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~~Card Rarity issues~~

  • WARNING* No offensive language is used (for the most part) if you are in love with Spirit of the Pharaoh I suggest you pick another forum entry to read because this is not for you!

Jordan's Turn: Jordan's Mandate

I've played Yu-Gi-Oh! for a long time, since Metal Raiders was the new thing back in the day, I've always enjoyed the idea of the main card of any deck being the rarest it can be, I know I know that most duelist don't have that luxury or possibly because they are just cheap in my opinion >__>

Now you can debate with me if you want, I probably won't care really to respond because I'm just posting my opinions about cards I care about and if they deserve the rarity they have or should be degraded to a lower rarity or possibly be even rarer than what they have.

Cybernetic Magician: well this depends on where you grab him, if he is from his original pack he can be a super rare or possibly ultimate rare, in my opinion he does deserve his ultimate rarity, but to get him regularly as a super rare bothered me, because his effect was always ssssiiiiiickk. He should have been an Ultra Rare, and now that he's been reduced to common in later packs bothers me even more, because he has such a good effect on his own, he can single handedly defeat the terror known as Five Headed Dragon. Yes I do believe he should be an ultra rare. Legendary Flame Lord
File:Legendary Flame Lord.jpg
while he may not be the greatest spellcaster in yu-gi-oh! history he certainly deserves more than being just a "RARE" despite his low attack for his level his effect certainly should get him higher on the list of rarity opposed to something like say I don't know Gallis The Star Beast or Spirit of the Pharaoh aka the hardest to summon zombie evvvvarrr!!! Legendary Flame Lord has an ability that is way better than his, Spirit of the Pharaoh can only summon two level 4 normal zombies from the grave on his summon, and it takes three turns or so to get him out, and if one of those turns goes wrong, he can't be summoned unless you recycle his two spells and traps that are needed to bring him out >__> yeah i know random comparison, but it does make sense in the grand scheme of my rant, because when compared to cards like that of Legendary Flame Lord looks as fast the Wind Ups or Madolche when he himself along with his ritual card are compared to the four cards needed to bring out Spirit of the Pharaoh (debatable sure, go ahead and call me an idiot for blasphemously saying Legendary Flame Lord is anything like the inzektors!! I know he's better because he's a spellcaster hahahahahahahhaha Spellcasters! Yami Yugi used them and he's the king of games babeh!)

Judgement Dragon, it was fine when he first came out, I mean sure the lamest of the lame Honest was the cover card, but in the grand scheme of things when he is compared to Judgement Dragon, Honest didn't deserve that spot as the cover card. "Oh but Jordan, Honest can be used for stuff like Master Hyperion or Black Luster Solder-Envoy the Beginniniigninging" Oh yeah guess what, Judgement Dragon in my opinion is way cooler and stronger than them, he has a field clearing ability which is one of the best since oh I don't know LEGENDARY FLAME LORD HAHAHAHAHAH I'm kidding I'm kidding I am of course talking about Chaos Emperor Dragon- Envoy the End) he is easy to summon in a Lightsworn deck "Jordan call it a lightlord deck" NO!! I know them as the Lightsworn which sound just as cool and make them sound like servants of Judgement Dragon which sounds cooler in my opinion "well then I'm just not gonna read your stupid page!" I don't really care, I say tomato and you call 'em tamoto! I'm not some lame OCG try hard fan. I'm a try hard TCG fan trying to comprehend why a legendary dragon like Judgement Dragon has been reduced to a common card in the Legendary Collection 2!! I guess so the little kids can have a chance to get such a powerful card!! "Jordan, he's not that good in todays yugioh game, wind up monsters are faster than the LightLords!! The Madolche make his deck look like slow beaten down old man deck" saying that about Judgement Dragon is sacrilege unto the game that the house of Kazuki Takahashi built!! Judgment Dragon can clear the field of those teeny weeny monsters faster than you can say "Divine Wrath on Judgement!!" then i activate Counter Counter!! haha ok back to the topic at hand here considering I wasted alot of time arguing with an imaginary try hard ocg fan >__> Judgement Dragon should have only ever been a 1st Edition Secret Rare, his gold rare was fine too i guess (I say that with great unease because he should only evvvar be a secret rare 1st edition) common!!!! COOMMMMMMMMON!!!! SERIOUSLY!!! THAT'S NOT COOOL by any standard!! Who was the mook that said hey let's make the coolest card of all time a freaking commmon!!!! I want him to get hit in the back of the head for having a V8 fusion drink!! and then get hit by nest of bees because his decision was so stupid!!! JUDGMENT DRAGON should only be 1st Edition Secret Rare!! nothing else EVVVARRR!!

