hey if i have enough two copies of rise of the dragon lord structure deck, what cards should i use and which should i take out(after taking out extra copies of limited cards)

just use your best judgment and find the cards that work together

dude who are you?

i would use the twin-headed behemoth so it can summon other monsters like felgrand dragon or tyrant dragon easier.--Airblade86 22:09, 28 July 2008 (UTC)'s what i would do...

sorry, but i just happened to be in the same position as you! so i am very passionated about helping you out and if it works, i would do it with my deck to. (i currently bought a rise of d lords and rev. of gr. dragon deck, which is very much the same)

so... i would use only one felgrand atmost, cuz he has to be on the field, then sent to the gy, then be brougth up again to get the effect. hard to use. wouldnt united we stand be easier to use? and take out the malevolent catastrophe thing. doesnt even negate an attack!! sakuretsu or mirror force is better. and i think you shouldnt be running the other non dragon tributes, cuz gilford's effect wont work with mausoleum. decoy dragon is great with masked dragon (that u should be running 3) and darkblaze is special summonable with masked dragon. this is what i have in mind: atmost 1 felgrand 2 dark blaze 2 herald 2 decoy 2 tyrant 3 masked

dol dora

2 creator 2 creator incarnate

and dont use... winged beat (isnt g trunade better?)\ malevolent catastrophe joan goryu

maybe u could add vandalgyon (s), effect nagating counters, and card of safe return too.

here's a tip

now now, son here's what i think, you should worry more bout the graveyard first, add another herald of creation and another foolish burial, cause you can use that combo to get the creator out really fast, that way you will gain momentum really fast. that's the passive way however, for a more aggressive stile add another tyrant dragon, a chthonian emperor dragon, ultimate tyrano, alongside monster reborn and another trade-in this will grant you not just a massive attack force but also will give you enough attacks per turn to obliterate an opponent in no time. if you go for this beat down strategy it would be a good idea to add ririoku cause it can make a monster a powerhouse capable to blast away an opponent monster in one turn.

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