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Please note, any deck that doesn't follow the guidelines below will be removed.

If your deck request was removed due to inactivity, feel free to re-request it.

If you have any questions regarding an archived deck, feel free to leave questions on the deckbuilder's talk page, or that of Ace, if the deckbuilder has retired.

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General Information

This page is dedicated to helping all duelists out there that need help with their decks. If you're a duelist that needs some help, we'll build you a deck. All you have to do is post here and tell us what kind of deck you want and how much money you're willing to spend getting the cards. If you already have a deck, if you post it in the Deck Template form, we'll revise it and give you our insight. We'll also make a side deck on request, but most likely you'll be directed to this list.

Example Requests

  • Example 1: Hi, could you make me a Gishki deck? I have a money limit of $350. ~~~~
  • Example 2: Hey, would you look at my Gishki deck for me? ~~~~
Deep Abyss

We'll make it a personal project and try to make sure that you're pleased with the final product. Each deckbuilder will only take one deck at a time and they will mark it by adding their part of their username to the header of that section and will let you know when they're done with a project by replacing their name with "Finished" on the request.

Please note that it's your job to collect the cards, our job is to create the perfect decklist for you.

Rules and Guidelines

  1. Please check the top of this page to see if Decks for Free! is "Open", if we are "Closed", then we will not accept requests.
  2. Make all requests in their own section and not directly beneath another person's request. Click here to start a new request.
  3. Have a direction for your deck (Examples: Dark World, Burn, Spellcaster, Bounce, etc.). Random strings of cards will not be helped. Remember that if you ask for a generic theme, such as Swarm or Chaos, you're leaving your deck up to the deckbuilder's preferences. If you don't want that, be more specific in what you want.
  4. Please don't post a request and ask for a Meta deck, you can find a decklist for almost any meta deck on most major Yu-Gi-Oh article sites, like or Alter Reality Games. OCG decks can be found at However, if you want to post a request for a meta deck, but want a unique twist to the deck to make it less meta, you may post that, just have something in mind when you do post.
  5. Give us at least 2-3 weeks notice if you plan to take a deck to a tournament, it is very difficult to make a deck for a tournament with only a few days of notice.
  6. Remember that we do build decks on a budget, but we can't make a great deck for under $20, the modern world doesn't work like that any more, so try to have a budget closer to $40 or $50.
  7. Do not ask for more than one deck at a time as others will have to wait longer for the deckbuilder to get to them. If you do post more than 1 request, we will close one of them, until the other one is finished, or just remove it. Also, don't post many requests back-to-back, as that creates more work as well.
  8. You may request a deckbuilder to help you, please note that it will only ensure that deckbuilder's help. It will not ensure the immediate help of that deckbuilder.
  9. This is a free service, but we are taking time out of our lives to help you. Be courteous and respectful to us, and please don't leave us waiting for you to answer a question.
  10. If we believe a duelist has abandoned their request, we'll place a notice on the request warning of it's removal within 24 hours unless some activity happens, but don't count on a notice, as a request can be removed without one.
  11. Decks that are not signed with 4 tildes (~) will not be helped, and the request may be removed without a notice.
  12. We reserve the ability to delete any and all requests for with or without a reason, including having an attitude toward a deckbuilder(s) on this wiki, abandonment, or failure to follow rules.
  13. Completed decks will be moved to the archive after a few days. Also, if you saw a deck on your post, but your post is now gone, check the most recent archive.
  14. We expect that you'll have access to and/or be able to buy cards from online retailers or hobby stores, we base all card prices on TCGPlayer or Google Shopping. We can, on request, verify prices on other sites. We will automatically chose the lowest card price for you.
  15. This page is not a page for people to post their opinions. Please, if you want to give your opinion on someone's deck, post it on the user's talk page.
  16. It is highly recommended that you browse the deck galleries or archives before requesting, you may find what you're looking for there before requesting our assistance. Also, please try to update the builds in the archives or galleries by yourself before asking us, you may ask us if you don't know how to update a deck, but it helps us if you do update an old deck by yourself.
  17. Please post all requests at the bottom of this forum, and not at the top of the Requests section, this is for archival purposes, and makes it easier on the staff.
  18. Please use proper spelling, grammar, and capitalization. Don't posts requests that have "I hav dek tht nds impvmt", it will be removed without further consideration. This also applies to the title of your request.
  19. Remember to use a Template:Decklist for all requests, if you are posting your own deck. You can also post a Screen Shot of your deck from Dueling Network, if that's quicker. But a template is preferred.
  20. Please do not ask about the status of your request. When a deckbuilder has taken your request they will tell you that they have taken it, and you'll see a part of their username in the request title. Again, please don't ask about the status, but do at times comment on the deck, otherwise it may be removed because there is no activity from you or a deckbuilder.


For more information or questions concerning this page, please visit the talk pages below. Do note that names higher up on the list are veteran members of Decks for Free!, and the most active members are listed.


Archive Maintenance Notes

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Deck Galleries

All the decks built on DFF, are in the galleries.

  • If you want a deck based around a monster, such as Yubel, look in the Monster Gallery.
  • If you want an Archetype, such as Gladiator Beasts, look in the Archetype Gallery.
  • If you want a deck based around a specific Type or Attribute, such as Beast or FIRE, look in the Attribute and Type Gallery.
  • If you want a deck based around a specific Theme, such as Chaos or Ritual, look in the Theme Gallery.

Deck Gallery Maintenance Notes

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