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Fortune Lady is an archetype of Spellcaster-Type monsters, which are also upgraded versions of the "Fortune Fairy" monsters. They are used by Carly Carmine whilst she was a Dark Signer in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's.

After Carly's transformation into a Dark Signer, the cards in her Deck changed. The "Fortune Fairies" evolved into the "Fortune Ladies". Each "Fortune Lady" is an evolved version of the "Fortune Fairies" of the same Attribute and Level. It is unknown if Carly still kept this Deck when the King of the Netherworld was destroyed and Carly went back to her original self.

"Fortune Lady Light" and "Fortune Lady Fire" were first released in Ancient Prophecy, while the rest were released in Stardust Overdrive.

Each "Fortune Lady" has a different Attribute and Level from 1 to 6. Each one's Attribute and Level correspond to that of her "Fortune Fairy" counterpart. All Ladies are Spellcaster-Type Effect Monsters, with ? ATK and DEF. In the OCG, the names of all known Fortune Ladies have been their Attribute with an added "y" at the end. They all have effects that increase their Levels by 1 each turn. All of their effects either activate when they are Summoned or are used to Special Summon other Fortune Ladies, meaning that they can be strategically used once "Future Visions" is also on the field. They can also be protected with the help of "Slip of Fortune". Note that Fortune Ladies increase their Level during each of their controller's Standby Phases.

Interestingly enough, the OCG cards have similar names to 4 of the element Clow Cards in Cardcaptor Sakura (Windy, Earthy, Firey, Watery). They also seem to derive some inspiration from CLAMP's style in general, such as Fire strongly resembling Hikaru from Magic Knight Rayearth (Though this is more evident in her previous form, Fortune Fairy En). They also appear to be based on witches.

Playing Style

"Pure" Fortune Lady decks either revolve around a hit-and-fade strategy involving careful field control leading into a quick field swarm offensive with powerful attacking monsters or very specific combination decks with a focused win condition. Quite often though, Fortune Lady cards are incorporated into a mixed deck style where they act as a draw engine through the use of "Fortune's Future" and/or "Fortune Lady Water" with "Fortune Lady Dark" that improves the effectiveness of the core deck strategy.

To pick off specific theme cards though for assessment, "Fortune Lady Wind" is not a commonly used card in a pure Fortune Lady deck because it's effect only activates when it is normal summoned and not special summoned like other Fortune Lady monsters.

Likewise "Fortune Lady Earth" is a situational card in a pure "Fortune Lady" deck. This is because she is only useful as a beatstick, since her burn effect is poor compared to other true Burn theme cards.

Of note though, if against a Stall or "Final Countdown" deck, the burn effect of "Fortune Lady Earth" can prove somewhat useful since you can simply stop attacking and inflict minor burn damage every time the card gains a level while you work on breaking through their strategy. And "Fortune Lady Earth" does have its place as a toolbox card in more aggressive Spellcaster themed decks.

Tips on Timing

When using "Fortune Lady Light's" effect, it must be the last action to trigger on the resolution chain or it will Miss the Timing and lose its effect.

Example: Player 1 has "Cyber Valley" face-up on the field and summons "Fortune Lady Light" from their hand. They then activate the effect of "Cyber Valley", targeting "Fortune Lady Light".

  • The last action to occur was the draw cards via "Cyber Valley". Player 1 does not special summon a Fortune Lady from their deck via "Fortune Lady Light".

Example: Player 1 summons "Kinka-byo" and targets "Fortune Lady Light". They end their turn, and "Kinka-byo"'s effect returns itself to the hand and banishes "Fortune Lady Light".

  • The wording of "Kinka-byo" is such that the last action on the field to occur is the removal of "Fortune Lady Light". Player 1 does special summon a Fortune Lady from their deck.

Tips on "Future Visions"

"Fortune Ladies" need to swarm the field quickly using "Fortune Lady Light" and "Fortune Lady Dark". For example, you can play "Fortune Lady Light" while "Future Visions" is face-up on the field to Special Summon "Fortune Lady Dark". Using "Fortune Lady Dark" and "Fortune Lady Light's" effects, you can Special Summon:

If you control two "Fortune Lady Dark" and any Fortune Lady destroys a monster by battle and sends it to the Graveyard, you can activate both of their effects and Special Summon two "Fortune Ladies".

Use "Terraforming" to search for "Future Visions" as soon as possible; it is a strong "field control" card.

