special Summon 1 Lightsworn Level 4 or lower from my graveyard! I choose Wulf!

I set two cards and end my turn! Due to Lumina's effect, I send 3 cards off my deck. -sends 2 more Wulfs and Celestia, Lightsworn Angel- My two Wulf's are special summoned to the field!

1st Turn field status; Lightsworn user: Lumina, 3 Wulf's 2 set cards, 2 cards in hand.

Me(Gladiator Beast User)

-looks at field and then my hand.-

.... Good game man, good game. -picks up cards and walks away.-


Ahem, as I further say it, it's bothersome, annoying and gay to play against. I can't do exactly what I want anymore, because there's less chance to draw my Prisma and or Bestiari because I cant have RotA to gain Prisma, Bestiari is limited to one so there's less chance I'll even get it.

I wouldnt be as mad if they just weakened Lightsworns. Honest REALLY needs a limit, and maybe Necro needs a Semi. JD should really be banned, but I'll even settle for a Limit. I really cant stand Wulf, so maybe a Limit or Semi is needed.

It's just they left Lightsworns so powerful, while weakening the things that could fight them. I mean it was hard enough to fight them without this list...But now it's almost borderline impossible...JetKamakura 19:42, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

  • I sorta agree and disagree with what your saying. Lightsworn is powerful, but it's not the only deck left in the metagame. It is currently the only known deck alongside Gladiator Beast Decks leftover from the last format that is still playable (unlike TeleDad and Zombie), but a ton of other decks are gonna rise to the occasion to, it's just that most people don't know what they are at this point. Lots of people speculate that Spellcasters are gonna become a powerhouse deck soon, some say Beasts are the same way. Gladiator Beasts are still good, the only thing that happened is that Gladiator Beast Gyzarus isn't as easy to bring out anymore. Plants are gonna be more playable than ever with TeleDad and it's swarm rival, Zombies, out of the way.
  • I do however agree that Lightsworn should of taken a hit, even the smallest one possible. The card I would've liked to see get hit was Honest, but thats about it. Judgment Dragon isn't as threatning as most people think, Wulf can become a dead draw sometimes, Celestia can be countered just as well as any other card can, and Charge of the Light Brigade only aids in the super milling that Lightsworns are so good at. The truth is that Lightsworns DID take a hit, as it's most powerful version was the Lightsworn Zombie Hybrid Deck people liked. This deck actually got top 8 at UpperDeck Day in San Diego (I was there, and I even got to play agianst it). That particular deck was centered around two key zombie cards that are now limited, so it's not very playable anymore.
  • The best way to counter a Lightsworn Deck is to wait until they completely mill themselves or to let them use everything they've got. Wait until they play they're biggest cards and make they're biggest plays before you make your move. Use as little of your resources to defend yourself as possible. Then when they have exhausted a good chunk of they're resources, you can catch them off gaurd and hit them where it hurts the most. Basically, play an easy but tough defense, then make a quick and easy offense.--Sky Scourge God 21:20, 24 February 2009 (UTC)
  • You know, I think they should limit alot more Lightsworns cards, I mean they ARE hard to fight against, but you don't need to Fight a lithsworn deck, just build up your defense as high as possible, let them summon more lightsworns so that they run out of deck in notime. It's not hard when you have 3 millenium shields, 3 neo aqua madoors and 3 labyrinth walls in your deck together with 3 Ancient rules. BUT: the most ppl forget that this is a game, that's why I hate those guys who create their deck in order to summon Exodia as fast as possible, come on man, no fun playing the game anymore. and as for the lightsworns, they aren't that hard to beat, really. just be patience, or maybe create a better deck. I have never lost to an Lightsworn deck before, my Spellcasters destroy them in no time.--Dark-Magician 08:56, 6 March 2009 (UTC)
  • (Activates Lightning Vortex) Best antiswarm card ever.

ROTA Replacement

Also, for all of you Gladiator Beast users, may I sudgest replacing Reinforcement of the Army with E - Emergency Call so you can search out your Elemental Hero Prisma? --Sky Scourge God 21:27, 24 February 2009 (UTC)

Uh WUh?

