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"Meklords" were first released in "Extreme Victory" and as "Shonen Jump" promotional cards. The basic Level 4 monsters, the "Meklord Army" monsters, are a tough swarm-based archetype that gain power for every other "Meklord" you control. They also have additional effects; "Meklord Army of Granel" halves the attack of one of you opponent's monsters when it's Normal Summon, "Meklord Army of Skiel" Special Summons another "Meklord" when destroyed by battle, and "Meklord Army of Wisel" gives another "Meklord" Piercing once per turn. However, the main strength of the "Meklord" decks is in the "Meklord Emperors".

"Meklord Emperors" are powerful Level 1 monsters with a totally new playing style: they steal Synchro Monsters by equipping the Synchro Monsters to the "Meklord Emperors". In addition to that, they cannot be Normal Summoned or Set-they can only be Special Summoned when another monster you control is destroyed by a card effect. "Meklord Emperor Granel's" original ATK is equal to half of your Life Points and can Special Summon one equipped Synchro Monster per turn. "Meklord Emperor Wisel" prevents other monsters from attacking but can negate one Spell Card per turn. It has an original ATK of 2500 but it gains ATK equal to the sum of the equipped monsters' ATK. "Meklord Emperor Skiel" has a base ATK of 2200 and does not allow your other monsters to attack as well. It gains ATK equal to the sum of the equipped monsters' ATK and by removing an equipped monster it can attack your opponent's Life Points directly.

Lastly are the "Meklord Astro" monsters. These monsters are bad-they require you to sacrifice or discard "Meklord" monsters. "Meklord Astro Mekanikle" is a 4000 ATK monster that gains ATK equal to the combined ATK of the equipped monsters and that cannot be summoned except by discarding three other "Meklord" monsters. It can equip Synchro Monsters to itself. Also, once per turn, during your Standby Phase, you can send an equipped monster to your Graveyard to deal damage to your opponent's life points equal to its original ATK at the cost of your Battle Phase. The other "Meklord Astro" is "Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk". It has a base ATK of 0 and cannot be Special Summoned except by controlling at least three "Meklord" monsters. When it's Special Summoned, you can send any number of "Meklord" monsters to your Graveyard to boost its ATK by 1000 points per sent monster. Also, it does not equip Synchro Monsters-it just deals 1000 points of damage to a player each time a monster is Special Summoned.

Pros and Cons


Meklord Emperors can make use of many negative side effects: In decks where the monsters can accidentally destroy themselves, "Meklord Emperors" can be valid options.


Meklord Emperors can't be Normal Summoned: Their summons have to be triggered, making them dead in hand.

Meklord monsters are Machines: They're vulnerable to "Chimeratech Fortress Dragon" and "System Down".

Main Cards


  • Meklord Army of Granel: A power "Meklord" monster-it's ATK halving ability allows it to destroy monsters with less than 3250 ATK in battle.
  • Meklord Army of Skiel: In a pure "Meklord" deck, "Skiel" is great because it allows you to maintain field advantage.
  • Meklord Army of Wisel: The strongest "Meklord Army" and only worth using in a pure "Meklord" build.
  • Meklord Astro Dragon Asterisk: An almost equally bad card that doesn't even do much against Synchro Monsters.
  • Meklord Astro Mekanikle: A terrible card that only works within the first few turns.
  • Meklord Emperor Granel: One of the two more commonly used "Meklord Emperors"-it is used for a few OTKs due to it's massive ATK (which can then be added to that of "Junk Warrior" for two powerful monsters. It's Special Summoning of Synchro Monsters ability is great. However, "Wisel" serves as a better tech in many decks because all common Metagame Counter Traps cost Life Points.
  • Meklord Emperor Skiel: The worst and least-used "Meklord Emperor" monsters due to its abilities being lackluster-Negating a Spell Card and Special Summoning a Synchro Monster is better than attacking directly.
  • Meklord Emperor Wisel: Often better than "Granel" outside of "Granel OTK" decks due to its stable ATK and Spell Negation ability.


  • Meklord Fortress: A Field Spell that searches for a "Meklord Emperor" when destroyed and prevents "Meklord Emperors" from being targeted by the effects of Synchro Monsters (stopping them from being affected by "Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier" and "Scrap Dragon". Works best in "Meklord" "Geartown" builds.
  • Fortissimo the Mobile Fortress: Another Field Spell that allows you (once per turn) to Special Summon a "Meklord Army" monster from your hand and helps for a little swarming and set up materials for Rank 4 "Xyz".
  • Reboot: Makes you lose advantage and thickens your deck by adding a "Meklord" monster from your hand to your Deck and returning a "Meklord" card from your Graveyard to your hand. It would be good if there were decent "Meklord" support cards and it can return a "Meklord Emperor" but "Monster Reincarnation" is better.
  • The Resolute Meklord Army: It makes your "Meklord Army" monsters in Attack Position indestructible by battle but they lose their effects. It's generally a bad card.


