i have 8 decks....(4 i main and the rest i put in my book in the back) and i wanted to remake my wicked god deck, but then id have need to take down one or two. currently, i have

  • 1 a spellcaster deck(my main deck) that runs on synchros and aggresive format.
  • 2 a plant deck(my second deck) i made ..because i really like aki. it runs off of the world tree and is also a burn format with wonderful field control and swarm capability.
  • 3 fairys (centered around vahalla). no twilight format....(save dark valkyria) but i only have spledid venus, athena, tualatin, and a few others that make it passable.
  • 4 phantom beasts. this i really like because its a fun deck and im the only oe wat my locals with one...(beatstick format)

then i have the other four...

  • 5 a "mill of the silent flame" deck i made centered around jinzo/horus/royal decree lock mixed with silent magician and mill power. (which works very well i might add because i use 2 needle worm and 2 hiro shadow scouts and soon chainsaw insect)
  • 6 a "familiar elements" deck i made on the familiar possessed monsters and doriado. it has mobius and desert twister for back row control and fuh-rin-ka-zan for xtra support with scroll of bewitchments as fuh-rin support
  • 7 a amazoness deck i made because back in the day it was one of my faorite decks. i added a few things and now it runs much better than back then
  • and 8, my frog deck. i like frogs...

i just dont know which one i should take down.. im keeping my spellcasters up regardless, im just not sure of the others Kitsane-San 14:53, 7 August 2009 (UTC)

You might want to put those decklists up so we can see which ones you could take down. --Gadjiltron 02:36, 8 August 2009 (UTC)

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