Okay I put 3 RoTAs in my Warrior Toolbox Deck because Jttheunderdog put 3 in his deck of the month August (GO to his youtube). I know my Gladiator Beast Deck and my warrior deck are just toolboxes, but their good and they lose to monarch decks and I need a better deck. So what do I put in subsitute of Rota in a warrior deck~ Vanharo oh yeah and Teldad didn't just dropped the soap they dropped the Shampoo

You can try combining Foolish Burial with The Warrior Returning Alive. Field-Commander Rahz also works to a certain point and it's effect can activate when it's special summoned so you might want to give that a shot. Other than that, not much I can say for a straight up Warrior Toolbox Deck. The best replacements for this spell are designated for specific decks only, like Gladiator Proving Ground, E - Emergency Call, Charge of the Light Brigade, ect.


Are you going to Semi-Limit Wulf, Lightsworn Beast, if you are going to draw that card will result to a dead draw, it would be better to limit Celestia, Lightsworn Angel because you can.

Why does every body want the card which adds A Level 4 Warrior type monster to your deck, a card from LODT are better cards to be added to your deck The continuous trap card with Winged Kuriboh in it and The continuous Spell card which allows you to draw 2 cards during your draw face it would be better to have a great Hand Advantage.Kirho 23:30, 25 February 2009 (UTC)


The Ban List's true purpose

The only reason this list exists is so that players must keep buying new cards. By limiting or forbidding the old we have only one option and that is to embrace the new. These corporate jerk offs couldn't care less for the game. DRAGONS IS GONNA BE THE BEST DECK THIS FORMAT HAHAHHAHAHHAA

Why Rota?

  • Well as I read in a question above "Why does everybody want Rota when there are better cards in LODT".
  • Well to answer your question being able to search out what you want when you want it in a warrior deck makes it very versatile and consistent. Though warriors are no where near top tier the fact remains that being able to search the cards you want is ultimately better than being able to draw more cards. Almost all gladiator beast decks for example work off of a toolbox type strategy, That is why they are very versatile and consistent in the ways they play. Not only that, cards like Rota let you thin the deck when you choose to use them, Sure draw power is good but would you rather depend on two cards of drawing and hope you get that exiled force you need to kill the D Hero Plasma? Or would you want a 100% chance (provided they don't use a counter trap on Rota) of getting EXACTLY what you need. Warriors themselves do not run very well off of draw power, in fact the reasons other decks work so well with them is that they stuff the deck with tons and tons of draw power or they have an ability which makes the deck move much faster such as Lightsworns+Charge of the light brigade+Judgment dragon. Even decks like E heroes work off of Search power rather than draw power as shown with E - Emergency Call and Elemental Hero Stratos.--Takuma. 18:34, 28 February 2009 (UTC)
                       ==========Why not prisma===========

If they had just limited prisma then ROTA would have not been limited it killed my six samurai deck.

Is the march 2009 list final and proclaimed?

Why are they not limiting Hate Buster and also with Lightning Vortex, it is as good as Dark Hole. 03:19, 3 March 2009 (UTC) Most of the powerful card are in lightsworns. How about Plaguespreader Zombie? It is as good with the effect of Bolt Hedgehog that you can special summon it, the special summoning requirement for Plaguespreader Zombie is just like skipping your own draw phase, they must also semi-limit it instead. However, I cannot do anything this is already posted maybe by September this list will be reconstructed again. 03:19, 3 March 2009 (UTC)


really, the new red eyes deck is more than broken

if not FF, Red eyes DMD, or al least wyvern should have a limit or semi-limit.Killbolt 21:59, 3 March 2009 (UTC)

Why should Future Fusion be forbidden?

