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This is terrible. kids are going to be running around with Dark Armed Dragons now. I hate reprints.Let me know what you think.I also think it might get banned since its getting reprinted just like Crush Card Virus.--Airbellum 21:20, June 2, 2010 (UTC) [1]

Taken from this topic: "Terrible for people to access great cards. This should only be a rich man's game!

Back to Boardwalk I go to eat my caviar and gold sandwich!"

You really need to grow up, as not everybody's mommy and daddy are going to put down $70 on a Dark Armed Dragon for their little Timmy. 21:30, June 2, 2010 (UTC)

Who cares. Oh no, little kids will be splashing Dark Armed Dragon into their Gate Guardian and Yusei Decks. How terrible. Seriously, it's no big deal. Just means that other people (who might not have hundreds of dollars to shell out on a card game) have a fairer chance to make good decks.--YamiWheeler 21:33, June 2, 2010 (UTC)

Cards shouldn't cost an arm but...

There should be some value, not ever card should be 2 dollars. At YCS pretty much 3 structure decks and a mirror force defeated 500+ dollars decks, so I am not saying yugioh should be a rich mans game it should a challenging game.--Airbellum 21:51, June 2, 2010 (UTC)

Work smarter not cheaper

Particular cards should not be rereleased but stay as they should. You complain that DAD was a 70$ card. It hasn't been 70$ for a long time. It was about that price when it was limited to 1 but when the gold series 2 came out the price dropped to 50$. It was easy to get but still held some value. Over the course of the last two years my deck which took me dozens of trades and money to put togather has had about every single core element rereleased in special editions.

Dark Creator

Allure of Darkness

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon

Dimensional Prison

Van'Dalygon The Dark Dragon Lord (he actually has gotten reprinted TWICE)

and now Dark Armed Dragon

Some cards that can be used to make decks better its ok to see like Dark Creator and REDM but other cards which are outright OTK esque should stay were they are and occasional see reprints in packs. I actually felt kinda sorry for the LS players when Honest went to the special edition status. This should not be the manner in which the playing field is leveled. Instead new easier to get cards should be released to counter old ones. Something konami hasn't really been able to do well at all. I mean synchros have been absurd these last formats yet we have really only recieved two synchro stoppers and Discord being a contiunus is too unpredictable. I was outright sad when I saw Cyber Dragon as a common.

In truth these cards should be valuable but the stopgaps shouldn't be. Honest cost so much since it was so hard to stop. To instead of releasing cards like this for everyone to have which will destroy the price. Instead just release better and more effective counters that aren't gonna cost a arm and a leg. It would become far more of a cost benefit analysis. Do i run this card with its great power even though i may encounter effective counters? That way the cards value will take a small dip due to it being less effective but wont plummet like their going to.

I myself traded my spare gold rare DAD the other day for a Black-Feather Dragon playmat. The people around said I was getting ripped off. I went online the next day and saw the mats going to for 60$ dollars (while dad goes for about 40) but I know that when that kid learns if he waited he coulda got the card for 5$ he was gonna be pissed.

If konami keeps up like this they will see a small increase in purchases as some of the younger players or those with less money buy these things up. But they will begin to loss out the hardcore as the decks they put togather for hundreds of dollars diminish in value. It'll be like the 1990s comic industry all over again. Steelfallenangel 00:19, June 3, 2010 (UTC)

i love reprints :D

just for the simple fact that this is a CARD GAME not some buisness deal i dont buy cards from ebay or online stores if u look at the card no matter what card it is its just a piece of paper with a picture and a few words and numbers on it thats it nothing more nothing less i love reprints cuz they make good cards easy to get i could care less if my deck was worth a million dollers in the eyes of someone else a decks just a stack of paper so i honestly dont see why people would pay 70,50,or even a doller on a single card so IMO people should be glad good cards like DAD are getting easier to get and stop whining about how their card "lost value" Raiga 05:06, June 3, 2010 (UTC)

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