Blue Eyes and Dark Magician!! ok they are the staples of the Yugioh franchise unto itself, anyone who doesn't know squat about it will know either the Dark Magician or the Blue Eyes White Dragon!! they are the Yugioh Equivalent of Pikachu and Jigglypuff from Pokemon!! Blue Eyes despite being the rival's card is widely known around the world by people who don't even really know what this series is about, he is like the Pikachu of Yugioh! while Dark Magician is like the Jigglypuff, they might know about him if they know something about the series... so why have they been released as commons in the current day!? For the kids!? Seriously they were the faces of the show, game and dice monsters for years!! THis is how they are repaid!? By being commons in today's franchise!? ARRRGH!! OVVVAAAAR 9000 points of rage on this one! no not really, Spirit of the Pharaoh!! Spirit of the Pharaoh people!! He shold have only ever been a super rare at best and yet he is an ultra rare!! He should be a common, Dark magician and Blue Eyes should have only been reduced to super rares at any given time!!

The MIGHTY GIGA PLANT!!! This card's legendary special su-ok ok maybe not legendary, but good special summoning feature should have made him into a super rare at the very least while I would aim to make him Ultra at best!! He combos the best with Lonefire and then next turn or possibly same turn with a Double Summon or Ultimate Offering he can start preparing to swarm the field with strong plants like Tytanial >_> Dark Magician of Chaos: This card should have never been touch upon unless Konami intended to bring it back, seriously get rid of the other cards that people abuse for OTKs and him, Sorcerer of Dark Magic: I know it can be argued that he is hard to summon (no not like Spirit of The Pharaoh, man is that card lame) but he can also be easy to summon, plus his attack and effect are deserving of an Ultra Rare at the very least, but only super rare is the best they can do?? NO THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE!! The Magical Citadel of Endymion: This card is so powerful in the hands of a spellcaster, I mean gladiator beasts would be all like "what the heck is spell counter?" and then BAM! Arcanite Magician comes out and annihilates all of them and attacks for 400!! hahah! Seriously this card should be an Ultra Rare or Super Rare at least! The Silent Magician Lvs 4-8: both are awesome cards on their own, and were used by Yugi Moto, they should have never been commons!! Unacceptable!!

Gagaga Girl: She is the obvious equivalnet of Dark magician Girl so she should never be reduced in terms of rarity!! Enough said (i know i will lose this so *heartbreak*)

Spellbook of Power: I know I'm talking about a new card from the last booster pack REDU!! Spellbook of Power should be rarer in my humble opinion!! Not secret rare, not ultra maybe not even super rare, I'd argue for super rare but whatever it's just better than most other spellbook cards in its archtype... remember what I said about being a collector? Yeah that still applies to this all this because I put more pride into my deck when I have cards I know are unique rather than just playing a run of the mill starter deck that a 12 year old just bought >_>. Let's compare this to Spellbook Library of The Heliospehere ok? That card isn't bad, I mean it's no Spirit of the Pharaoh by any means but it does not deserve its secret rarity when compared to Spellbook of Power! Heliosphere is a situational card more way more so than Spellbook of Power and Power grants any Magician +1000 attack and then the ability to search out your deck for spellbook spell cards!!Heliospehre is a mid game card and a dead draw at the start of the duel!! So Spellbook of Power at least deserves to be Super Rare while Heliosphere deserves to be a super rare as well, heck I'd now ever argue that Power should be Ultra Rare!!