Seriously, its not that great of a card unless you combo it with tons of other stuff. Also, you could always destroy the card before it activates/fusion summons selected monster. Also, unless you have like three freaking stardust dragons on your field, the huge amount of people blowing up cards would cause this card pretty weak by itself. You also cant use fusion substitute monsters with this card (recently learned this) since they have no effect in the Deck. And Red-Eyes deck's arent that powerful, with these lightsworns running about anyway. Shoukatsuryou 05:05, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

It pains me to say this, but I'm going to have to agree that future fusion will need to be banned. A pure Red-Eyes deck isn't the concern, but rather the dragon decks that center around Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon. I've played someone who proxied Red Eyes Wyvern and Darkness Metal Dragon, and for future fusion, all they did was send 3 White Stone of Legends, a Wyvern, and a REDMD, and ended up with a monster field. Especially with Trade Ins in the deck, as well as an allure or two, it has synchro ability, swarming capabilities, and recyclying power with Darkness Metal Dragon. Actually having Future Fusion surviving for 2 turns so that you can summon Five Headed Dragon or what have you in that deck is just an unnecessary but very welcome bonus. --Phoenix25 17:01, 4 March 2009 (UTC)Phoenix25
I actually don't think Future Fusion should be forbidden. In fact, the only reason it was ever limited at all was because it ran very well in Chimeratech OTK Decks, and we all know that deck got picked apart a long time ago when Overload Fusion and Giant Trunade got limited. The Wyvern combo takes an entire turn to pull off and anyone who is smart will figure out the quickest way to rid the field of the Red-Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon that was summoned by Red-Eyes Wyvern. Future Fusion can even be stopped before anything hits the graveyard. If someone chains Mystical Space Typhoon or Dust Tornado (a card thats gonna be common in side decks agianst Oppression Decks) when you activate Future Fusion, you cannot send any Dragons to the grave because sending the monsters to the graveyard is not a cost to play Future Fusion. Plus, people still main two or three copies of Solemn Judgment and Dark Bribe, all of which can easily stop a Future Fusion. --Sky Scourge God 18:19, 4 March 2009 (UTC)

Future Fusion can be activated on a first turn.Soooooooo...... you will NOT have any set card to counter it's 5xFoolish-Burial-like effect and on next turn you'll have a bunch of dragons over your life points. --Killbolt 01:46, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

The chances of a first turn activation for Future Fusion are slim seeing it's already limited to one, plus there are a minimum of 39 other cards that get in the way of getting Future Fusion. I use a Dragon Deck and I've only seen a chance to play this card first turn 1 out of 16 duels. Thats a high ratio, and not even Trade-In (another card I run) can speed that up a whole lot unless I get really lucky. Why do you think Dark Armed Dragon was limited and not banned? The answer to that is this: they are most powerful in numbers. Now people are lucky enough to draw one late game and have the right amount of Dark monsters in the grave to play it since it's near impossible to base a deck around it anymore.--Sky Scourge God 02:16, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

bf DECK UNharmed

My new BF deck is totally Unaffected....with the release of Raging battle...BF gt stronger!!

  • Question is will you be the first to make Black Feather's #2 in the Meta-game like it is in the OCG metagame? Or will you borrow all the deck ideas from somebody who originally came up with the idea? You need to come up with something :P Though Since I am running it as my main deck I have a few ideas. My other decks are for fun mostly.--Takuma. 07:00, 5 March 2009 (UTC)


As a teledad player this banded list is a load of bull. teledad was the best deck in the format. now it F*cking hard to make it up to date with this band list.


why Ojama Trio has still limited?? T_T

that was the point

the whole point of this list was to restrict the major decks playing options to encourage people to think up new combos and add more variety to the game although the list did nothing to lightsworns.--Chaos soldier 19:42, 5 March 2009 (UTC)

