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* 3 [[Delta Flyer]]
* 3 [[Delta Flyer]]
* 3 [[Masked Dragon]]
* 3 [[Masked Dragon]]
* 2 [[Red-Eyes B. Chick]]
* 2 [[Black Dragon's Chick|Red-Eyes B. Chick]]
<u>Extra Deck:</u>
<u>Extra Deck:</u>
* 1 [[Five-Headed Dragon]]
* 1 [[Five-Headed Dragon]]

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This gallery contains decks built around one or more archetypes. If you like a deck, but it is out of date or from a previous format, or you just want something different, feel free to make a request for an update. If you are using Ctrl+F to search, note that archetype names will be SINGULAR.


Phantom BeastEdit

Phantom Beast Beatdown
Phantom Wanghu V.Resk
Phantom Beasts V.Lappyzard


Photon Drain
Photon Reflector V.SM10
Photon Got Kinda Good...? Maybe?



See also: Monster Gallery - Flying Fortress SKY FIRE

Chaos Reactors V. Ace


Red-Eyes' Wrath V.Lappyzard


Reptilianne V.Resk
Reptilianne V.Resk. Edits by Ace


Resonater Rush



Broken Scrapyard
Infinite Scraps! -- Akiza
Scrap V.Resk
Scrap Chaos V.Resk.L
Scrapsworns V.Resk
Zombie Scraps by BF2
Scrabel V.Lappyzard

Six Samurai/Legendary Six SamuraiEdit

Back to Kamakura V. Ace
Legend Six Control
Samurai Nova by BF2
Six Paths of Pain
Six Samurai Deck - Akiza (40)
Six Samurai by bewk
Six Samurai/Warrior revised by bewk
Six Sams V.Resk
Six Samurai V. Ace. Version 1
Six Samurai V. Ace. Version 2
Structured Swift Six Strike V. Ace

Skull ServantEdit

Skull Servants V. Resk


Spamming Spirits V.Resk
Spirits with Macro Engine V. Ace.R


Stag's Cursed Strength V. SM10
Steelswarm Raid V. Ace.BF2.Resk
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