I created this deck after having a marathon of Power Tool Dragon centric episodes of 5D's. The premise of this deck, as you might have guessed, is to bring out Power Tool Dragon and keep it well fortified against enemy attack. While not quite a Rua themed deck, it's close enough for my liking, sacrificing a complete devotion to his theme for some additional firepower.

Adaptive Upgrades (40 Cards)

A Morphtronic heavy monster mix, the whole point is essentially to get out Morphtronic Scopen and Synchro for that all important Power Tool Dragon. Celfon helps by speeding up the search for monsters and swarming the field. If you can get out 2 or 3 copies of Radion, Boarden turns your field into a direct attacking army. Boomboxen lays down more punishment with its twin attacks, while Videon is essentially a miniature Power Tool Dragon in this deck if you play the right cards. Cyber Dragon is there to provide an easy Synchro or Chimeratech Fortress Dragon while Card Trooper fuels the grave for Scopen.

The backrow buster trio (Giant Trunade, Heavy Storm & Mystical Space Typhoon) are there to clear the way for mass destruction, while Morphtronic Accelerator seemed to be a perfect choice given my monster line up. Limiter Removal goes great with my direct attackers and Machine-Type monsters, as I can usually Synchro to save some of those affected, not to mention Power Tool Dragon can sacrifice an equip on himself to avoid being destroyed by Limiter Removal's backlash. Double Tool C&D and Mist Body create a nice lock when equipped to Power Tool Dragon, as your opponent can only attack Power Tool Dragon and if it is attacked the attacking monster will be destroyed at the end of the Damage Step. Mage Power merely increases your damage as well as powering up your weaker Morphtronics. Junk Box is there to pull back my Tuner or any Morphtronic that can help turn the duel in my favor.

My traps are fairly generic so nothing special there.

Chimeratech Fortress Dragon is handy if I suddenly have a field full of weak monsters or I've played Limiter Removal and I need a quick escape clause. Ally of Justice Catastor provides a handy reign of destruction if I'm facing anything but Darks, Ancient Holy Wyvern is handy if I'm running ahead on Life Points, though I'm debating with running a few copies of Power Converter when I use this deck in Tag Force 4. Armory Arm can be equipped to Power Tool Dragon if needed to keep it safe. Black Rose Dragon is a handy level 7 to have if I need a field cleared because I'm not doing so well. Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier can return any equip spells I need in case I have to put them on someone else or remove a pesky monster from the opponent's side of the field. Goyo Guardian is another handy level six monster to have around. Power Tool Dragon in 3's automatically being my deck's ace. Finally Stardust Dragon rounds off my Extra deck with 3 copies to add some protection for Power Tool Dragon.

Please check out my other decks which can be found on my user page.

AeonThePhoenix 16:53, November 7, 2009 (UTC)

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