Well the reason they didn't do anything to Lightsworn is because it's truthfully not that big a threat, people just freaked out from having to deal with a Light version of the real metagame threat; Dark Armed Dragon. The best Lightsworn deck to make an impact on the metagame was a Hybrid Deck called Lightsworn Zombie, and that deck centered heavily around Plaguespreader Zombie and Mezuki which are now all limited to one. As a result, this deck is ineffective in todays competative play. --Sky Scourge God 20:50, 5 March 2009 (UTC)
  • However you left one deck out, Lightsworn DaD decks. Those regardless of JD or DaD limit to one still work. Since you only run one of each in the deck. Around where I live they are called Twilight decks...One guy runs them now but even before that in the previous format a friend of mine ran it. He actually got tired of that deck and sold the pieces to buy some other things to have fun with. needless to say...He is freaking rich =.=.--Takuma. 01:24, 6 March 2009 (UTC)
I've heard of Twilight before, and it doesn't look too bad. I do, however, think another deck called Hopeless Dragon is gonna be better since it's ability to swarm far exceeds that of Twilight. Plus, since Lightsworns mill there own decks it's always possible to mill there one and only Dark Armed Dragon or one of the two Judgment Dragons (although Monster Reincarnation could be useful agian). There's also more than a dozen decks ready to try out for competitive play thanks to this new list, and there's bound to be at least a couple that will be really good. I'm actually working on coming up with a deck like that now while everyone else who likes net-decking and being unoriginal copycats are freakin out cause they're having a hard time trying to find good decks. The list of decks I made above on this page doesn't even come close to whats making a rise now cause I totally forgot about Crimson Crisis and Raging Battle. --Sky Scourge God 03:03, 6 March 2009 (UTC)
  • I have seen twilight decks in action considering a friend ran it pre-march ban list. They are quite consistent, and they run reincarnations (more than one) which work extrmely well, sending a necro gardna to the grave to bring back JD or Dark Armed or both, not to mention being able to use chaos sorcerer. The deck runs three solar recharges so there is a high chance of drawing JD or dark armed, I forget if he used allures...I don't think so since the recharges were enough. Good for you for coming up with something to play as. As for me Blackwings aren't fully out yet but I have been testing ways and methods to use them before they came out. There are very few sources for "net-Decking" so I am working in the dark but I am sure I got a couple things right. I made a side deck consisting of about 2-3 diff main strategies for the deck, gotta test each out for a while and see which is most effective. But Good luck!--Takuma. 04:17, 6 March 2009 (UTC)

Rate my Twilight Deck

I just had my new twilight deck, so I'm asking you people if you think it's fine or if I need some changes. Please reply


Dark Armed Dragon x1

Judgment Dragon x2

Sky Scourge Norleras x1

Honest x3

Gorz the Emissary of Darkness x1

Lumina, Lightsworn Summoner x3

Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress x3

Wulf, Lightsworn Beast x2

Celestia, Lightsworn Angel x2

Jain, Lightsworn Paladin x1

Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior x2

Ehren, Lightsworn Monk x1

Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter x1

Plaguespreader Zombie x1

Necro Gardna x2

Phantom of Chaos x3


Charge of the Light Brigade x3

Solar Recharge x3

Foolish Burial x1

Monster Reincarnation x2

Monster Reborn x1

Heavy Storm x1


Royal Decree x2

John4545 13:20, 11 March 2009 (UTC)John4545

What changes should be made?

I have a deck around Light and Dark monsters to. This looks alright I guess (albeit the Sky Scourge Norleras is kinda of random...), but you should probably put this on the Forum page. --Sky Scourge God 14:51, 11 March 2009 (UTC)
  • Out of ten...I rate it a 6/10 because some things in that deck are either in to much or too little quantity and some things just don't work out as well.--Takuma. 04:07, 12 March 2009 (UTC)

Thanks, what should be done, I mean the Changes to improve it?John4545 10:35, 13 March 2009 (UTC)

Well for starters, remove the Sky Scourge Norleras. You already have have Judgment Dragon and Dark Armed Dragon for that, plus any DAD or Lightsworn type deck have always been terrible topdeckers, so Sky Scourge Norleras would hurt YOU more than help you. Also (this is just me), I would cut out Garoth, Lightsworn Warrior and Jain, Lightsworn Paladin completely and add in another Ryko, Lightsworn Hunter and Ehren, Lightsworn Monk. If you would like to keep Phantom of Chaos to use with Judgment Dragon or Dark Armed Dragon, I would sugdest using Burial from a Different Dimension or maybe even Light of Redemption to get back a free Judgment Dragon. An extra Foolish Burial wouldn't hurt either, seeing it adds dark ammunition to a certain dragon I hate, lol. It will also go a long way with Monster Reincarnation. Finnaly, if your gonna run Royal Decree, you might as well run three, not two. Oh yeah, and Chaos Sorcerer will be good to. I hope this helps you out. :) --Sky Scourge God 15:29, 13 March 2009 (UTC)

Glads still a contender?