High Priestess of Prophecy!! Ok this is for future reference because I know this is going to be a correct call because somewhere down the line when Prophecy monsters become relegated to the unused zone because XYZ monsters are (in the future) slower than Spirit of The Pharaoh (hahahahahhahaha yeah I hate his difficult summoning condition so much!!) and Trishula can't even compete with the new Extra Deck monsters (because when ever are they gonna focus back on the main deck for strong mosnters? Never! I thought the same exact thing >_> and CHaos is definately needed in order to just compete with those wild and wonderful majestic super ninja robot cyber fiend demons! High Priestess would probably be relegated to a mere commo- I can't even don't want to I cannot even bear to say it whatsoever!!! A MOCCON....commmnnin!! There I said it as best i will ever say it!! if she is relegated to rarity it will prove to me that there is no god in this world!! Because she is like the cooolest magician ever (complete with features that attract all men to women) she is freaking expensive and the fact that she is so good makes me fear one day that Konami will one day make her common so all the little kids can u......use... noo you know where I'm going with this, I say we start a petition to make Konami stop with this maddness, I mean we lost Judgement Dragon to playground of common monsters!! Let us join forces yes even the OCG try hard fans need to join together with us The Collectors to prevent the abuse that awesome cards like her should avoid we must protect "Magical Erudite Junon" I'll even call her by her OCG name for the purposes of this plea!! Junon must never become a common EVVVVAR!!! SHE SHOULD NEVER BE REDUCED IN RARITY DUE TO HER AWESOMENESS!! I plead with anyone and everyone willing to listen!! Start a petition to prevent her from becoming a super rare *faints* as a collector who prefers things untouched I say we band together and stop Konami from re releasing cards!! It dumbs down the game (IMO) and always makes collectors like me get questioned about grabbing a card of a certain rarity when it was re released as c-c-c-commm...COMMMON!!

the mere thought of that makes me want to throw up!!

  1. ProtectJunonAtAllCosts
  2. StopRereleasingCardsKonami and making them less rarer!! Because you have yet to do it to the beloved Chaos kings Black Luster and Emperor Dragon, if those two will never be touched in rarity then other cards should be on that list too! Like High Priestess and Rosaria The Stately Fallen Angel, they should never be touched in terms of rarity because they rule and shouldn't be placed in the hands of grubby little kids who don't know how to appreciate such awesomeness!!!

Eli's Turn: Eli's Soapbox AKA He Likes Dragons!!

  1. Helikesdragons

Tyrant Dragon: One of the three dragon lords!? This title alone should harbor nothing less than Ultra for Tyrant Dragon, Felgrand isn't enough to render the original Dragon Lord Tyrant Dragon to something like a common, Tyrant Dragon was featured in so many cards like Dragon's Bead and Wing Beat of a Giant Dragon.

Winged Dragon of Ra....... I really don't want to touch this one, but seriously show some pride in what was the anime's strongest card ever!!! Super Rare!?! He should have always been an ULTRA RARE!!

Obelisk The Tormentor: seriously Kaiba's trump card? this is just wrong on the face of it!! Dark Armed Dragon: This legendary dragon that was apart of the super awesome TELEDAD deck was reduced down to a mere common!!???! NO THIS SHOULDN"T have been allowed!!

Rainbow Dark Dragon: This monster-a a dragon of rainbows!!! YOU cannot should not and should be hit by a storm of angry bees if ever done and since it was done storm the man who did it with a swarm of angry bees now! for whoever turned this into a common is the devil incarnate!! Trade In: this card makes it easier to run level 8 monsters!!! IT LIGHTENS THE LOAD AS IT WERE!! HAHAHAHA, it is good draw especially with Blue Eyes White Dragon!!

