Hello guys! I'm a new YGO player and I started playing this year, with a Reptilianne deck. I read more and more about them and discovered other Reptile archetypes, such as Worm, Alien and Venom (that's so sad the last one don't have much support). And I liked them. Very much. Now I'm trying to do a Worm deck. Please, rate and fix it!

Monsters (20 cards)

Comments: The main purpose of this deck is summoning Worm King and, if necessary, using his destructive power to clear the field. This can be easily done by 3 ways: 1- Tributting a monster, since all my monsters are Worms, I can easily summon it with tribute. 2- W Nebula Meteorite. This is a great card and can perfect to be used in combo with Xex and Yagan, bouncing one monster to opponent's hand, allowing me to draw 2 cards (if everything goes right) and, after that, summoning King. 3- Sending Worm Queen to the Graveyard, using Viper's Rebirth to bring her back and tributting herself to summon King.

I included Worm Cartaros basically to search Xex, or even Yagan, if necessary. Gulse is here because it can become a powerful monster, since it has support of Book of Moon and W Nebula. By attacking a face down monster (or flipping my own monster), it'll have 1800 Atk. I think Tentacles is also a good option, because it can attack twice and is has a nice attack. I've included two copies of Victory because it can easily be summoned with Worm Call, has a high defense and can clear the field. I don't think I'll use it's offensive power, since Yagan and Tentacles require removing worms from play. And Victory is a nice card xD

Worm Queen is here mainly to be sent to graveyard and summon King, but I have two copies of for 3 reasons: One can be removed from play and I still will have another to summon king easily, if I get one in my hands, I can use her, since both her and King have the same attack and I like her lol

Worm Call can also help to have more monsters to use with W Nebula, swarming the field or having monsters to summon King or Queen or even using their abilities. I can combine Waboku and W Nebula, to protect my monsters being destroyed and draw more cards. And I can use it even to avoid a OTK.

Finnaly, Solidarity, even haven one on field can boost a lot my monsters, allowing even my weaker monster (Cartaros) being strong (it will have 2000 Atk)


- Honest: It's a nice card,and highly recommended, since all my monsters are light. I have one, but I didn't included because I like pure decks. I don't know if it was a wise choice, but it would broke solidarity and Viper's Rebirth. Since I can have only one Honest, it could save me only once. Solidarity can help me during all the duel and I can use 3 Viper's Rebirth, making very, very easy to summon King, or monsters to use his effect. So I don't think it's a nice option.

- Removing Worm Victory: Well, I like him. It's a nice monster. But I don't know if he really helps... With Worm Call I can easilly summon him and gain some time in game.

- Offering to the Snake Deity: I have 3 copies, but I didn't included because this deck has a nice destructive power with Worm King and Victory. - Trade In: I have 5 level 8 monsters, but all them can be easily summoned. And I have W Nebula, which has a nice draw power, so I didn't included none.

That's it. Please, rate and fix it! PS: I'm new here and a little noob... So sorry for the bad formatation lol —This unsigned comment was made by CachorroS2Gato (talkcontribs) 12:33, December 16, 2011

It's no problem, but please be sure to sign your edit with four tildes, which you missed at top of the forum. And Book of Moon is current LIMITED, so I would replacing two of them for two Solemn Warning or Waboku. --FredCat 12:48, December 16, 2011 (UTC)

Try to get your hands on Future Fusion and Worm Zero. Those cards are always a big help in a Worm deck.

AspieForPeace (talkcontribs) 00:40, December 17, 2011 (UTC)

Don't use Worm Victory, Worm Gulse, or Worm Call. Also, eliminate Waboku and Lightning Vortex. Reasons:
  • Worm Call is inconsistent and a waste of space. You don't need to special set monsters.
  • Worm Victory is likewise inconsistent. You won't often be able to set it (even if you have 2 Worm Calls), and while the ATK boost is nice, it can be a pain to summon.
  • Worm Gulse is just... well, not very good. It needs a counter before it even makes it to 1800 ATK.
  • Lightning Vortex is frequently a waste, especially since you could be using Dark Hole instead.
  • Waboku doesn't do very much for you. Rather than lose the Waboku, you should use a card that destroys or banishes your opponent's card instead.
In their place, I would recommend some copies of Offering to the Snake Deity. You did say you had enough destructive power, but that's no reason not to use this wonderful card - especially since you can use it during the opponent's turn. Add some staples, too - Dark Hole I mentioned already, but you need Heavy Storm too, and some more Mystical Space Typhoons would not go awry. You might want more defensive traps, such as Solemn Warning, or Solemn Judgment. Finally, if you can find some, get 3 Pots of Duality. They're great in any deck, but absolute gold for a slower deck like this. Runer5h (talkcontribs) 00:50, December 17, 2011 (UTC)Runer5h
Don't use Zero, its not very good. This is a list that I use. Maybe it will give you ideas?

This deck works, I've played it many times. It is a little different than your and uses Xex and Yagan to generate advantage, and uses King, Evil Dragon Ananta, or Black Luster Soldier as back-up plans. ---Dark Ace SP (Talk) 01:41, December 17, 2011 (UTC)

Well I'm going to go completely mad here and just ask 'Have you ever considered using ALL of the worms?' I mean it's nice using a worm deck with only a few worms but you can make worms one of the biggest if not THE biggest beatdown decks in Yugioh by putting all 26 worms into the deck by using a combination of Worm Zero and Evil Dragon Anata. Ok so to save time I'm just going to list the complete deck

Monsters (20 cards)

As you can see the deck runs very high but considering most of the worms are there as cannon fodder for both Ananta and Zero the deck gets very small very fast and the end result if pulled off is a Worm Zero with 12500 Att(more with the mage powers and United we stand attached to it and Ananta with 15000, if you were smart and summoned Ananta right after you used future fusion. The even better thing with this build is that if you want you can add a few extras of the better worms so that if the big attack doesn't pay off you can always fall back onto the other worms if needed.--The FireFALL (talkcontribs) 20:45, January 4, 2012 (UTC)

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