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Lobby20:36, February 26, 2015Cbanks89
All Threads
Who can skype duel me03:25, December 17, 2018Fusion Perfection
Jurrac Oppression vs. Gravekeepers12:24, December 9, 2018IgorThunderMaster
In regards to new and possibly upcoming future cards...22:26, January 28, 2018The Raven of Elysion
Skype dueling21:01, December 15, 2015SynchronKing96
Duel Generations19:03, February 25, 2015Cbanks89
Email Duel?01:07, January 5, 2015Deathwingincarnate
A Challenger Appears!07:37, October 14, 2014Berserkfhurer
Skype duel me!01:59, October 11, 2014SuperEliteJordan
Skype Duel Anyone?13:44, January 26, 2014Funky lloydo
Looking for someone to duel in yugioh pro22:00, October 29, 2013Supernickid
Skype Duel Anyone06:34, August 21, 2013Cleiss
Skype duel anyone01:03, July 16, 2013JeffdaChef
Anyone want to Duel?12:26, May 25, 201392.19.72.78
Forum duel18:45, April 24, 2013Venom assult trooper
Looking for kind/patient people17:50, March 29, 2013Cleiss
Duel Terminal Master Guide Photos Found01:27, March 26, 2013Suzaku1221
Yugioh on oovoo12:58, March 17, 2013Gadjiltron
Yugioh Attribute Tourney02:19, February 19, 2013108.200.181.194
Old School Deck Dueling on Skype anyone?18:43, January 24, 201370.26.186.70
Training on dueling network any want to help?18:39, November 30, 2012Tonberryking
I will seek duel20:34, August 9, 2012Fallensilence
I seek Duel15:22, July 11, 201274.139.22.168
Andrew vs. cloud27915:06, July 11, 201274.139.22.168
E-Dizzle vs. Runer5h05:32, July 2, 2012203.212.153.156
YUMA END ?20:54, May 25, 2012187.105.213.232
Do you think that the Father is the same yuma ?19:49, May 24, 201295.66.25.52
Anyone want to duel?21:16, May 21, 201271.137.229.175
I wanna Skype/Gmail/AIM duel someone15:05, May 21, 201271.137.229.175
Duel on skype on Advance Format12:26, April 16, 2012Joarson
Anyone want to duel WC 2009?21:13, March 11, 2012YamiJustin
Can i get someone to practice against?04:48, February 12, 2012Mikelman1211
Any good site or program to duel online?06:04, February 6, 2012Lord Grammaticus
Dueling Anyone from Dueling Network20:23, January 16, 2012Fallensilence
AQW Duel?13:47, October 11, 2011RainClaw
Duel in Volos, Greece?15:52, September 18, 2011Lado27
Duel!11:36, September 18, 201168.238.215.219
I'm ready when you are05:52, September 17, 201176.103.51.107
Skype anyone?21:29, September 7, 2011Tekacool
Dueling Etiquette 10121:20, August 25, 2011FredCat100
Skype duel?06:15, August 25, 2011Jiraya.itachi
Traps 10103:06, August 18, 2011X-rain
Want To Duel?01:36, August 18, 2011MrAnonoo1
Settle an argument?20:16, August 5, 2011Lappyzard
Duel on Skype Videochat!00:42, July 13, 2011Kc22
Skype Duel?00:35, July 13, 2011Kc22
Does anyone want to play "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Decade Duels"?01:38, June 6, 2011Zerojohnnyx
Duel Terminal 5? (TCG)01:54, May 29, 2011ParadiseNigh
Melbourne Area Duels?03:18, May 26, 2011Seraph's Light Wing
Lincolnshire duels ?15:46, May 25, 2011Ashley Zoltan Newton
Skype or AIM Duel!20:19, May 21, 2011Blahmaster6000
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