The Lobby is a place used to find other people who are interested in dueling.

Enter your Username below if you would like to participate in the Duel Terminal.

  • Please also specify which format.
  • If you want a judge, see the userpages of the editors for contact info.
  • If possible, please also specify the times when you are usually able to duel.
  • Use the Talk Page to find an opponent.

Commonly Used Formats:

  • IRC
  • YVD
  • Skype
  • Instant Messenger Programs
  • Forum Pages
  • Dueling Network


  • Cbanks89 Hey there I'm new to the wikia and it has been some time since I have dueled against anyone. I have mostly been playing YGOPRO for the IOS and Duel Generation for Ipad. Username is same as here for both. Just let me know if you would like to duel.
  • Cleiss I Primarily only Duel on YGOPRO (We do Tag Duels and Stipulation Duels and tons of fun stuff. We use a private Hamachi server so if you want to be apart of the network you'll never run out of stuff to do with us. Hit me up on Skype @ Live:Exilegear and we'll get you started!

Cleiss (talkcontribs) 17:59, March 29, 2013 (UTC)

  • Leo_de_Panda Hey there, I use Skype to duel and am new to the process. I run Advance format decks and if you run traditional its cool, I'll take the challenge as well.
  • LyonTier LyonTier here, I play both Advanced and Traditional, TCG only (that's sort of obvious though), I'm on Skype, TheUndeniableLion.
  • CorsairBoyo Anyone want to Skype duel? You can email me at to decide a time. My skype is also called CorsairBoyo.
  • Ren27ster Anybody wanna skype duel? I only do ADV format and TCG. If you wanna set up a time to meet on skype my e-mail is My skype user name is ren27ster.
  • Logicator Usually on late at night eastern time, e-mail me to set up a time. I prefer using skype since it's nice to have a visual. Only do TCG and ADV format, currently trying to run blackwings.
  • Da Muffin Man Willing to duel anyone, anytime, I just got back into Yu Gi Oh, so I still have the old TCG cards, playing with 4k, 8k, or 12k, Life Points, I only duel on Myspace IM ( IM me, i'm on randomly.
  • Blackwingggys IRC Channel ##Yu-gi-oh-duels
  • Hey well it's me kirho, Can someone duel me!
  • Capoohbear1 I am available on most Saturdays and Sundays. Also, occasionally during the week, but only after 6 o'clock. I duel with Advanced Rules Only and either 8,000, 10,000, or 20,000 Life Points. Go to my Talk Page to leave me a request or any questions you have.
  • Blue-Eyes White Kid - I duel on MSN, YVD, or the IRC. My YVD name is playtester. My MSN address is, and if you want to duel me, just leave me a message. Advanced format only.
  • Airblade86™ Any time, any format.
  • Roge23 (Dueling through YVD) Available weekdays 3:00-8:00 PTD or GMT -7:00 if interested contact me on my talk page Advanced Format Only
  • leloche duel in any format and can duel anytime but in the afterrnoons and yeah aim:twilightabyss333 and msn: and if u have skype mine is leloche43
  • * TheChamp IM me at
  • CowMan- IM me at joebobthechicken-aim or (msn) i prefer skype or any voice chat program to duel though
  • Timaz (Advanced Format) (Dueling trough MSN or YVD)
  • Batboy267 (Advanced Format) (available through request and scheduling)
  • OsmiuMap (Any Format) (Available about half the time, contact me through IRC to duel me.)
  • Gemini69 (Advanced Format of course) (available approximately 2 am - 5 am EST)
  • Rein Weiss Ritter (Advanced Format) (Available except Wednesdays and Saturdays)
