I am very active at this forum, and lately every time I look I see things like: Dark Armed Dragon should be banned/limited/semi-limited... But for what? Dark Armed Dragon is very strong, 2800 ATK, but still, it's ability destroys it's own 'power'. Stop complaining about it, it's not that worse. I live in Sweden and every fool here uses DaD, Lightsworns or Plants. But you know, I don't care. Because if you defeat a well-build lightsworn deck one time, you can do it again-.- same goes for DaD and the mighty plants. What is so bad about DaD nowadays? It's limited, hard to get, and it's effect is it's own dead most of the time.

What makes you guys so scared about this card and it's entire TELE-deck thingie? Here it is: --Dark-Magician 08:21, 9 March 2009 (UTC)


Well the reasons DaD decks were so powerful was the fact that you would gain insane draw power through the use of allure and D draw and then be able to use malicious effect to bring out another for an 8 star synchro such as Stardust dragon, not only that, they would have enough grave control to get 3 darks in grave for Dark armed very quickly. The reason they were so problematic is that they could use both the effects of stardust and dark armed to pretty much kill the opponent rather quickly, you have a monster that can blow up 3 cards and more if you fuel the grave with even more darks, and a monster that negates the destruction of almost anything you don't want to get destroyed. Because of the synchro speed the deck, you could easily bring out several synchros and then play a Dark armed to attack for the game. Dark armed dragon is broken yes but at one he isn't as much of a threat, not only that he is actually easy to get because a lot of people have extras now from the time they ran tele-dad decks and ran two. So they probably would be selling their extra DaD. Also it is going to be in gold series 2 if anybody noticed. So the quantity of DaD's out there will rise.--Takuma. 23:19, 9 March 2009 (UTC)

I Don't think Soooo.

-DaD is a Balanced Card.,If you Special Summon it.,you can only destroy a maximum of 3 cards on the field,because there are ONLY 3 DARK monsters in your graveyard.,unless you make it increase.,

-ALSO.,there are less chances on having a OTK using DaD.,

-Here in the Philippines.,DaD is LIMITED(we're using March 2009 Advance Format too ),and decks including DaD deck is having a low ranking.,here are the TOP 10 Strongest Decks here.,

  • 10.Virus Deck
  • 9.Lockdown Deck
  • 8.TELE-DAD
  • 7.Gear Town Deck
  • 6.Zombie Synchro
  • 5.Plant Deck
  • 4.Gladiator Beast
  • 3.Lightsworn
  • 2.Anti-Meta
  • 1.Monarch Control

-my point is.,DaD isn't that dangerous.,

  • "DaD is a Balanced Card.,If you Special Summon it.,you can only destroy a maximum of 3 cards on the field..." xD xD xD

~Specter (cow_pi) 20:55, 3 April 2009 (UTC)

Okay, I'm pretty sure that Tele-DAD is dead by now. The insane card advantage has been restricted to 2 draw cards each, Malicious is back where it belongs in 2, DAD's limited, and not to mention there are many other decks rising to top-Tier to ensure that DAD stays dethroned. Even in OCG where DAD is a Normal Rare and Black Feathers are flying around in full force, many tournaments are topped by stuff like Lightsworns, Plants and Rescue Synchro, rather than Tele-DAD. It's no longer that much of a threat now. --Gadjiltron 04:44, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

DAD was only considered broken when it had a lot of support and it was unlimited. Now, most of its support cards are Limited and the dragon itself, as well. The card itself is actually pretty balanced. --Bluedog (Talk) 05:27, 5 April 2009 (UTC)

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