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1,800 +
00001800 +
Activates from your Graveyard +, Equips monsters from the player's Graveyard to itself +  and Equips monsters from the opponent's Graveyard to itself +
ForestWolf-OW.png +
ForestWolf-JP-Anime-DM.png +
Šumski Vuk +
300 +
00000300 +
Trigger Effect +
ForestWolf-EN-Anime-DM.png +
Forest Wolf +
Waldwolf +
Λύκος του Δάσους +
ForestWolf-JP-Anime-DM.png +
もりのオオカミ +
戦闘で破壊したモンスターを装備カードとしてこのカードに装備する。このカードが破壊された時、それらの装備カードを相手の任意で相手の場に召喚してもよい。 +
森のオオカミ +
If this card destroyIf this card destroys a monster by battle, equip that monster to this card. When this card is destroyed, Special Summon all monsters equipped to this card by this effect to their owners' sides of the field. This card can be Special Summoned with Golden Castle of Stromberg.Golden Castle of Stromberg. +
Anime +
Treats monsters as Equip Cards +
ForestWolf-JP-Anime-DM-NC.png +
Forest Wolf +
Card page +
Lobo da Floresta +
Mori no Ōkami +
(もり) のオオカミ +
(もり) のオオカミ +
Special Summons from your Graveyard +, Special Summons from your opponent's Graveyard +  and Special Summons to your opponent's field +