  • Stardust Hero Go to my Talk Page!!!THANKS.
  • Poque (any Format) (available 4 PM - 5:30 PM EST or through scheduling)
  • WaTz (Advanced, Available anytime, currently in vacations, IRC, or MSN(
  • J0V1 (Advanced Format, available through request. Duel via Yahoo! Messenger and MSN.)
  • Radaeron (Advanced Format) (Available weekdays 10pm - 1am GMT, most of Saturday and Sunday, you'd have to ask on the day..)
  • Bio (Advanced Format)
  • Darth Covah (Advanced Format) (Available through request)
  • Dmaster (Any Format, though Advanced is perfered) (Available through request)
  • Sub (Advanced Format) (Available through request)
  • Nidzajojo (Any Format) (I'm available every day exept Wednesday,Saturday and Tuesday)
  • Cybertwin (Advanced Format) (every day except Tuesday and Thursday)
  • Salvamala (Advanced Format) (available through request and scheduling)
  • Haou (Advanced Format) (On at random times, available through request and scheduling)
  • Underdark (Any format)4:30pm-11:30pm GMT +10rorble for request/scheduling)
  • Monarch1 (Advanced Format; available through reguest and scheduling)
  • thedefender(Advanced Format)
  • KazilDarkeye (Any format, available by request, I prefer using MSN to duel)
  • Burai (Any format, Advanced is preferred, available through request)
  • Arx Zero (Advanced format, REAL decks, Everyday after 8pm EST. will duel whenever possible though.)(dragonknightz - AIM)
  • BobTheJesusPunk (Any Format, available through request and scheduling, AIM sn is the same as Username)
  • taker1994 (Any format, available in, through request and before planned)
  • Pocl (IM me at, available at 7p.m-12p.m GNT +08 00)
  • -=MegaFreak=- (Avaliable on weekends and on 9/29.)Leave your acceptance on my page then will duel!!!:D.Will accept any format.
  • Bonnie Hirsch. Contact me at to duel! I'll accept either format.
  • CardSummoner(Advanced Format) (contact through talk page) (use AIM or msn)
  • Va1kyrie (Advance Format) ( Contact me at )
  • Jetronix 04:34, 1 November 2008 (UTC) hi! im jetro pls feel free to add me. (advance formatt only pls)
  • KiraxFreedom Yay, I can see jetro up there. I'm new to Duel Terminal, but I've had a few MSN duels before. I'm on quite alot so just add me. (I play Advanced Format with either 4000 or 8000 LP) I play Monday-Thursday: 8pm-11pm (+11GMT). Othertimes are pretty much random.
  • Gadjiltron here. I play with cards from OCG and TCG, using OCG Advanced Format list, and am usually available almost all week round. Proxies enabled for duels. Look in my user page if you want my email.
  • Ryanfireball (advanced) Contact me on my user page if you want to duel me, avalable about every evening but it varies. Normal 5-9pm EST.
  • Tkalamov I am one of the best players here so if you want to challenge me, you've got it. Duel me on MSN. My MSN is All formats welcome
  • Bluedog Either format, but Advanced is preferred. Available most days except Sundays sometimes.
  • UltraSynchron Advanced Format, and I use OCG cards. Duel me at Yahoo!. It's I'm ready everyday.
  • Tantara (advanced format, available by posting on my talk page User talk:Tantara)
  • countcube69 email me or add me on (I play 8000 LP advanced format, prepared to use any amount of LP)
  • 0RLY - Advanced format, EST afternoons, AIM: exDarkLight, contact through AIM only
  • TehBazzard - Advanced format, Afternoons and Late Night everyday. AIM: TehBazzard, contact via AIM only.