Are glads still a contender? Having bestiari settled at one made room for samnite and rescue cat don't you think? I really pscyhed if I would still run my glads.

Here's the deck list


Bestiari x1

Laquari x2

Darius x1

Hoplomus x1

Murmillo x1

Samnite x2

Rescue Cat x2

Test Tiger x3

Breaker x1

Grand Mole x1

Sangan x1

Giant Rat x3


Pot of avarice x1

Proving Ground x2

Shrink x3

Brain Control x1

Smashing Ground x1

Swords x1

Reborn x1

MST x1

Heavy Storm x1


Solemn x3

Chariot x2

Waboku x3

Mirror force x1

What do you think about it?John4545 11:37, 16 March 2009 (UTC)


i run a dad assault deck. i can handle this whole ban list in pretty good stride. but the one thing that really just pisses me off, honest unlimited... still. wtf?! it is so broken and by far the most annoying and infuriating card. everytime my opponent sends that thing to the graveyard i want to reach over and strangle him. bye stardust, or even the assault mode version. no card is safe from the limitless bs of honest.

I love Yugioh but this is something that happens a little to often

I am talking about when one strategyis so powerfull that they eliminate or weaken so many cards it effects many others when it is not their fault I know everyones glad that Tele-DAD are now weakened but at what cost E Hero decks, D Hero decks, Six Samurai, Everyother Warriot type deck my deck. is now weakened as well so that now whatever chance they had is now reduced I know Konami means well by doing this and eliminating Exchange of the spirit whihch my firend is still made about if you ask him about it he just syas Damn lightsworns speaking of which Damn lightsworns they are vritually untouched and now are just even or epsushed to the top of the decking world I do like that CHoas is backmaybe older classic cards my favorites will be making a slow and steady comback like wouldnt you like to see COTH and PB maybe GC whatver I digress I hopre these lists and the future of YUgioh doesnt became LIGhtsworns, Ben KEi,Gladiator Beasts and Zombies only

Come on...

