• Momentary Truce: Both players draw 1 card. Until your opponent's next End Phase, all damage either player takes becomes 0.
  • This card gives a huge boost to Empty Jar FTK decks. Not only is it initially a 1 for 1 card, it also protects you from taking any damage until basically your next turn (so you don't need to worry about Swift Scarecrow if you couldn't FTK any more, and Into the Void doesn't kill you by getting rid if your Swift Scarecrows), AND the opponent also draws 1 card, which is awesome with Card Destruction, or if the opponent had the chance to set until they had 1 card in their hand to stop Hand Destruction, this would fix that problem as well.

Empty Jar FZ Turbo

  • Deck Type: Empty Jar
  • Notes:
    • This deck basically gets Morphing Jar out really fast, then flips it, a lot, resulting in a FTK, or an OTK on your next turn.
      • After a few draw cards, if you still don't have Morphing Jar, set Deep Diver/Sangan and hope your opponent destroys it, even though Momentary Truce will protect your Life Points for that turn (This is the only advantage of using Swift Scarecrow instead). Otherwise, you could ram it into the opponent's monster on your next turn, then on your Main Phase 2, set Morphing Jar and start the loop.
    • Cards which flip Morphing Jar up: A/D Changer, Book of Taiyou
    • Cards which flip Morphing Jar down: Book of Eclipse, Book of Moon
    • A Feather of the Phoenix/Magical Stone Excavation are usually used to grab whichever card you need to flip Morphing Jar. It can also grab Card Destruction again, if you happen to have less cards in your deck than the opponent (set most of your cards before using Card Destruction). I usually end up with 0-3 cards in my deck when I deck the opponent out, so keep an eye on your own deck count as well when planning on what cards to use.
      • When you have full Spell/Trap Card Zones and a full hand, you could use Magical Stone Excavation to get the other Magical Stone Excavation before grabbing Card Destruction.
    • If you used A Feather of the Phoenix to retrieve something, you can use any of the drawing cards to grab it right away.
    • Be sure to set any cards before flipping Morphing Jar face-up. When you do, if you have Book of Eclipse/Moon in your hand, chain it to Morphing Jar's effect; flipping Morphing Jar back down before you Discard and Draw.
      • Similarly, after Morphing Jar activates its effect, if the opponent uses Effect Veiler, you can chain Book of Eclipse/Moon to make Effect Veiler resolve without effect as well as flipping Morphing Jar back down.
    • Giant Trunade can increase the opponent's hand, clear the field for safety, and allow you to use the Quick-Play Spell Cards that you had set on the same turn.
    • If you did not use Momentary Truce, Book of Eclipse can protect you for 1 turn by using it during your opponent's Battle Phase. This can also be used to protect Morphing Jar from being destroyed by battle. Then during the End Phase, the opponent draws more cards.
Empty Jar FZ Turbo
Monsters: 8 Spells: 32 Extra Deck: 5

Side Deck: 6

Total Number of Cards in the Main Deck: 40
-Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 08:23, July 15, 2011 (UTC)


(Putting this in a new section, so as not to ruin your pretty explanation)

That looks really nice, though I was always partial to Giant Trunade either to increase opponents hand, clear the field for safety, or to be able to use it so you can set some quickplays if you draw in to 2-3 Eclipse/Moon in same hand,

You should probably also mention that Book of Eclipse makes foe draw cards at end phase, and you can chain to the resolution to make them draw more (though mostly used in 'i can't afford duality so i'm spamming The Shallow Grave' builds)

Nice guide format too,

-Resk () 13:25, July 15, 2011 (UTC)

Thanks for the reply and the complements.
-1 Dark World Dealings, +1 Giant Trunade
Yes, that has happened a few times, getting rid of Hand Destructions and 2nd Pot of Dualities as well.
Giant Trunade gave me a few more cards for Magical Stone Excavation, which saved me a few times.
Added a few cards in the Side Deck.
Added note on how Into the Void works with Momentary Truce and not Swift Scarecrow up top.
Added Book of Eclipse and Giant Trunade notes.
-Falzar FZ- (talk page|useful stuff) 04:27, July 16, 2011 (UTC)
If i remember correctly, Prohibition was a good side deck card for the deck, to aid in stopping Dark World & Effect Veiler
Glad to help :p
-Resk () 11:26, July 16, 2011 (UTC)
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