  • Chaos Infinity: It allows you to Special Summon a "Meklord Army" from your Deck or Graveyard but it's generally a mediocre way to Special Summon a "Meklord Emperor".
  • Meklord Factory: "Meklord Factory" destroys one of your "Meklord" monsters when it's attacked (allowing your opponent to select a different target) and adds another "Meklord Army" to your hand. It can be used to Special Summon a "Meklord Emperor" but it's not a very good card.
  • Mektimed Blast: A decent "Meklord" card that is technically a -1 but it allows you to Special Summon a "Meklord Emperor" from your hand.

Other Cards


  • Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon: Can be Special Summoned with "Geartown" and is a massive monster.
  • Black Salvo: Special Summons "Dekoichi" or "Meklord Army of Wisel" from your Graveyard in order to Synchro Summon "Black Rose Dragon" (clears the field while allowing you to Special Summon a "Meklord Emperor".
  • Dekoichi the Battlechanted Locomotive: When "Dekoichi" is flipped you get to draw a card, increasing your chances of having a "Meklord Emperor" in your hand. It can be Special Summoned with "Black Salvo" to Synchro Summon "Ancient Fairy Dragon" (for "Geartown"/"Fortress" builds) and "Black Rose Dragon".
  • Malefic Cyber End Dragon: In "Geartown" "Fortress" builds you can use "Malefic Cyber End Dragon" as a powerful monster and it self-destructs when your Field Spell Card is destroyed by "Ancient Fairy Dragon", allowing you to Special Summon a "Meklord Emperor" monster from your hand.
  • Sangan: Can search your Deck for "Meklord Emperor Granel".
  • Scrap Goblin: "Scrap Goblin" cannot be destroyed by battle but when it's attacked while face-up it self-destructs at the end of the Battle Phase, protecting you then allowing you to Special Summon a "Meklord Emperor" from your hand. It is also a Tuner monster that can be used to Synchro Summon "Ancient Fairy Dragon" and "Black Rose Dragon".

Synchro Monsters:

  • Ancient Fairy Dragon: You can destroy a Field Spell Card your opponent controls and add a Field Spell Card ("Meklord Fortress" or "Geartown") to your hand and gain 1000 Life Points or destroy one of your own Field Spell Cards and Special Summon "Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon" or add a "Meklord Emperor" monster to your hand as long as you don't add another Field Spell Card to your hand.
  • Black Rose Dragon: Clears the field and allows you to Special Summon a "Meklord Emperor"-works incredibly well with "Meklords".


  • Destruct Potion: Used in "Granel" decks to power up "Granel" and Special Summon it from your hand.
  • Geartown: Used in "Geartown" "Fortress" builds.
  • Limiter Removal: It doubles your Machine-Type monster's ATK power and destroys them during the End Phase of the turn, allowing you to Special Summon a "Meklord Emperor".
  • Solidarity: In pure "Meklord" builds "Solidarity" adds power to your already powerful "Meklord Armies".
  • Terraforming: Searchers for a Field Spell Card.
  • Trade-In: Works in "Geartown" builds (lets you draw two cards by discarding "Gadjiltron Dragon").


Pure Meklords

Pure "Meklord" decks tend to be weak but are strongest when focusing on "Meklord Army" beatdown. They use "Solidarity" to power up "Meklord Army" monsters and can easily get rid of most big monsters. They can also make use of "Meklord Emperor" monsters and "Mektimed Blast", especially "Meklord Emperor Wisel". They can also make use of "Black Salvo" as it Special Summons "Meklord Army of Wisel".

Pure Meklord Core

Granel OTK

"Granel" OTK decks focus on using "Granel's" high attack to create an OTK situation. There are two forms-"Granel" "Junk" and only "Granel" decks. "Granel" "Junk" decks use "Junk Warrior" because its ATK will be 6300 if you get a Granel on your first turn.

Junk Granel Core
Granel OTK Core

Meklord Simorgh

"Meklord Army of Skiel" is a WIND monster that can Special Summon "Meklord Army of Wisel", a DARK monster, which allows you to Special Summon "Dark Simorgh".

Meklord Simorgh Core

Meklord Geartown

By combining "Meklord Fortress" and "Geartown" you can get rid of most Field Spells by virtue of having more than your opponent (this is especially useful against "Gravekeeper's" and "Dragunity" decks) as well as get searches and Special Summons when they are destroyed. You can also make use of "Black Salvo" and "Scrap Goblin" to Synchro Summon "Black Rose Dragon" and "Ancient Fairy Dragon". In addition to that, "Malefic Cyber End Dragon" is quite powerful in these builds, as you get to Special Summon a "Meklord" monster when it is destroyed.

Meklord Geartown Core


"Scrap" monsters often destroy themselves, lending themselves perfectly to the "Meklord Emperor" strategy. In addition, their powerful Synchro Monster, "Scrap Dragon" not only destroys one of your cards but also on of your opponent's, allowing you to Special Summon a "Meklord Emperor" and get rid of a card. These decks are very powerful and have made it into the top rounds of a YCS.

Scraplords Core
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