Yubel and her evolutions: This half woman-man who is all woman in the OCG mind you!! the cover card of Phantom Darkness!! She is awesome and pretty easy to summon with Mystic Tomato and her effect is cool to the point that she should not have been made common along with her evolutions.

Manjuu of the Ten Thousand Hands: This is the staple of ritual searching!! He should be rarer than a mere common, this card deserves to be super rare at least especially when you think of awesome ritual monsters like Black Luster Solder and LEGENDARY FLAME LORD!!! Sorry i mean Paladin of White Dragon!!! I know I know Paladin doesn't even compare to the legendary flame lord!! lol sorry!!

Blue Eyes Shining Dragon: seriously the sphinx monsters are ultra rares!?! THAT IS HORSE BUNKEM!! Blue Eyes Shining is the hero of the gosh darn movie!! he is the center piece in the poster!! and he is only a super rare!!! His effect is worthy of an Ultra Rare unlike the sphinx monsters!!!

Chimeratech OverDragon: This card went from Ultra Rare to rare, and he is the centerpiece of machine type monsters when combined with future fusion and/or overload fusion !!!! He is a monster of awesome proportions!!! He is an OVER DRAGON You don't get much more epic than that!!! RARE IS UNACCEPTABLE!!

King of the swamp: He searches for polymerzation, and he can one of the substitutes for the fusion summon!! POSSIBLY FOR DRAGONS!! He can make summoning Ultimate Dragon alot easier and he is only a rare!?! He at least deserves Ultra Rare!!

Gagaga Magician: This is like the best magician that has been created since Breaker The Magical Warrior, he should have been more than a super rare due to his effect, and he shouldn't have been reduced down to a mere common (thanks battle pack thanks alot, no one asked for you yet you showed up to the party like a chubby girl who was forced to go with her cousin) Gagaga Magician didn't deserve the bump down in terms of rarity!!

Breaker The Magical Warrior: This legendaddy magician went from secret rare which was a postion it rightfully deserved, then he was limited to one because he was so cool!! he was then brought into a structure deck as a mere common!! NO he has an awesome ability!!

Tour guide of the underworld: This card!? No explanation really needed right?! I know her effect alone makes her worthwhile, heck go look on trollntoad and see how much she is for her secret rare I'll wait!..... you're back i see I know she deserves to be that much!!! Fiend hussies for the win!!

Monster Reborn: A card this legendary!! it's limited down to one for a reason!! It should always be an Ultra Rare or higher!!

Burst Stream of Destruction/Dark Magic Attack/Inferno Fire Blast: the signature attacks of the signature monsters in yugioh? #AREYOUSERIOUSBRO!!? never reduce their rarity and yet you did! A SWARM OF ANGRY Birds? NO OF ANGRY BEES! UPON YOU!!

Red Eyes Darkness Metal Dragon: The dragon that got banned because of his LEGENDARY ABILITY? Kids shouldn't know the awesomeness because Konami wanted to release a dragon chaos deck with him in it?? LAME EXCUSE!! Make the kids go out and buy it!! I had too!! geez stop making it easier for them when we had it so hard to get the good cards back in our day through random chance!!!

Magic Cylinder: Yugi's awesome card shouldn't have ever been reduced to anything but a super rare!! the fact that it is a common is an insult upon the name Kazuki!!

Magical Dimension: This card is a common in structure decks, Endymion is barely worth his salt in ultra rarity!! This card is what yugi used to beat Winged Dragon of Ra on the cartoon darn it!!

Gorz The Emissary of Darkness: Yami Yugi's awesome-est fiend type monster especially when combined with Kaien, stupid battle pack, they should learn their lesson and go away unless they want a swarm of angry bees to the face!!