"Future Visions" can be also used to keep the opponent's monster Banished:

1) Your opponent Normal Summons a monster. The monster is Banished by "Future Visions"
2) Make "Future Visions" leave the field (via "Mist Valley Falcon", etc.)
3) Since the effect that would return the monster from play disappeared, the monster stays Banished

Running several copies of "Future Visions" can be great for a "Fortune Lady" Deck. When an opponent's monster gets Banished by "Future Vision's" effect, playing a new one (and therefore destroying the first) will not only allow you to keep the field the same, but it traps your opponent's monster in the Removed From Play Zone.

Recommended Cards

Card Name Reason
Fortune Lady Light Most Decks consider this as a staple. Decks that don't use "Future Visions" or other cards that can activate her effect can leave her out.
Fortune Lady Fire Although her effect is great, she stays on the field as a vulnerable target for attacks. She is one of the optional cards.
Fortune Lady Wind Another optional Fortune Lady. Note that she only activates when she is Normal Summoned. However, she is good in Dark Simorgh builds.
Fortune Lady Water A staple in Fortune Lady decks. She plays a main part in the draw engine of the deck.
Fortune Lady Dark Not only does she help swarm, she can also revive Fortune Lady Water for more draw power.
Fortune Lady Earth The last of the optional Fortune Ladies. Many people choose not to run her, since she is a beatstick and that's about it. 400 damage per turn just isn't worth it.
Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning "Fortune's Future". Chaos Sorcerer can be used in more Spellcaster |oriented builds.
Magical Exemplar This card is generally used in builds that use "Secret Village of the Spellcasters" and combos well with Night's End Sorcerer.
Night's End Sorcerer One of the possible Tuners in this deck. Generally only used in decks which contain Magical Exemplar.
Dark Armed Dragon Banish your Fortune Lady Darks and destroy your opponent's cards. Then return your Fortune Lady Darks with "Fortune's Future" and repeat.
Beast King Barbaros If this card is Normal Summoned with Future Visions on the field, he returns to the field as a 3000 ATK beatstick. Alternatively, fuel this card with the swarming power of Fortune Lady Dark. Fusilier Dragon, the Dual-Mode Beast isn't really recommended as it doesn't have a second use, and it is a much weaker monster if "Future Visions" isn't on the field.
Solitaire Magician Good to have if your deck contains a Fortune Lady Earth because you can use this card's effect to make it more than just a beatstick. Also works well with Time Passage.
Tragoedia With all the draw power, this card can become a force to be reckoned with. Also, Fortune Ladies have varying Levels, making his second effect of taking control an opponent's monster easy to use.
Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu Should only have two at most, but when you summon it while Future Visions is active, you get to bomb your opponent's monsters and burn them for a bit of damage.
Rai-Mei This card is able to search for Fortune Lady Light. This is generally used in Decks which focus on Future Visions.
Kinka-byo Special Summons Fortune Lady Light, and, when it's removed from the field, Light will be removed from play, triggering her effect. She can later be used for Fortune's Future.
Summoner Monk This card is generally used to Special Summon Fortune Lady Water, or a Tuner if needed.
Catoblepas and the Witch of Fate When a monster is Special Summoned, banish a Fortune Lady from the Graveyard to destroy it. The banished monsters can be used for Fortune's Future.
Dimensional Alchemist This card can return a banished Cyber Valley, Battle Fader, or Plaguespreader Zombie to your hand, or even your Fortune Ladies (in case Fortune's Future doesn't come).
Plaguespreader Zombie This is another Tuner that this deck can include. It can be retrieved by Dimensional Alchemist if you happen to run him too.
Caius the Shadow Monarch A Special Summoned Fortune Lady Water is usually an open attack target for the opponent. If you haven't already summoned, you can Tribute her for this card. Caius also works well with Battle Fader.
Apprentice Magician This allows you to Special Summon Fortune Lady Light. (Can also help give Magical Exemplar and Spellcaster Synchros useful Spell Counters if you run them).
Wattpheasant This card can attack the opponent life points directly. It could then trigger Fortune Lady Light effect.
Future Visions This Field Spell works well with Decks which use Fortune Lady Light, since it will immediately trigger her effect as well as slow your opponent down. Also allows Kinka-byo to trigger the effect of Light immediately rather than at the End Phase.
Fortune's Future Along with Fortune Lady Water, this is the core of the draw engine in this Deck.
Gold Sarcophagus This card combos well with Fortune's Future. Quickly remove a Fortune Lady, then return it and draw. This combo also serves as a Foolish Burial, allowing your to quickly send a Fortune Lady Water to the Graveyard to be revived by Fortune Lady Dark.
Allure of Darkness This card adds to the draw power of this Deck. If you remove Fortune Lady Dark, then you can return it through Fortune's Future and draw again.
Nobleman of Crossout In the TCG, triggers the effect of Fortune Lady Light and sets up for Fortune's Future. Also punishes opponents for trying to dodge Future Visions by Setting monsters.
Secret Village of the Spellcasters An alternate Field Spell that can be used.
Time Passage It increases the Level of a Fortune Lady monster by 3 until the End Phase, boosting its ATK and DEF.
One for One Another card that can search for Fortune Lady Light. It can also be used to search for Cyber Valley.
Different Dimension Gate Banish your opponent's monster and your Fortune Lady Light. This triggers Light's effect, allowing your to Special Summon another Fortune Lady and possibly enabling you to attack directly.
Wonder Wand This card adds to the draw power of this Deck. Equip to Fortune Lady Water, then send it to grave to draw 2 cards. Special summon Water again through Fortune Lady Dark effect for more draw power.
Dark Hole Trigger's Fortune Lady Light's effect, while destroying all other monsters, allowing your Special Summoned Fortune Lady to attack directly.
Torrential Tribute Trigger's Fortune Lady Light's effect, while destroying all other monsters, allowing your Special Summoned Fortune Lady to attack directly.
Compulsory Evacuation Device This card works well for getting rid of your opponent's Synchro Monsters, especially Stardust Dragon. This card can also trigger Fortune Lady Light's effect if needed.
Return from the Different Dimension If your Deck has lots of removal power, this card can be used late-game. It works especially well with Fortune Lady Dark.
Extra Deck
Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier You can use this card's effect to return Fortune Lady Light, triggering her effect.
Armory Arm If you run Plaguespreader Zombie, you can tune it with a Fortune Lady Fire who has already used her effect so that she doesn't become an easy attack target. This card combos well with Fortune Lady Dark.
Arcanite Magician This card is a staple in Spellcaster Decks.
Tempest Magician This card is generally used only in FTK versions of this Deck. However, it can also be used to finish the opponent off under other builds.
Various Ranks of Xyz Monsters Fortune Ladies can swarm and alter their Levels, as can Tragoedia.
Magi Magi ☆ Magician Gal Can be easily overlayed with a level 6 Fortune Lady Dark and Fortune Lady Earth. Use this to take control over opponent's powerful beat-stick that could not be destroyed by Fortune Lady Fire, eg. Stardust Dragon.
Lavalval Chain This card can be easily special summoned by Fortune Lady. With the insane draw power, this card can help put the right monster you needed to the top of the deck for quick use.

