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* Jin is the first Numbers holder to not refer to himself with the "ore" pronoun, instead using "watashi."
* Jin is the first Numbers holder to not refer to himself with the "ore" pronoun, instead using "watashi."
* Jin is the first person in the series to, apparently, not become a better person in some way shape or form after being defeated by Yuma and Astral and having Numbers Cards get taken away from him.

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Numbers Hunter

Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episode 17: "It's in the Cards, Part 1"

  • Male




Jin was a fortuneteller who became obsessed with the power of "Numbers" and became a Numbers Hunter to become Kaito Tenjo's servant.


He Dueled a "Number" holder who carried "Number 16: Ruler of Color - Shock Ruler" and won, taking his "Number" monster and leaving him shriveled and motionless like Kaito's victims, due to his ability to use the Photon Hand, as well. Later, Jin kidnaps Tori and the rest of the Number Club, except Cathy, who ran away, in order to entice Yuma Tsukumo into Dueling him so that he could obtain his Numbers for Kaito Tenjo.[1]

After Jin lost to Yuma Tsukumo and his new Chaos Number 39: Utopia Ray, he was shown to still hold one more "Number" monster, which he kept hidden. However, at that moment, Kaito arrives. Feeling grateful to be graced with his presence, Jin offered his services to Kaito, but Kaito's intention was just to take away his last "Number" monster, resulting in Jin's defeat. It was also shown that he never actually worked for Kaito; he just worships him. He offers himself to be Kaito's servant. But, after his defeat against Kaito, his soul was taken.[2]


As a fortuneteller, Jin claims to be able to foretell the upcoming future. Before he met the Numbers Club, he used a set of cards to foretell that future event; he revealed "Stray Lambs" and "Reaper of the Cards". Jin, representing the "Reaper of the Cards", kidnaps the Numbers Club, or "Stray Lambs". As shown in his Duel against Yuma Tsukumo, he even uses this ability when he Duels. How he is able to do this is unexplained.

Also, in his Duel against Yuma, due to worshipping Kaito, Jin uses his statue of Kaito as an intimidation factor against Yuma and Astral and as a sign of his desire to serve him as a servant.

Jin also appears to be able to hypnotize people and take control of their wills, as he made Tori reveal about Yuma owning Numbers, and by how he possessed Cathy so he could reveal himself to Yuma.

He can take "Numbers" from their holders, like Kaito Tenjo, using Photon Hand.


  • Jin is the first Numbers holder to not refer to himself with the "ore" pronoun, instead using "watashi."


Opponent(s) Episode (s) Outcome(s)
Number 16's holder 17 Win
Yuma Tsukumo 17 - 18 Lose
Kaito Tenjo 18 Lose

Jin plays a Shaman Deck which focuses on swarming the field in order to quickly Xyz Summon his "Numbers".



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