Okay, here's my opinion: (kinda rude, EDIT or DELETE it if that's what you want, I don't care, everybody just needs to read this) first: everybody, stop complaining about Lightsworns, Tele-Dad, Glad Beasts and Plants because you can't do a shit about it!! How much time do I (or anyone else) have to say this? We can only discuss about the March 2009 list but we can't do nothing ppl! Instead of sitting here with your account, complaining about all those decks, try to find a way to beat them instead! What could be used against Lightsworns? Simple: a total DEF deck with good DEF monsters and counter traps. What could be used against Tele-Dad? Simple: just create a better deck, for example: add Dimensional Fissure or somthing, and if you run warriors, just user the spell card SOGEN to boost them. Boosting your monsters is the best thing to do and you just have to deal with all this crap because there is nothing you can do about it. Second: When are you ppl happy with the list? It sure gives zombies and DAD and Glad Beasts such a smack that they will never be able to stand up again, but at the same time Spellcasters are coming back, and with the new Structure Deck coming out, Spellcasters are going to be abused and/or exploited as hell. But back to my question, when are you ppl happy? For example, if one of you run a Water-deck, doesn't mean that the whole list has to be exactly as you say! IF lightsworns own you easy and hard, it still doesn't mean that they should ban EVERY lightsworn monster just because ONE person on the world doesnt like the list, am I right? I (Spellcaster user since yu-Gi-Oh came out) am happy with this list, spellcasters are making a come-back (who knows for how long) and zombies and Tele-Dad aren't so scary anymore. (they've never been it before either but still...) I guess that alot more ppl are happy with the list, but they just want more. I know, we humans want more more and more, that's the way we're made so live with it! third: (almost forget to mention it) you wanna know why they don't limit Honest or Judgment Dragon? Because they are Secret Rares, that means hard to get and very EXPENSIVE. You have to open like 20 Boosters for the right card. Stop hating honest, fight against it instead, use cards like Divine Wrath and Reverse Trap. Stop hating Dark Armed Dragon, it isn't that hard to beat. You guys wanna know what makes you so afraid of DaD? Just the thought of it and nothing more, and the ones that are going to blame me for saying this know what I mean and they all fear DaD and the Tele-thingy. If the ones that read this even think of writing an angry answer, then I'll know that you are the one who is afraid of it. The same goes for Honest... Fourth: some of you really need to learn what thw word Broken means in this forum. Just because a card is abused doesn't mean it's Broken. Just because a card (like Honest) is used by any lightsworn deck doesn't mean that it's broken, be happy that finally the Light-attribute is making a come-back. Before Honest and Lightsworns cam out, when did you see a Light deck last time? I'm happy they have balanced the Attributes a little more and I am happy for the ones that love light cards but never got to play them because there were too few Light (support) cards. I'm happy for all of them. Back to the topic, for example zombies, they are broken, because it's hard to make a proper zombie deck nowadays. I don't feel sorry for them, and that's Only because I don't really like those Scary-cards... A little tip that might help them, A zombie deck that revolves around King of Skull Servants is easy to make now, 3 King's, 3 skull Servants and 3 Lady of Weights. Lady of weight is Only seen as Skull Servanmt in the graveyard, wich will give King of Skull Servants a maximum of 8000 ATK points. EDIT: I didn't post this because i'm afraid of Dad or Lightsworns, I posted this to make it clear that you have o fight them instead off complaining about them. For those of you who want to know, my Spellcaster-deck is doing pretty well against those lightsworn fu..ers, and it doesn't do bad against DaD either. EDIT: I'M VERY SORRY IF I BLAMED ANYONE WITH MY POST, IT WASN'T MY OPINION AND I DIDN'T POST THIS FOR BLAMING PPL. I just make clear to everyone that Lightsworns and DaD aren't that scary, it's just the thought of it. Now I really have to stop writing, because my fingers start to ache and I'm getting dizy. Haha... --Dark-Magician 17:25, 18 March 2009 (UTC)

  • Actually they are quite deadly, an absolute def deck will probably not work vs lightsworns, ever heard of LS Ehren? It is crazy for killing def, now building a total def deck might work but again a sideboard will kill that person, royal decree is all it takes I would think. The only exception is stuffing 3 Threatening roars and 3 Waboku in the deck so that they would hopefully mill out from you stalling one turn after another late in the game. Also fighting the cards that most people are annoyed by is a little tough considering that the counter cards are things that do not splash very well into decks. For example a Divine wrath leaves you with less hand advantage, sure it stops the honest but you lose a card in the process. Most people expected Lightsworns to be hit this time around along with the rest of the metagame decks but unfortunately it didn't. Light imprisoning mirror will also be less effective due to trap eater. Because of certain Lightsworn effects they can be quite tricky to beat, for example Lyla, which has a breaker like effect. Really what people want is balance, not a deck that dominates over every other one because it is Faster and maybe stronger. Not everybody can run an anti metagame deck either.--Takuma. 20:10, 22 March 2009 (UTC)

Exodia's 5 pieces are Limited, so why not "Exodia Necross" or "Exodius"?

If they wanted to Limit something, they should have Limited "Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord", "Contract with Exodia", and "Exodia Necross". Let me explain why I think they should have: the 5 cards that make up "Exodia the Forbidden One" are Limited, so why aren't their other incarnations?

By Limiting "Exodius", "Contract with Exodia", and "Necross" to one each per Deck, then that would enable a person to understand how powerful the original Exodia was. If anyone else thinks this should be done, please message me.