Prior of the Ice Barrier: The genius card behind General Rush? This card deserves to be Ultra Rare, he made the Ice Barriers relevant before they were relevant!!!

Venom Swamp: this card should at least be super rare (jordan doesn't know why because he doesn't use reptiles!!) the venom counters alone make it good enough to be super rare, I'd argue on my best day for an ultra rare and then ask for more support for venom monsters alone, but a super rare is good enough now!!

Zombie World: this card stopped monarchs in their tracks!!! You don't common something like that bro!! You make it a secret rare that little kids don't know about because they wanna use number 39 utopia!!! or Stardust Dragon or something else that is just as common place bro!!!

Allure of Darkness: this card is limited for a reason, this card was an ultra rare and it deserved its spot, then it got dumbed down since then!!! It made dark decks rock their socks which they just put back on because of all the dark support they before this one!!

Scrap Iron Scare Crow: Jordan may think this is the worst card of all time and kind of looks like resident psychic pokemon Gardevoir, but it is still a good card in its own right before Heavy Storm came and gummed up the works!! This card deserved Ultra Rare!!

Don Zaloog: He is the king of the Dark Scorpions so come on, he should have only ever been reduced to a super rare

Horus The Black Flame Dragon Lvs 4-8: This Ultra Rare Card (Lv 8) was the greatest card and deserved to be the cover card, then he was dumbed down to a mere common!?! Yeah I'm harboring a grudge against the dude that said hey "let's make these great cards into mere commons!" I bet he is like some suave slick Italian dude with a pencil thin jerk mustache who drives an amazing red convertible sports car and wants to ruin my life!! Why because he's some jerk with a hot model girlfriend and hates dragons!!! ) :

Armed Dragon Lvs 3-7 like i said I bet he hates dragons!!!

Cyber Dragon: A Card I have always held very dear to my heart when upon building my first cyber dragon deck. again I'm sure he hates dragons who just does this to my dragons!!

The Lightsworn: like my brother I agree in that the Lightsworns should have never been lowered in terms of rarity, these guys aren't dragons but I'm sure he hates 'em!!

Dark Ruler Ha Des: He can control a giant zombie dragon!!! HE CAN CONTROL A GIANT ZOMBIE DRAGON YOU DON'T GET COOLER THAN THAT!!! (read the yugioh card stories page to understand what I am talking about)

Inzektor Giga Mantis: Why is this card rarer than Demise King of Armageddon!? I know I know the inzecktors (more like the INboringandputtingmetosleepZECKTORS) topped the world championships this year but still Demise is cooler than them >_> Man Eater Bug: this card is a classic don't reduce him to something like a common!! BRO!!

Solemn Judgement: who can be mean to this old who helps you stop pretty much anything!! I mean sure he takes half your life points but he is the original Dark Bribe!! show some respect to your elders!! you slick Italian jerk face!!

Amplifier: Since I'm a huge Jinzo Mark, I can not stand to see this get bumped down. Seriously this guy is a burn victim he shouldn't have been reduced, I'll take a hand at Jordan's hatred for Public Relations people and use it for good! For once!! this guy is a burn victim and needs all the support he can get people come on give him your support!!!

  1. supportjinzo
  2. heneedsthesupport

Jordan's turn: Jordan's mandate boy and I thought I had a chip on my shoulder.... why does he think every card deserves ultra rare!?

  1. helovesdragons !! O__o

oh yeah if you're a cheap bastard this forum rant isn't for you, you can't ever convince me or Eli that cheap cards are better, we are collectors and enjoy the thought of owning the best version of the card there is no matter what is!! If you can think of anymore cards please message me or post on this forum if you'd like peace out St. Louis!! Same Card Time Same Card Channel! Collectors FTW!!

  1. CollectorsRulesCheapiesDrool hhahahahahahaAllairis (talkcontribs) 08:00, November 29, 2012 (UTC)
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