I'll also use the Forums IRC chat.

  • Crayoncrawler - Advanced format, contact me anytime on AIM: shadowstyleninja
  • Katsuma-San - Advanced Format, tho open to just about anything. Contact on talk page for MSN or YIM address!
  • Judgmentdragon Boy - Advanced Format, 8000 or 16000. Ask BEWK or Darth Covah for my contact details (MSN only) Free from 1500 GMT Monday to Friday
  • Andrew420 - Advanced format. yahoo messenger
  • Cometthemicroraptor - Advanced Format. MSN Messenger is
  • Kocur12 - Advanced format, 8000Lp. Play via Skype,Aim. Any questions
  • DemonDizzle - Advanced Format. You can reach me on my talk page (User talk:DemonDizzle). Cool with AIM/YIM/MSN.
  • GoldenSandslash15 - Advanced or Traditional. I only play on the IRC, usually on weekends between 7PM and 9PM (Pacific Time). To request a duel, see my talk page.
  • El*demonio - Advanced format only via YVD (Yugioh Virtual Desktop). I could battle everyday; from Monday to Friday from 15:00 to 0:00, at Saturdays and Sundays the Whole day. (WHEN AM AT HOME at that time).
  • User:SpaceGhidorah Traditional Format. Weekends. 4000 to 8000 LP. Challenge me and I'll give you a set time.
  • User:Eky95-Advanced Format, I duel through MSN or Gmail. Please go to talk page for a request.
  • User:Lolcake1993 - Advanced Format, I can duel through either aim or skype. Message me for a duel :)
  • snipo101- Advanced. On weekends, anytime except after 6 PM EST on Saturdays, but on weekdays only evenings between 8-11 PM EST on Yahoo/MSN/ IRC. Talk page: User talk:snipo101
  • User:Aznskills90214Traditional Format umm..mostly weekends....actually anytime but during the summer. Just drop a message at and we'll work something out
  • User:Lon3wolf - Advanced Format - 8000LP. I can duel through MSN. Request through my talk page.
  • User:Ancientgearking Advanced Format via Skype only. I will use my Ancient Gear deck mostly. Otherwise any of my other decks. For my Skype name, ask me on my Talk Page.
  • User:Littlmiget123 - Any format. 8000 LP. I am available any time over Aim (littlmiget132). Just request for a duel and meet me on there! Also, if I'm not on Aim, my e-mail is if you want to contact me.
  • User:time wizard hey i'm new to the whole dueling thing but i am eager to learn and improve. I am available most days over msn. My msn is:
  • Drew-Gi-Oh! YVD or IRC. My YVD name is Drew9779. Message me for a Duel, ADV. format only.
  • hpboy111 I'm avaible whenever. Message me and we can set up a deul. I'm only on the IRC channel and I'm for an hour or so every day.
  • Yugioh DED:Advanced Format. Central Time. TCG. YVD connection only. YVD username = (Skannr345) without the (). Click here to get further.
  • bwinggale: Advanced Format. Yvd only. Yvd username is bwinggale. TCG only. Pacific time.
  • Jon Kovacs I'm generally available any day after about 8 (Eastern Time). I use YVD only, with the username Kovacs. TCG only please.
  • Resk (talkcontribs) 21:55, December 15, 2010 (UTC) :Advance Format, GMT (evenings usually), TCG, Dueling Network; user is Resk, leave message on talk page, and if i'm online, i'll get back to you within 5mins or so.
  • Almishal( Advanced Format, Random Times in A Week... )( Format depends on my situation.. )
  • alefaso I'll duel by YVD, MSN or SKYPE, msn:, if want to add me on skype please addme first on msn and ill givce u my skype.
  • Leolightman Advanced format, typically after 1800 GMT except for Fridays and some Saturdays. Generally free all day Sunday. I can use either Skype:kosetsuokami or
  • User:Dawn of the gladiator [Advanced format] Every weekdays at 5:30pm Pacific Timezone. I mostly use YvD, so my user is Dawn. I'll duel any decks. :)
  • falconfetus8 I will play via skype video chat. My skype name is falconfetus8.
  • User:Blahmaster6000 (Advanced Format Only) I chat on igoogle/gmail chat engine ( AIM (AIM account:
  • ScribblesTheDarkClown [Advanced format]typicly can be found from 1800-????(central time) on weekdays. weekends are subject to change at all times. Skype: sodium, Name: gust
  • User:Jamesfury I only play advanced. I can duel on G-mail or Duel Network (Jamesfury). Most weekends are good, and I can only play on weekdays after 4:00 PST.
  • The Awesomest Plant, the Laser Sunflower. talk to me here or here. 01:36, January 28, 2015 (UTC)

This mushroom duels on the wiki's IRC, with the username Yami_. Cbanks89 (talkcontribs) 20:36, February 26, 2015 (UTC)


  • A poll can help make the Duel Terminal a better place, and are available to answer whenever there is a question we would like to ask you. Answers go here. If you have a topic to suggest, please create a Thread on the Subject in the Duel Terminal Forum.
    • How frequently do you duel using the Duel Terminal? In real life? OsmiuMap 21:23, 12 September 2008 (UTC)
  • When ever I get the chance (one a week). Dmaster (Contribs Count) 21:31, 12 September 2008 (UTC)
    • Anyone else going to answer? Dmaster (Contribs Count) 21:38, 30 September 2008 (UTC)
      • Whenever I can, about 2-3 times a week, mostly in the DT -WaTz- 02:46, 4 December 2008 (UTC)
        • Usually on the weekends, or on vacation, when I want to. TehBazzard 21:04, 6 January 2009 (UTC)
          • I duel on the Duel Terminal about twice per day, and I never duel in real life anymore. --GoldenSandslash15 17:11, December 24, 2009 (UTC)

Edytheconquer I am available most week days after 5:00 PM central exept for thursdays and fridays. Advanced format exept able to have Egyptian god cards

Hi I'm new and I'm available on YIM for those who use it or MSN my YIM is Or I can do a duel here just send me a challenge. I'm available most mornings to evenings everyday, but if I don't catch you leave a message and I'll make sure to respond and discuss a proper time. Advanced Format Rules and as for Life points any will do so I hope to get a challenge soon. Thanks for reading this and for your consideration.(monstro04)

  • I duel (or would like to) on Weekends (Friday to Sunday :D), and some Thursdays and Tuesdays if I get up early enough~ My YIM address is so add me whether you have MSN or YIM :DKatsuma-San 04:55, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

. wat is IRC?

.wat is IRC actually?

Read this: IRC............. El*demonio 22:16, December 24, 2009 (UTC)

come to the dark side

can people come to the dark side and play on with me


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