--1exodiafan1 20:03, 18 March 2009 (UTC)1exodiafan1 common u guys! think! lightsworns are only good with monsters in the grave! everyone bases their ideas around lumina, the key of the deck. But she, as well as necro gardna, plaguespreader zombie, wulf,judjment dragon, and more, are usless when removed from play. Run a triple macro cosmos and their finito. then wulf, plague spreader,and judjment connot be summoned, lumina connot summon, all the cards removed from play can never be brought back. Done forget to throw in a golden homunculus or two, his atk will go way up.

Somebody over there, please make up your minds!

At first, I see Phantom of Chaos on the Semi-Limited list, now it's back on the Unlimited list. What, does this mean Armitael, Phantasm of Chaos is now being released as a TCG card?

--1exodiafan1 20:20, 18 March 2009 (UTC)1exodiafan1

I, too, am mildly confused by this. But recall that Phantom of Chaos is not exclusively for Armitael. The ability to mimic any card, its level, name and abilities is quite powerful, especially now that we have Synchros going around. --Gadjiltron 06:08, 29 March 2009 (UTC)

just asking...

what is tele dad???????????

Are you seriously asking that? Wow... Tele Dad is a deck based around Emergency TELEport and Dark Armed Dragon better known as D.A.D. Basically this deck before March was able to pump out 3 or more synchros a turn and drop D.A.D. whenever necessary. It was hard to beat until March 2009 rolled around. --LukeJohn17 00:00, 22 March 2009 (UTC)


I can understand everything about the new ban list but destiny draw? I can understand allure but destiny draw?...why dont they include everything that can draw while there at it....huh?! plants will take over the swarming business alongside with lightlords...wahahaha... and one more thing: how dumb is that question above...."what is a tele dad?"(talking in a mocking manner).

  • Drawing cards is powerful nowadays. It speeds up many of todays decks, and the reason Destiny Draw was limited is because even though Destiny Hero - Malicious was limited agian, there are still alot of highly playable Destiny Hero's, such as Diamond Dude, Plasma, Dasher, and maybe even Dogma. Allure of Darkness only added in more of what was already too much draw power since all Destiny Hero monster cards are DARK Attribute. In short, Destiny Draw was just too playable, and therefore gave its users an unfair advantage over all other decks that either can't afford that kind of support or just don't have it at all. By the way, not everyone knows or has to know what Tele-Dad is cause not everyone is playing to be competative, so you shouldn't be saying its a dumb question. Instead of insulting people, educate them... --Sky Scourge God 17:33, 27 March 2009 (UTC)
  • -Well I know,That its not right to insult them but come on!?shouldn't a duelist know that...right?....and how do I sign like you did?
  • All players who wanted to be competative in the Tournament scene should've known what Tele-Dad is, but everyone else doesn't HAVE to know, even though it's good to know what kind of decks are out there. So yes, in a certain point of view, I do agree that most players should know what a Tele-Dad deck is. By the way, about the signiture, there's a button on top of the edit box that automatically puts it in for you. All you have to do is press it (if you don't have an account for the wikia or your not logged in, your IP Address will be shown instead of your name.) --Sky Scourge God 15:58, 30 March 2009 (UTC)

someone just insulted someone for not knowing what "tele-Dad" means, and then asked how to sign his posts? >.>

~Specter (cow_pi) 19:27, 1 May 2009 (UTC)


Limiting Bestiari to 1 wa stupid.....I understand people are getting mad about the combos to get out gyzarus but totally limiting bestiari to 1 is unfair.....If any card should be limited it should be judgement dragon.....I agree the bestiari combo can be a little unfair but to totally shut the deck down by only letting people run 1 bestiari is unfair.....I run glads and rely on those combos along with several others.....I won regionals with that combo and if you bring solemn judgment back to three there shouldn't be a problem with stopping bestiari.....semi limit bestiari and limit some of the lightsworn cards.....lightsworn has barely been touched by the banned list and glads, teledad, and zombies have been crushed.....whomever creates the banned list needs to make things right..... semi limit bestiari and gyzarus for all i care.....i will run two bestiari whether or not it gets semi limited or not.....

if anybody agrees or disagrees with me on this please email me at LATER>>>>>>>>>

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