This is a deck I built out of only COMMON cards. It is Ojama oppression based. I have not tested this deck yet, but I will this weekend and I will send a full report.

3x Ojama Yellow 3x Ojama Black 3x Ojama Green 2x Rescue Cat

3x Polymerization 3x Cold Wave 3x Ground Collapse 3x Wave Motion Cannon 3x Shield and Sword 3x Ojama Muscle 3x Ojama Magic 3x Enchanted Fitting Room 1x Monster Reborn 3x Fusion Sage

3x Ojama Trio 3x Magic Jammer

3x Ojama King 3x Ojama Knight

TEST CARDS 2x Magical Stone Excavation 2x Re-Fusion 3x Fusion Weapon 3x Light Hex-Sealed

SIDE 3x Shadow Imprisoning Mirror 3x Light Imprisoning Mirror

Its running thick right now, and testing will tell me were I need to improve, if you have any comments feel free.

I am thinking about throwing in some magical hats too.

No Idea What to Think of This

...but Ojama Trio is limited to one. Watch out for that.

That is the Idea. No one would ever expect this to be coming. I am running it in some Hobby league (or what left of them) this weekend to see what kind of reactions I get. I did check and see that Ojama Trio is limited, But that leaves room for MAGICAL HATS (perfect in this deck) and a Ultimate offering. If any one can come up with a strategy to beat this deck that would be very helpful so I can see the weaknesses. Thanks. PS. CCV cant touch me with this.

Thats alot of 3X cards you've got there >.>

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