Recommended Cards for Specific Deck Types

Fortune Lady Crowd Control

Focuses on Future Visions making Earthbound Immortal Aslla piscu and Beast King Barbaros strong cards. Also aiming to protect Future Visions so the Fortune Ladies can swarm the field. Easily synchro of Ally of Justice Catastor, Junk Warrior and Brionac, Dragon of the Ice Barrier.

Recommended Cards

Extra Deck

Fortune Ladies

Recommended Cards


Zero Fortune

Also known as Absolute Fortune, this deck uses "Miracle Fusion" to Banish "Fortune Ladies" which can later be used as fodder for "Fortune's Future". It can also use the "Destiny" Draw Engine together with the "Fortune Lady" Draw Engine for maximum draw power.

Recommended Cards

Extra Deck

Future Town

"Minefieldriller" is used with "Future Visions" to retrieve "Geartown" for reuse. "Beast King Barbaros" and "Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon" are used as the major beatsticks of the deck.

Recommended Cards


Fortunate Simorgh

"Dark Simorgh" is used to lock down the opponent.

Recommended Cards



Even though the "Fortune Ladies" have an immense amount of draw power and can grow in strength with each passing turn, their effects can easily be ruined through simple cards such as "Forbidden Chalice", "Skill Drain", "Gladiator Beast War Chariot".

"Fortune Ladies" tend to rely on summoning, as they must be summoned either from the Graveyard, by "Fortune Lady Dark", or from your hand (through cards like "Inherited Fortune"), or solely on the effects of "Fortune Lady Light". If the swarm starts too late, it can be very difficult to win. Against other swarm decks, such as "Blackwings", "Future Visions" can slow down both decks if you don't have "Fortune Lady Light". Likewise, if Fortune Lady Dark is somehow got sent to graveyard, the swarming is pretty much disrupted.


Like many female monsters (Harpies, Cyber Girls...), the Fortune Ladies' artworks were censored in the European and US version of the game. Except for their kind of "black swimsuit", they were supposed to wear much more revealing clothing, but the color of their skin was changed to make it look they are wearing tights. For example, Fortune Lady Fire, whose skin is light red, had her body color replaced by blue-turquoise clothing.

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