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Fortuno, known as Jin (ジン Jin) in the Japanese version, was a fortuneteller and a "Number" holder who became obsessed with the power of "Numbers" to become Kite Tenjo's servant.



Fortuno fortunetelling.

As a fortuneteller, Fortuno claims to be able to foretell the upcoming future. Before he met the Super Secret Number Card Investigation Club, he used a set of cards to foretell that future event; he revealed "Stray Lambs" and "Reaper of the Cards". Fortuno, representing the "Reaper of the Cards", kidnaps the Super Secret Number Card Investigation Club, or "Stray Lambs". As shown in his Duel against Yuma Tsukumo, he even uses this ability when he Duels. However, it was revealed by Cathy that his ability to see Yuma's cards is a scam when Yuma realized that Kite doesn't have any followers and Cathy revealed that the Kite that was watching the Duel was a statue and there was a camera in the statue's right eye, feeding the info into Fortuno's Duel Gazer.

Fortuno's Energy ball.

Fortuno also is able to perform an Energy ball with a purple coloration. He can take "Numbers" from their holders, like Kite, using Photon Hand, which he obtained though unknown means.

Fortuno can also hypnotize people and take control of their wills, as he made Tori reveal to him that Yuma owned "Numbers". He also possessed Cathy so he could reveal himself to Yuma. These abilities are strongly hinted to have been granted to him by "Number 11: Big Eye".



Fortuno hypnotizing Tori.

He Dueled a "Number" holder who carried "Number 16: Shock Master" and won, taking his "Number" monster and leaving him shriveled and motionless like Kite's victims, due to his ability to use the Photon Hand. Later, Fortuno kidnaps Tori and the rest of the Super Secret Number Card Investigation Club, except Cathy, who ran away, in order to entice Yuma Tsukumo into Dueling him so that he could obtain his "Numbers" for Kite.[2]

Fortuno duels Yuma.

After Fortuno lost to Yuma and his new "Number C39: Utopia Ray", he was shown to possess a third "Number" monster, which he kept hidden. However, at that moment, Kite arrives.

Fortuno meets the real Kite.

Feeling grateful to be graced with his presence, Fortuno offered his services to Kite, but Kite's intention was just to take away his last "Number" monster, resulting in his defeat. It was also shown that he never actually worked for Kite; he just worships him. He offers himself to be Kite's servant, but Kite took his soul regardless.[3]


Fortuno plays a "Shaman" Deck which focuses on swarming the field in order to quickly Xyz Summon his "Numbers". In addition, he uses "Dance" Spell and Trap Cards to lock down his opponent's options.

Fortune-telling cards


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Number 16's holder 17 Win
Yuma Tsukumo 17-18 Lose
Kite Tenjo 18 Lose (off-screen)


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  1. This card was absorbed by Astral upon his loss against Yuma Tsukumo.
  2. This card is won from a "Number" holder in episode 17 and absorbed by Astral upon his loss to Yuma Tsukumo.